New Year and a City With A Future?

If there is any hope of having a City with a future it starts with this very first vote. With-out a council chair that will work for the residents not just rubber stamp what the Mayor want’s or doesn’t want on any given agenda, we are back to square one.


Is Dearborn Heights going to live up to its motto? ‘City With A Future’ To say that the administration failed to live up to this motto is an understatement.

Dearborn Heights

The administration has used the economic downturn as the reason nothing has been done in Dearborn Heights. City Council with exceptions of a couple of council members went along with everything the Mayor has done. There is one excuse the Mayor and council have used for nothing getting done… NO MONEY. While saying this, the Mayor had Headlee override money coming in, raised water rates, and over captured by millions CSO funds. Council with the exception of Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton ignored the ‘Rat Problem’, but approved a $40,000.00 study on a private pond. The Mayor stopped the training of ordinance officers with the City of Dearborn because they would have to do it on ‘City time.’ Three years and counting and still not one certified ‘Vector Control officer’ The administration  Milked the economic downturn all he can now, however, things are on an upward trajectory in the City and the State as a whole. Let’s not let the Mayor use what happened six years ago as an excuse not to make a difference. I bring up the private pond issue only to show how skewed things are in this City. This money was approved in 2014 while the Mayor was still saying that the City was still having economic problems.

On January 12, 2016, the first council meeting is held this will be the meeting that a new council chair is voted in.  If there is any hope of having a City with a future it starts with this very first vote. With-out a council chair that will work for the residents not just rubber stamp what the Mayor want’s or doesn’t want on any given agenda, we are back to square one. Getting two newly elected council members won’t make one bit of difference for the City if nothing makes it on the agenda for discussion and a vote. January 12, City Hall 8:00 pm will you be there? Will you make sure that you let council members know you want a change? Will you make sure that they see we are paying attention, we want a City With A Future? Are you going to sit in a chair at this very important meeting showing that you won’t settle for the same old, same old from this administration?

10 thoughts on “New Year and a City With A Future?”

  1. Is that the best all of us can do to make a difference really? Come on let’s get some ideas think outside the box not just move a piece of the city to another city. Make them work for us to make a difference.


  2. May be “and only may be” the new to be elected council chair will allow “again may be” a ballot proposal by one or few DH council members to merge the 2 cities to be introduced and voted on. May few DH council members will do so if they believe the merge is good for both residents. Its only a new year wish!


  3. If D/DH become one D, a lot of administrative cost will be saved, and at least they will be certified victor control officer on staff. In Dearborn the human resource director is hired/fired by special board and report to city council; Public safety is mandated by ballot vote based on population; Cars are not allowed to park on streets on trash days and “BOY”they enforce that ordinance to full extend; The streets are swiped regularly and snow are cleared fast to allow residents to get out of their home safely without cars parked on streets, that diffidently make swiping and snow clearing very easy, fast, and safe for the city workers without having to swerve arrowed parked cars; Trash is collected in a large but easy to move containers avoiding trashing the streets with loose trash on curbs; One school district and affordable/excellent college education for district student, and may be soon to be Henry Ford University; Recreational services second to none; Residents are allowed to discuss/commenting on city council agenda items before voting taking place helping “D” council members understand better the issue on hand before casting their votes; The “D” have a very common since election practice ” one election every 4 years for all “D” elected officials, Highest vote getter will be council chair, and thereafter the pro-tempt, saving election cost every 2 years “D/H” and no struggle to elect a council chair every year. And many other good services By the “D”.
    Residents of “D/H” will benefits from any merger of public services with The “D”. “D/H” is a bedroom community and the “D” house “FORD MOTORS” making The “D” one of the most concentrated industrial city in the word. And both will use the administrative cost saving for better serving the public.
    That dream if materialize will create a clamorous/word class international/industrial hub with unlimited opportunity for futuristic developments.
    My be a ballot proposal for next year election will be a good idea!


  4. Why was Dearborn Hts created? At the time, Dearborn was going through some administrative changes, didn’t want to be bothered, didn’t want to finance farmland, and, as a result, Dearborn Hts was a township for many many years, of fast-growing sub divisions…… Garden City was actually a separate little town, and I rode over most of what now is northern Dbn Hts on my horse, which was grand fathered in as the only horse in Dbn Hts and lived until 1982 on our property, now a vacant lot at Ford and Inkster.

    There was the Dearborn Drive-In, Real – Life Day camp, driving range etc, lots of open farm land to ride over. Eventually all the barns were burned down for practice by the Dbn Hts fire dept….Mayor Canfield was an easy-going guy. Dearborn Hts had no real tax base back then, and Dearborn had Ford Motor Co… why annex Dbn Hts and dilute Dearborn’s tax revenue??? Now it may be different…..everything is suburbs etc.

    Why does the mayor of Dbn Hts have so much power? Dearborn’s Mayor talks plenty, but he can’t step all over the council….if he does, he does it behind our backs……like giving the old city hall away to Artspace for nothing, and then giving them more money on top of it all…..

