The symptoms of this disease are blight, rats, and the inability to stop these things, and worse, from happening and destroying their homes and their lives.


The people in the South End of Dearborn Heights are wearing out trying to keep ahead of the disease. The symptoms of this disease are blight, rats, and the inability to stop these things, and worse, from happening and destroying their homes and their lives. People are moving out, leaving the disease behind. Those of us that are left are pleading with the city to help us.

I get at lease two calls a week concerning blight, rats, and empty homes. I have followed the rank and file, as it was explained to me. The Ordinance Department has been leaving notes on doors, threats of what will happen if the home owner doesn’t follow the rules. If nothing happens the Ordinance Dept comes back out and leaves more reminders. They are doing as much as they can.

Calls that I have received in the past two weeks concern rats, outside feeding of birds and squirrels, empty homes as breeding grounds for the rats, and general blight conditions. I suggest that the people call the Ordinance Dept. Some do, sometimes I do, and the notes are building up on the doors.

On the east side of Telegraph, people are calling me to ask for help. One house, a rental, the family left because of the rats. The neighbors complained of the smell of gas so they called the gas company. The gas was reported not to be consumer’s gas, it was auto gas. The neighbors were told that someone was pouring gas down the rat burrows.  Another slip of paper put on the door. The neighbors keep calling and Ordinance keeps adding more slips of paper to the door.  Another house, a rental, has been left uninhabited, has loads of debris in the yard that is housing rats. The house is providing enough rats to cover the entire area. Ordinance just added another slip of paper to the door.

There are so many houses that are empty and are being destroyed, broken windows, doors, etc.  It all makes our community look bad and we are vulnerable.

Make a Difference in Dearborn HeightsIMG_1428IMG_1434IMG_1435 (1)

The Southwest Dearborn Heights Association, that was created to help the people in this area with these types of problems has had no impact as far as I know.  We have been told that our Ordinance officers were being trained in Vector Control.  It is our hope that the Vector Control is the answer to the rat problem.

The South End is dying and we need help from our city. If anyone can suggest anything please write in the comment section. I have lived in this city all of my life, and more than 36 years in this home. I have never had rodent problems, nor neighbor problems. I won’t give up as long as I can last. There has to be something we can do.  We have to work hand in hand with our city officials to overcome these problems.



  1. I had rats chew thru my crawl space in come into my house. I had a trap in my yard, but no bate inside. I am still waiting for it to get refilled. I was told to hire someone when the rats came in. I am Social Security Disability that means very fixed income. I could
    Not pay for that. The city did not or does not care. I did block up where they chewed in, they are gone now….but for how long? I was at Fenton today to make a payment on my water. I Walked over to the animal control desk, had a conversation with them. Not helpful. No clear answers. How can a city do this to a tax paying resident? Shameful. I


  2. Thank you for the comments. I promise you this will be worked on for the sake of our residents. The South Heights area represents 1/2 of our City and therefore it is a very important subject to address with whatever is with in our power.


  3. Dave, thank you for your response. No one knows, unless they have lived it, when their lives and homes have been attacked in a way we cannot understand. We have never had rodent problems, and no blight problems in our area. We are personally vulnerable at this time. We do everything possible to keep up on information as well as action and share. I understand there are “behind the scenes” programs and we are trying to make these programs known to our residents. Information is the key to giving help and hope. We keep telling people we have to work hand in hand with our city and our community representatives, trying to give a positive approach to the problems. I know of several families who have given up and moved out, and we don’t want that. To know that some people in power positions care and offer hope is what we need until the hammer can be dropped on these problems. I am sure that after January, you will be overwhelmed with the need for solutions. We look forward to helping.


  4. bitsy08
    No way the Mayor is going to pay to have VCO’s from Dearborn come in when he wouldn’t even pay for our own OO’s to go to training in the City of Dearborn.
    Make a Difference in Dearborn Heights. #madidh #makeadifference


  5. Thank You, Council elect “Dave” Wassim Abdallah so many people have been waiting such a long time to see improvements those on the South end of Dearborn Heights are getting hit the hardest by all of this. There has been movement in recent months, but not nearly enough I think I can speak for many when I say we are looking forward to January when you and Council elect Ray Muscat will be sitting at that table. All of us working together can make a difference in Dearborn Heights.


  6. This is an important subject to me and I will make this one of my priorities. There is no reason for this to continue to go on. Your suggestions are always appreciated.


  7. If we’re still waiting for people to be certified, why can’t we partner with Dearborn and “borrow” some of their people to help out or are they too busy with their city? Of course, Dearborn might just laugh out of the other side of their mouth since they offered years ago to train our people for free. Time for the mayor to put his hat in his hand and go to the Mayor of Dearborn and ask for help. And don’t tell me there’s no money to hire qualified, certified Vector Control Officers. How much money is this city losing when people move out? Seems the salaries to hire a couple of VCO’s would be money well spent.


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