Let’s Make A Difference in Dearborn Heights.



For those of you following here or on Facebook MADIDH would like your input. This blog and the Facebook page aren’t just for gripping. This is a tool we can use to Make a Difference in Dearborn Heights.  We are asking for some ideas (issues) to get started with. We will be rolling out google hangouts in the next few weeks where one or two ideas will be picked. Here we will be writing about the issue posting it to our Facebook Page. Making a Google Hangout with a date and time. Those interested in coming to the Hangout for a brainstorm chat session to further discuss the ways in which we as a group are going to push the idea forward. These hangout sessions will be by invite only through email you can message us on Facebook or leave a comment here letting us know you want to join the hangout. No video chat in our hangouts for the simple reason not everyone has a camera on their computers. You can participate in a hangout with your smart phone all so.

If your idea isn’t picked right away don’t think it won’t be in the future any and all ideas are good as far as we are concerned. The more subjects, ideas, and issues the better. If you need an idea of what we are talking about and trying to do. Please, if you haven’t read the post Make a Difference Vote November 3rd please take a minute and read it.   In that post, you will see some very simple ideas that all of us can do to make a difference in the upcoming election. Please make sure you read the commenting rules page  we will delete and or edit comments that don’t comply with these rules.

#madindh #makeadifference


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