The Residents of Dearborn Heights Don’t Have To Put Up With This Anymore.

If you see it take, a picture of it and let’s fight blight in our City.


While doing the blight drive councilwoman, Lisa Hicks-Clayton found these properties and was kind enough to share. It’s time that all of us stand up to keep our City Clean. By reporting these violations, a difference is being made in Dearborn Heights. Four cars without licence plates parked in the parking lot of the old (pizza hut) they’ve been reported.

City of Dearborn Heights

How would you like to live by this abandoned home with garbage left in the front and back of the house? Makes a great place for rats to hide out in don’t you think.  What are people thinking by leaving all of this laying out it’s a shame.

Dearborn Heights

This collection bin is a clear violation The City of Dearborn Heights passed an ordinance -ban, on collection bins. This was sponsored by the City Beautiful Commission. This is right on Van Born what is it about Van Born is it a free for all?

Dearborn Heights City

You see something please take a picture of it and send it to our email They will get posted here and shared on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s Make a Difference in Dearborn Heights.

#fightblight #madidh


6 thoughts on “The Residents of Dearborn Heights Don’t Have To Put Up With This Anymore.”

  1. There is,a back end charges and fees for any app. I presented this to the City Council in October, 2015. While attending the Michigan Municipal League Convention, several Michigan municipalities shared the success and results of utilizing such apps. City departments could have the information streamlined directly to the department, increasing efficiencies. I meet with the Mayor of Saline last week and discussed his community ‘s Fight Blight app. We are in communications and I will present the costs and pertinent details soon. Also, I have worked with members of our community to develop a Municipal website survey which we will launch soon to get our residents input. Many have expressed suggestions inclyding updating the city’s website, i.e. outdated information. Other ideas include interactive surveys regarding city services, links to neighborhood associations, and ideas to promote our community. Looking to launch the last week of January, first week of February.

    Please feel free to contact me at 313.348.9848 with questions or suggestions. Email or join me at Constituent Office Hours.

    Lisa Hicks – Clayton
    Dearborn Heights City Councilwoman


  2. bitsy08 , Technology expose competency/incompetency and efficiency/inefficiency because you can collect and analyze historic and performance data and stored all the info for review at any time.
    Technology make you walk the talk. Sooner or later change will happen with the new technological generation. Hello, 4th grades kids now days uses what you are asking the city government to use! Amazing ……..


  3. There wouldn’t be a charge to residents for an app but one for the city for sure to be paid from tax dollars. We could hire a grant writer on a grant by grant basses to look for grants to off set some of these things. We need want have to have a new website asap


  4. I was at the last City Council meeting and talked about an app the City of Detroit has that you can download to your phone. That app allows Detroit residents to take pictures of any “blight” they see and then that information is downloaded directly to the city. When I brought it up, it “sounded” to me like our IT person was saying there was a charge for this app but from what I can see, it’s downloaded free of charge. Perhaps he was speaking of the charge for including that capability on any NEW website the city sets up. Let’s hope the talk about a new website wasn’t – again – just rhetoric. We NEED a new, inter-active website and more importantly – we WANT it. Time to stop all the talk. Let’s see some action.


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