Make A Difference In Dearborn Heights.

So in the last week, I’ve gone through some stuff, to say the least. I wrote a post saying goodbye and that I did to the Truth Page. The Truth Page and all contents have been set to private and there it will remain. After talking with several people who asked me not to take down the blog including my daughter who said, “I was so wrong for doing so.” She was so angry with me I didn’t think it mattered to her that much, but it did. There are others and they know who they are. I took everything that I’ve heard over the past week and made a decision.

There is one goal that all of us that call Dearborn Heights Home want to accomplish. Make Dearborn Heights A better City. How do we do that? There are many ways and it starts with us so I renamed the blog Make A Difference in Dearborn Heights. With the goal of coming up with some real ideas that will work. It starts with getting people Involved something many of us have been working on for years. So today I would like to ask that  my dear readers get involved right here on this blog. Some of you will be getting an email in the next few days asking you to become authors here. I will go into more detail with you in the email I send out. The people getting these emails have been in the forefront of trying to make a difference in Dearborn Heights for years. It’s not about holding hands with the Council members or the Administration it’s about getting what we’ve been asking for all these years.

If we want our neighborhoods to look better then we need to post the pictures of the vacant/rented homes on our blocks for everyone to see. If we can’t get what we need from the Council then we need to find a “work around.” They don’t want to use Social Media fine then they can play catch up with the rest of us.

Your street needs work and you’ve asked and asked and nothing is getting done? Then post it here or on the new Facebook Page with pictures.

Social media will play a big part in this I will soon be starting a google circle for this very reason. To get together with like minded people in real-time to come up with ways, we can make a difference. I’m asking for people to post pictures here the good things you find in the City and the not so good that you may run across. We can call ourselves a group, but it’s a group without meetings except those that are done online or the occasions that we want to get together for some tea or coffee and talk about things. There’s no board no president, vice president and so on. Just a bunch of people working to get some things done. There are other groups in the City they all play a role in their own capacity my hope is that all of us can make a difference.

To all that are reading this and have ideas, you can share here or over on Facebook, but before you do please read the comment guidelines because they have changed in a big way. Remember this is a work in progress and you are part of it.

Let me know what you think.

oh, before I forget everyone get used to using #(hashtags) they will play a part in what we are going to be doing.



3 thoughts on “Make A Difference In Dearborn Heights.”

  1. I’m SO glad you decided to “come back.” I was thinking about it last night. What do we do now with The Truth Page gone? You’ve enlightened me so much over the years, Kathy. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I do SO want to help make this city better but it’s very disheartening sometimes. Here’s hoping we can get more involved and AWARE of what’s going on. Here’s hoping that with this dawn of a new blog, WE can make the difference this city so needs.


  2. I wish to invite and encourage our residents to attend the October 13, 2015 , 8:00 p.m. meeting. I will be presenting several highlights from the Michigan Municipal League Convention. Items include civic engagement, communications, use of technology, Supreme Court decisions impacting our community and police body cameras. I will be sharing resources and examples of Michigan municipalities and positive impact for our community.

    Lisa Hicks Clayton
    Dearborn Heights City Councilwoman


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