Make A Difference In Dearborn Heights November 3 VOTE.



We are now one month out from the November 3rd election in Dearborn Heights. How are you going to make a difference one month out? The goal is to make a difference. To do that, it’s important to get people involved in their local government. One of the most important things we do as citizens is Vote, but so many don’t. They are uninterested in what is happening or they think their vote doesn’t make a difference. This election for City Council can make a difference in how our City moves forward. I’m not interested in hearing who you are supporting. I want to know what you are going to do this last month before the election to make a difference.

  • Are you going door to door in your neighborhood Walk just your block and ask a simple question are you voting? Let them know there’s an election November 3rd.  You will be surprised how many people don’t know that. Ask if they need a ride to the poll. Day of election touch base with those same people and ask if they voted.
  • Are you driving someone to the polls Do you know someone who needs a ride to the poll? Let them know you can take them.
  • Are you letting your friends and Family know that there is an election Email your family and friends that live in Dearborn Heights ask them to vote. Email a reminder on election day “it’s election day.”
  • Are you using your Facebook or Twitter account to ask people to vote- Use your social media to get the word out about the election ask everyone to share. Post a badge on your time lines I’m voting or something like it.

Any other ideas leave a comment here or over on Facebook

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1 thought on “Make A Difference In Dearborn Heights November 3 VOTE.”

  1. Excellent post! Calling to exercise the “Right to vote” is a reminder to all of us that not long ago, voting was a privilege not extended to all and should not be taken for granted! Thanks to the pioneers in this country who made “Voting as a “right”. Just as a reminder and also as an example of the extreme efforts and struggle that woman’s endures during the process of making voting as a ‘Right” we are enjoying but small percentage of our eligible voters cast their vote in elections. Please click and review the following website.

    Please vote.


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