City Ordered To Stop Prohibited Conduct.

Rat problem Dearborn Heights

Rat problem Dearborn HeightsAll of us here on Make A Difference in Dearborn Heights are very disturbed to hear this latest news about the Rat problem in Dearborn Heights. Some of you might remember the Mayor saying over two and half years ago he was going to be sending ordinance officers to Dearborn for free training in Vector Control. What was supposed to be Vector control turned into the City putting out Rat Poison in violation of the Natural Resources and Environmental Act 451.

Make a Difference in Dearborn Heights Call the Mayors office and ask for certified/registered applicator. Ask the Mayor why he didn’t do as he said he was going to do? Ask the Mayor why he didn’t train the ordinance officers for free with Dearborn. You can call the Mayors office at this number (313) 791-3490 or email him


Dearborn Heights State Rats

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7 thoughts on “City Ordered To Stop Prohibited Conduct.”

  1. The City is in violation of Section 2.4 (C) of the City Charter which states:
    o To prevent, abate and prohibit all nuisances and all things and acts detrimental to the peace, health, safety, morals and welfare of the inhabitants of the City;
    Is there any fine for violating the City Charter?


  2. drheights48127,
    The rat problem is a health and safety issue, the duty of the council as a legislative body is to approve a resolution to order the mayor to provide certified Vector services. All council members talked about this issue for the last few years with no follow-up on how the Vector services been provided. Thanks to the authority for catching the administration violating the state laws and subsequently make the council aware of what their city is doing in violation of Vector environmental regulations.

    We can blame the administration all the way, but the council just approved a $7K raise to the ordinance department manager for doing a good job. They sure did not know that his department is in violation of state laws. By the way, do you know if he is certified or registered as the regulations required?

    What will the council can do about this violation by an administrative department? Who will be held accountable for violating the laws? Talking the talk without walking the walk will not accomplish the tasks.


  3. noknok

    I do not know the penalty for violating this I do think rather than focus on the penalty for violating we as residents should be asking why after 2 years there isn’t a certified Vector control officer? Why didn’t the Mayor take Dearborn up on their offer to train for free? Most importantly call/email the Mayors office and demand as a resident that he does this and stop telling us he is doing it. There is a council meeting coming up you might like to go and ask the council and administration this question yourself. As the title of the blog indicates Make a Difference in Dearborn Heights and how we can do that.


  4. Dear bloggers,
    What is the penalty for violating, please post if know or after you find out.
    Act 451 of 1994, part 83, Section 8314(1) “A person shall not apply a pesticide for a commercial purpose or in the course of his or her employment unless that person is either a certified applicator or a registered applicator” ?
    Why we violated the above act be begin with?
    As a city, we suppose to hire the best professionals in their field to deliver the best public services in compliance with public rules and regulations.
    In this situation involving “environmental control services” Its very well known that this field is extremely regulated and I’m wondering what the human resources department of the city published for the requirements and qualifications for the director and other officers who are responsible to deal with such regulations that required certifications and registrations.
    I hope the city required the hired director and officers to be certified or registered.
    I will check with HR and ask for copies of the employment postings.


  5. We don’t have time for officers to be trained. This council needs to step up and approve the money to hire experienced, trained, certified Vector Control Officers NOW.


  6. It has been reported that the mayor is having his ordinance officers trained as we speak. Let’s see how long this is going to take or if it come into effect.


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