Coyotes In Dearborn Heights.

For anyone that thinks there isn’t a Rat problem just ask the coyotes.


This was taken on the 19th of January Madison and Hanover Dearborn Heights. Posted by a commenter on Dearborn Heights 48125 East Page on Facebook. Maybe the coyotes can make a difference in Dearborn Heights (this just might be our Vector Control) ¬†For anyone that thinks there isn’t a Rat problem just ask the coyotes.

Coyote Dearborn Heights City

4 thoughts on “Coyotes In Dearborn Heights.”

  1. raven, Please don’t kill them, God created them for good raison. They come to your neighborhood to help you control the rats infestation, they sure prefer to eat rats over your cat or dog. And you have plenty of large tasty rats rooming free.

    They are more effective then human poisoning rats control. Please let them help control the rats population. You can’t eliminate rats you can only control. That is why its called “pest control”

    You can use there natural products found on the wide web.


  2. Please post and go green, Dearborn Heights government should look outside the box for rats solutions without expensive programs, CATS can do the job! No poison, no chemicals, no training, no certifications, only cats coordinators and homeowners participation, may be help with veterinarian services and free healthy food program based on donations and HS help.

    Cat have 100x ability to control naturally the rats problem then human, I guess human avoiding competing with cats to control the rats, JOB SECURITY!


  3. That is one big critter. To stand up and wave my arms at that coyote is a totally ridiculous idea. It is the size of a shepard, a well fed dog. Holy crap!


  4. okay first things first did these people put ALL THERE GARBAGE in containers :ie cans second it is A mild winter so the varmints are out more and because of overbuilding we have pushed them in to our community ,I for one wish that I could have shot him his pelt hide is good quality worth 80-150.00 dolllars second this is A female or one very well fed male coming up to breeding season so now the old biddies will gbe scraming when fu-fu comes up missing or mr. furball no longer meows one night come down monroe south of 94 and park and listen there is pack of about twenty in the area just would love to put some lead into one or two


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