    Residents and / or voters are getting tired of political antics and reckless spending, hence the popularity of Trump….


  5. Gradmasuzzanne610

    No doubt every word you say is so true about this administration and the way the Mayor has/hasn’t dealt with the South end, but there are people those you named on the Council and I’m sure at least one other Bob Constan who would be willing to do the right thing. There are many things in the works all just waiting for the right council chair allow them on the agenda for discussion and vote. The first thing, in my opinion, the City should be getting besides a certified Vector control officer, is a grant writer. Someone hired grant by grant to apply for the many grants that could be helping the City. Residents all so play a part residents are not keeping the pressure on very few of us have been beating the drum and that drum beat has gotten softer and softer. It does absolutely no good to have neighborhood associations when no one from those associations comes to council meetings. They need to show up once in awhile to speak during the public section ask questions let people know they are out there. All associations need to start putting their activities out there on the web. They need to post more to FB, Twitter, Instagram. I understand the frustration do I ever, but if you are an association in Dearborn Heights start letting the administration and the rest of the City know what you are doing show up, stand up, speak up.


  6. Lee, you are not the first person to suggest annexing to Dearborn. I didn’t realize how many people feel that way. I will be addressing this same issue on my Facebook page “Dearborn Heights 48125 East” in a few days.

    I am not sure whether you hail from the north or south of Dearborn Heights but here in the south I have heard mutterings from residents that are fed up with the way the south end is being treated by the Paletko administration. While this isn’t new, what is new is that residents are questioning whether it would be better for the south end to become annexed to Dearborn, replace our mayor and his appointed minions with a city manager or the south end become another city.

    It is quite evident to most of us in the south end that we are only good for one thing and that one thing is to provide tax revenue for the rest of the city. People are not only fed up with the rats, flooding, and lack of maintenance for our streets but how Van Born is beginning to look like skid row. Used car lots, auto repair shops that seem to have an abundance of parked autos on their lots, a couple of second hand stores, a massage parlor and now we have a used appliance shop complete with a washer and dryer sitting out front for advertisement. Funny how you don’t see any of the above concentrated like they are on Van Born on Ford or Warren roads.

    The Telway (the old Giant System on Monroe and Van Born) has been trying to open there for years. What a great asset the Telway chain would be for the south end. This local company has been operating successfully for over 50 years and people drive literally miles to eat their hamburgers or have their coffee. I have heard rumors that it is the city that is blocking its opening with a silly reason but until I can validate what I have heard I won’t mention the reason. When I asked what was going on with the Telway over a year ago at a council meeting, I was met with stupid shrugs and the catch phrase of these meetings, “I don’t know”.

    Last year a plasma collection center wanted to open up in the north end but was denied by the city; however, the city did tell them that there was space for them in the south end . To those that don’t know what a plasma collection center is; this is a facility that collects blood from any one that walks through their doors and pays them for the blood they give. Most of the people frequenting these facilities are drug addicts looking for a way to pay for their next fix. One resident even referred to the south end as Detroit Heights.

    Paletko, keeps thumbing his nose at the south end. What was just ambivalence from the south is turning into a simmering pot that will soon come to a full boil.

    In the 1950’s, Dearborn wanted to annex the south end but the people at that time in Dearborn Heights voted it down. I have no doubt if such a vote were put to the people of south Dearborn Heights now we would be dropping the word “Heights” from our city’s name in a major landslide . It sure beats being called Detroit Heights.

    Frankly, I don’t think it is going to matter who is council chair as long as Paletko is calling the shots. Since it will only be Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton, Councilman Abdallah and Councilman Muscat fighting for the residents, it will still be a three to four (those other four will remain on Paletko’s leash as they have been for years).

    We just can’t afford any more time wasted and need to explore viable alternatives to what we have now.


  7. Lee, Do you know why Dearborn Heights city was created to begin with? I’m wondering why they had to go to court to combine south of Michigan Avenue area by taking a portion of City of Inkster between Cully and Beech Daily to make the connection between the south and the north by using that narrow strip of land? Do you know what was DH before that combination? Is DH land elevation higher then Dearborn, therefore was called DH?


  8. More and more it seems the smart move is for Dbn Hts to approach the City of Dearborn, and ask to be annexed, let Dearborn’s common sense regarding meetings, ie the top vote getter is the chairperson, second top vote getter, vice chair, and all issues can be addressed at council meetings by the public during council meetings when that topic is brought up for discussion by the council. First the council debates an issue , and then the public is invited to comment, and then the council either agrees with the public, tables the issue, or upholds their initial decision. This goes on for 3 readings of an issue. Plenty of time for all sides to be heard. In Dearborn Hts, you make it sound like the residents can’t say ‘squat’ about an issue. I have property and have grown up in both cities, one is vastly different than another, that is obvious……


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