Outside Influence It’s Coming To Get Us, but Can It Make a Difference?

I wish and I’m sure many of you do to that we had any (influence) just one drop of influence all these years. Just think how many good things our influence would have done.


Labeling people who have concerns is the cowards way out of doing the hard work. Why would someone anyone characterize people who live within a City asking for that City’s administration and Council to work for them as being on one side those ‘against the administration’ or as ‘outside influence’? Why is it that people like myself get stuck with these types of negative labels just because we’ve been trying in some cases ten years to get some good things that will benefit the residents. While the people who have made up these labels did so to delegitimize our concerns. It’s however, very unfortunate when people talk like this it creates hard feelings and gives those of us that have been working so hard the feeling that no matter what we try nothing is ever going to work. This is done in an attempt to shut us up and make sure we just give up and go away. Letting them get back to doing things the way they always have.

City Council has a new Council Chair councilman Bob Constan who I believe will do what many of us who are ‘against the administration’ the ‘outside influence’ group a voice on the council. Those that have been sitting on the council for years and feel the need to do whatever the Mayor wants have labeled people like myself as ‘against the administration.’ Fine I will carry that label with pride if those on the council will once and for all start working for the residents of this City. Say what you will about me and those who keep asking and keep talking and keep writing. That still isn’t going to change the fact that you’ve done nothing for us. You’ve done nothing to Make a Difference in the City that you call home. Your record is there for all to see. Your votes are public for anyone to see. You can’t hide what you have done.

As to the label ‘outside influence’, I wish and I’m sure many of you do to that we had any (influence) just one drop of influence all these years. Just think how many good things our influence would have done. Just think how we could have Made a Difference in the City of Dearborn Heights. Some sitting on the council feel the need to paint people like myself with this label hoping to hide what they haven’t been doing for years. Sticking a negative label on a group of people sends the message that it’s okay to ignore this group of people they are ‘Against Us’ A reasonable person would see that the group labeled in such a way has very legitimate issues with the administration/council for its lack of doing anything for the residents.

I encourage people to please watch the City Council meetings if you can’t attend them. I would ask that you go to the council page on the City’s website and you can find the council meeting agenda look at them they are what your council is spending your money on and so much more. If you have questions about anything call or email your council members come to the meetings be part of the Outside Influence Group.

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1 thought on “Outside Influence It’s Coming To Get Us, but Can It Make a Difference?”

  1. Quotations copied from page 33

    “City of Dearborn Heights, Michigan Financial Report with Supplemental Information June 30, 2015
    City of Dearborn Heights, Michigan Notes to Financial Statements June 30, 2015 Note 1 – Summary of Significant Accounting Policies (Continued)
    The 2014 adjusted taxable valuation of the City approximated $1.135 billion, a portion of which is captured by the TIFA on which taxes levied consisted of 8.5000 for operating purposes, 2.0000 mills for public safety expenditures, 1.0000 mill for solid waste expenditures, 7.1300 mills for Act 345 contributions, 2.2316 mills for sanitation expenditures, 1.8688 mills for library operations and debt service, 1.2500 mills for CSO debt service, and 1.8281 mills for EPA debt service. This resulted in approximately $9,643,000 for operating expenditures, $2,269,000 for public safety expenditures, $1,134,000 for solid waste expenditures, $8,089,000 for Act 345 contributions (used for pension and retiree healthcare and other benefits), $2,532,000 for sanitation expenditures, $2,120,000 for library operations and debt service, $1,418,000 for CSO debt service, and $2,073,000 for EPA debt service. ”

    The city collected $ 1,418,000.00 to pay for CSO debt service. The CSO fund balance is over funded by millions of previously over-collected CSO taxes and no taxes needed to be collected in 2014. The state regulations requires the city to only collect CSO taxes to pay the CSO debt obligations on yearly bases, and adjust the CSO tax rate based on the CSO fund balance.

    According to state regulations the city should’ve used the CSO fund balance to pay 2014 CSO obligations, and not collected any CSO taxes during 2014 to pay for 2015 CSO obligations.

    Mr. Troy Brown a city home owner alerted the council to the CSO fund balance, but they voted to collect the 1.2500 mills for the CSO debt service anyway, even when the CSO fund balance had sufficient fund to pay the 2015 CSO debt obligations.

    They will be millions of over-collected taxes in the CSO fund balance after retiring the CSO bond. The question to the new elected council members “Is the city planning to refund the overtaxed amount to taxpayers?”

    The city council voted in 2015 not to collect CSO taxes to pay for 2016 CSO obligations after Mr. Troy Brown continued to press the CSO overcharged taxes and an opinion from the city CSO legal firm confirmed the overcharging.

    Mr. Brown was an “outside influence” , his insistence and follow-up on the CSO overtaxing during 2014-2015 exposed the city overtaxing property owners and finally stopping the CSO overtaxing .

    That was a good results from an “outside influence” on very important city public issue.

    All public services issues are important, but taxation is the city council legislative authority.


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