South End Deserves a Better Business District Then This..

Don’t you think the City can do better with all the ordinances, departments and state laws? Isn’t there a way to improve how businesses look while occupied and vacant then what residents on the South End have to look at. If you’re tired of looking at this and more on the South End of Dearborn Heights time for you to speak up. It’s not going to get fixed unless you make the difference and add your voice to #fightblight. Business DH 2 business DH 1


7 thoughts on “South End Deserves a Better Business District Then This..”

  1. In the 1950’s south Dearborn Heights was given the opportunity to join Dearborn but DH residents voted it down. How much different things would have been here in the south if that had not happened. I hope that with the election of two new council members the tide will turn.


  2. I can’t believe how the south side looks. I’ve been living here all of my life and the decay has crept in so surreptitiously as to be hardly noticed. But, when I visit someone in the Ford Road and Gulley area, what a difference! Talk about living on the wrong side of the tracks! Such a shame that this city has such two dissimilar sides. It doesn’t feel like the same city at all.


  3. What possible reason would you choose Dearborn Hts over Dearborn?? I know, the reason is Crestwood High School, specifically due to the Planetarium that lasted a couple of years, installed by my favorite teacher, Mr Ensign….Not one high school in Dearborn has that unique claim to fame….

    The only other reason is that you enjoy stress, and Dearborn Hts politics will give you all you need, and more…..which is why left and moved to Dearborn…..Home of Henry Ford……a city known all over the world…..


  4. I don’t want to live in Dearborn if I did would have bought a house there 23 years ago. As to ‘grease the palms’ I don’t believe one elected official not one is getting their palms greased in this City. Many of them just don’t give a rats %%^ that is soon to change with two new council members working with ones that do care now on the council. It’s unfortunate that it’s taken all this time to get some new council members to work with the couple that want to do something, but that is what we’ve been dealing with for far to long. Residents are fed up…


  5. Look at the problem of blight in Dearborn Hts from another point of view. I have spent my whole life in Dearborn and Dearborn Hts, before Dbn Hts was even a city. I have ‘skin in the game’ in both cities. I have dealt with both administrations regarding property, going after lousy owners etc and have had pleasant resolutions to ‘issues’, and others that were very confrontational, that went to court. All the court issues have been with Dearborn Hts.

    That tells me that either the politicians in Dearborn Hts are overwhelmed, don’t care, or react to the ones who ‘grease their palms’ . That reaction needs to be changed to “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”, with us doing the squeaking. Dearborn reacts to blight, at least my complaints to it , and promptly. .depending on who you know….. Dearborn Hts , at least in the past, was confrontational to the point of lawsuits being threatened , instituted, and settled just days before going to trial.

    Perhaps Dearborn Hts needs to consider merging with Dearborn, then the blight will be vanquished…. Also that ‘funny’ long division of North and South Dearborn Hts will be gone. Of course, Dearborn may not want Dearborn Hts, and it is a given that the politicians in Dearborn Hts will be against it as ‘there goes their jobs and power base”.
    This is the era of big mergers, aka Dow and DuPont.

    Is it time for one Dearborn…and drop the Heights??


  6. I cross over Michigan past the boarded up Gas station that has been that was for at least 8 years or longer on Gully and I feel like I am in another City. beautiful homes nice yards no garbage. It shouldn’t be that was living in the same city…


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