The South End Business District

The owners of these properties have not taken their responsibility of maintaining and repairing the buildings which adds to the blight problems in this area.

blighted business in Dearborn Heights

IMG_1465  IMG_1466


The sign depicting the Beech Daly Central Business District is located in front of a building that has not been occupied for many years and is in terrible disrepair.  The businesses across the street is in worse condition.  The owners of these properties have not taken their responsibility of maintaining and repairing the buildings which adds to the blight problems in this area.  This is located on Beech Daly, north of Van Born.

The E. Bradford school building also needs general repairs.


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7 thoughts on “The South End Business District”

  1. The comment was made that the buildings have been neglected since the current mayor has been in office. This implies a lack of concern. I live in Dearborn. There is a similar issue, but not of condition, more of not paying back taxes etc which leads to the city instituting proceedings to claim ownership of the buildings and property. After a year or so, the owners claim hardship, and appeal to the city for another chance. The decision rests with the Council. Recently, it seems relief is granted more to the Muslim owners than to to non-Muslim owners…an obvious bias. This bias is loudly contested both ways, but the proof is in the ‘vote’, and those on the Dearborn council are hard-pressed to argue the facts. My point? Is there similar bias and favoritism on the Dearborn Hts council, or is the decision for who gets a ‘pass’ rest elsewhere? At least in Dearborn, we know our ‘targets’, who is responsible. Who is responsible for the ‘inaction’ in Dearborn Hts with respect to the ‘blighted’ buildings in question?? Who does the ordinance enforcement? Codes? Who can order those depts to ‘look the other way’.??


  2. They wonder why we have RATS in Dearborn Heights. These buildings have been like this for at least 5 years, and some longer.


  3. What I find so irresponsible from this administration why isn’t the building, and CEDD department being used to make sure that properties like this are kept up no matter how long they remain vacant? Why isn’t the administration working with local real estate and other organizations to revitalize this area? I think that this is a case of out of site out of mind I can’t imagine a Mayor of any City seeing things in such a mess would be willing just to leave it that way. I guess this Mayor is just different because these have been this way his whole entire time in office.


  4. Call the Mayor’s office if you get no response from the ordinance department. This type of eyesore needs to be addressed with the building owner and action taken within 90 days or huge fines will be assessed or building seized. Also are they current on taxes, etc or just don’t care about the condition of their property. IMO if a building is vacant for 3-5 years and left to deteriorate it should be torn down at owners expense. Get tough with these owners!


  5. These buildings are a very well documented issue of blight on this blog. Now, what is the next course of action? Note that most of the buildings are for sale. I would approach the realty companies in question, and ask them why the property is being offered in such a dilapidated condition? They will give some lame excuse. Now it is time for a little positive deception. Suggest that , if this and that were in better repair, a buyer would be interested. The buyer is interested in seeing ‘results’, not verbal fiction. If they are not fixed up to minimal presentation standards, the buyer goes elsewhere. Usually, a building owner, looking for any positive feedback from his realtor, will do some fix-up when the realtor passes on the ‘interest’ and qualifiers. . They just need to hear the ‘straight talk’ and have an excuse to spend some money….I notice some of the realtors are perhaps Muslim…..My Muslim realtor knows the ‘ins and outs’, and he would have contractors who would do some basic low cost fixing, contact investors from the Middle East, and voila, gone blight and possibly new investors as a result….just a thought….Often , you need to spend a little money to make a lot of money…ask Trump…he does the talk, and has the billions to prove it is more than just talk…


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