Together We Can Make a Difference in Our Neighborhoods In Dearborn Heights.

Do you want to make a difference in your neighborhood? Are you sick and tired of looking at homes that are abandoned, homes that are blighted, overgrown shrubs, uncut lawns? It’s time to take control of your neighborhood it starts with some simple things you can do to take back our neighborhoods.

  1. Drive around and look. When you find a home or business like this take a picture of it. Post it over on Make a Difference in Dearborn Heights on Facebook.
  2. Call the ordinance department call every day if you have to write down dates, times, and who you talked to. Post that information here or over on our Facebook Page.
  3. Email or Call  your council members make a note of when you do those things and if they contact you. Make sure you keep any emails from them.
  4. If you have a neighborhood association in the area that you live in join it.
  5. Start a neighborhood watch group.
  6. Get to know your neighbors simple right, but not always so easy. You might just find they are thinking the same thing you are. Ask them to write to council members and call the ordinance department.
  7. Go to council meetings the more people they see the more they pay attention
  8. Be as public with a problem in your area as you can the more it’s shown the more it’s shared, the more it’s talked about the sooner it’s taken care of.

If you have any other ideas that you would like to see added to the list please feel free to post them in the comment section I will add them to the list.





Here’s a list of sites you can go to and join the conversation and share what’s going on in your neighborhood.

Make a Difference in Dearborn Heights Facebook Page

GMCA Golfview Manor Civic Association Facebook Page

Southwest Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association Facebook Page

Dearborn Heights 48125 East Facebook Page

Dearborn Heights Ordinance and Animal Control Facebook Page

Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton:

Her Facebook Page


Newly Elected Councilman “Dave” Wassim Abdallah  effective January 1, 2016

His Facebook Page


Newly Elected Councilman Ray Muscat effective January 1, 2016

His Facebook Page


Councilman Robert Constan

His Facebook Page

If you have other places that residents can go to post comments, ask questions, seek help please post links in the comment section. Let’s all get involved and Make A Difference in Dearborn Heights. #madidh #makeadifference.

From Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton Facebook Page even after a major surgery she is still working for us. Please read.

Recent discussion and concern, rightfully so, regarding rental properties, blight, lack of maintenance of properties in the City of,Dearborn Heights concerns us all. Increased blight, trash and rats is problematic and must be effectively managed.

There are many steps needed, and many tentacles needed, for an effective rental property maintenance program, Blight Management Program , which work hand in hand with the City of Dearborn Heights Ordinance Department, City Administration, neighborhood associations, businesses, non-profits, service clubs, etc. I had mentioned the program during my re-election campaign as a priority issue for our City. I have already been meeting with residents, neighborhood associations, businesses, Ordinance Department . Foreclosed homes, which the City of Dearborn Heights has first right of purchase once it becomes available (courts exhausted with the owners ) become blighted quickly. Last month Councilman-Elect Ray Muscat and I visited a company which rehabs homes and sells the homes to new homeowners, taking a property which was not on the tax rolls, rehabbing it, encouraging home ownership and getting the property back on the tax rolls. I spoke with the Administration and a RFP (request for proposal ) is being prepared and going out. This will help the City of Dearborn Heights with foreclosures and blighted properties, as well as increase home ownerships and taxable values.

We are organizing a new neighborhood association for the D7 area. We should try to get on the same page, otherwise, we are redundant. Please copy and paste so can can increase awareness of the work already being done. Also, individuals interested in assisting on a Task Force, please call me at (313)348-9848.

Lisa Hicks Clayton
Dearborn Heights City Councilwoman



3 thoughts on “Together We Can Make a Difference in Our Neighborhoods In Dearborn Heights.”

  1. Will they stop people using there Garage as living space. And maybe use there driveway and garage to park there car’s and truck.


  2. I like that Linda maybe all they need is someone to ask. Once the question is asked how do we go about helping? Maybe it’s just cleaning up the yard, cutting the shrubs, but if there is work like replacement of windows or hanging gutters we need help. I can trim a shrub, but not so good about hanging a gutter and you do see plenty of homes that have structural problems.


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