Tired Of Being Ignored? Vote November 3rd.

If you don’t want to keep getting ignored by the elected officials in Dearborn Heights then make a difference in Dearborn Heights.


Yep, it’s that time again election season and yes yet again I’m here writing about the importance of getting out and voting. New Blog with what I hope is a new way of doing things. Make a Difference In Dearborn Heights. How? A question I’ve been asking for years with little answers except to say It’s up to us to make that difference. Again How? By getting involved even if that involvement is casting a vote November 3rd for new council members.


you’re asking yourself it makes no difference. My vote doesn’t matter and all the other reasons you might convince yourself why you shouldn’t take the time to go and Vote. Well, let’s take a minute to understand the Why you should vote. The council chair is leaving the council leaving this very important position open. Members of the council vote on who will be the council chair. Not only does the chair control the meetings this person decides what makes it on the agenda for council meetings and study sessions. Most if not all of you that come here to the blog vote and show a great interest and concern for the City and the way the elected officials are doing things. What’s needed is more people to get to the polls and Vote.

We can all sit back and say well it’s not our problem to get people to the polls.

True it’s not unless you want to see a different City. If you want to make a difference in Dearborn Heights. Think about this If the wrong council member is selected as council chair one that doesn’t care about the issues that residents have taken an interest in. How many of those things do you think are going to make it to the council agenda? This election just might be one of the most important elections here in Dearborn Heights and so many of this cities residents are not even aware there’s an election. If you talk with people and I have they all say the same thing the City is so outdated. Well, gee why do you think that is? Could it be that we keep electing a council that is outdated?

People, it’s time for us to make the difference in Dearborn Heights. We do have a voice here in the City even if our voice (those that vote at the polls) are not as large as those who vote absentee. Those elected in the City go after the absentee voter they are the one bloc of voters who vote in every election. They are a bloc of voters that like things the way they are. They are mostly composed of senior voters who want their senior centers/programs. They, for the most part don’t Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. ¬†Most don’t watch the council meetings on YouTube the majority don’t have smartphones or want one. I’m not saying this is bad what I’m saying is the City of Dearborn Heights is made up of more than just seniors. You wouldn’t know it, by the way the City does things and by the voters who come out and Vote. go_vote

Now we can sit back and complain for another two years about how we need to change things or we can do it NOW. Each and every one of us can make a difference this election make sure that we’ve done all we can to get just one or two people to the poll to vote. Get those younger new family residents to the polls.

I’ve been amazed at the reaction to people my age and younger when I tell them we don’t have a Facebook page or Twitter here in the City. They are shocked some already know the City doesn’t have these things and are upset about it. They don’t understand why the City can’t or will not use these things available to communicate with the residents. Yes, some departments have started their own for those departments.¬† I think there are two or three departments who have Facebook pages. The council the body of government in the City that should give the most communication with the public has nothing. They don’t have to because the voter they are catering to are not Facebook or Twitter users.

If you don’t want to keep getting ignored by the elected officials in Dearborn Heights then make a difference in Dearborn Heights. Get someone who wouldn’t be voting to the polls to vote. Let’s make sure that what we want isn’t ignored by our elected officials. Let’s make sure our numbers are enough to get our City Council to pay attention to our needs. Do you know any young adults ask them to vote to use their social media to get their age group out there and Vote. Let’s not be ignored any longer. VOTE November 3rd.

Follow our hashtags #makeadifference #madidh on Twitter and Facebook please pass on this information to others. Our group will be setting up a chat on this subject on Facebook in the next week stay tuned for day and time. This will be by invite only if you’re not a member of our group on Facebook please become one now that will be the only way you can know the day and time of the group chat.

4 thoughts on “Tired Of Being Ignored? Vote November 3rd.”

  1. Every council member, when elected is responsible and represents all or should represent all residents of Dearborn Heights. It’s not about getting flooded or about having rats in your backyard. It’s about votes until people go out to the polls and vote council will continue to look as it does. It will continue to operate as it does. Until we as residents want to make the difference and Vote it will stay the same way. Until we are willing to recognize that we as voters are the problem here in the City it will remain the Same. We as residents are not engaged in what is happening in our City. We do not pay attention to what the Council is doing. We do not pay attention to what the administration is doing. We as residents come election day for the most part stay at home.


  2. Over 20000 voters reside in the south end of the city of Dearborn Heights, south of Michigan Avenue, and only one council member ” Bob Constant” out of 7 live in that area of the city. When your council members live in your neighborhoods they connect better to your needs and share with you the public services the city provides including the rats problems and the flooding and others. Its critical that the south end voters cast their vote this election to put councilmembers in the council chamber who faced the challenges of flooding and the rats problems. All politics are locals and representation start at the pole by casting your vote for a person who understand the needs of public services to property. Municipal elections are not about politics, rather they are about municipal services to city properties they collect taxes from regardless who are the owners. Voters are residents of the city wither they own a property or not, They effected by the level of municipal services, also effected by the rate of property taxes because its a component of their mortgage or their rent.
    Vote for candidates who will make sure the city taxes are collected and services are provided according to the state laws and regulations.


  3. I was talking with Ray Muscat the other day and he said that while he was walking for his candidacy, he came across and older gentleman who voted Absentee but hadn’t voted because he said – they don’t listen to us anyway. Ray told him that was the very reason he should vote; that this is the time to vote in new people because the next election will be a vote on 4 people AND THE MAYOR. This vote – hopefully – will be a beginning for our city; the beginning of a change for our city; the beginning of council who won’t just listen to the mayor without questioning and having the courage of their convictions to vote against him, even though they may be the lone vote. We haven’t had that with this council. With this vote we have a chance to take back our city from an apathetic council and an out of control mayor and his assistant. Ray was successful in getting this man to vote. Let’s hope he shares what he learned and convinces others to vote. Let’s take back our city.


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