Just Say No To Ned Apigian.

The election is in November Councilman Ned Apigian is up for re-election and I’m asking everyone to Just Say No To Ned why? Well here is yet another example of why the voting residents of Dearborn Heights should say no to Councilman Ned Apigian. This is just a portion of the meeting from 8-25-2015 You will have to click on the message that say’s watch on YouTube to see it this does not play automatically. I would ask that you watch Councilman Ned Apigian and see how he is dozing off and can’t keep his eyes open.  Instead of asking people to join in or making a statement of encouragement to the residents he’s just checked out.

Moving on that brings me to this Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton who is also running for re-election. Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton has been a different kind of council member. One that most of us in Dearborn Heights aren’t used to. She answers all her emails, she gets answers to all of the questions if she can to us. Whatever the subject if she can get an answer she does for that she’s put herself out there and I have to say sometimes here on the blog she gets beat up for her effort. This I don’t understand the one person we’ve all come to rely on for information and she gets hit over the head for her effort. She’s a big girl and has her big girl pants on, but I’ve just noticed a few things that I think are unfair. CWLHC answers questions posted here not one other council member does that. If she doesn’t answer the question to someone liking she gets dinged. If she doesn’t answer a question fast enough she gets Dinged. It’s been so easy to go after her because she’s made herself available to us.

What  I want from each person who comes here  write some other council member send them an email with a question. Not just any question the types of questions that you post here for CWLHC to answer. I want you to post your email in the comment section the day you send it to whichever Council member you want or to all. Then if you get a response from them I ask that you post that response in the comment section. I will be posting them as blog post.
Let’s see if anyone is going to do it make the effort let’s weed out the Council members that don’t make an effort for the residents who put them in office.



3 thoughts on “Just Say No To Ned Apigian.”

  1. Watch Mr. Brown a candidate for city council on the CSO issues. The council members are silent, no answers to why they approved the 1.25 CSO tax mills, they just approved taxing property owners millions without the ability to explain why and support their YES votes. How can they vote YES?NO on an issues without fully understand the issue? I hope somebody can answer!


  2. Out of all of this I can only hope that all council members will do the research needed before saying “Aye” to everything that comes in front of them. The main reason council members are elected is to represent the whole city. In order to do this that means LISTENING to what residents who take the time to go to council meetings and speak up have to say; instead of berating, talking down to us or sticking those childish signs in our faces.

    Those stupid signs are for one purpose only and that is to lessen the time they have to spend at council sessions; which means one of them can yell “Motion to Adjourn” and they can get to do what is ever so much more important than LISTENING a few more minutes to what residents have to say.

    After LISTENING they need to take some time and RESEARCH, RESEARCH, AND RESEARCH the matter, especially when it comes to taking more money out of our pockets.

    The CSO fund is another example of their ignorant voting. If they had known the law we would have kept some more of our hard earned money. Nope, instead they are willing to slurp up the mayor’s Kool-Aid because, don’t you know he’s a CPA.

    I have pretty much completed my water fund study and all I can say is with the information I have received, any council person who votes to raise our water rates this year should be re-called and/or a law suit should be brought forth against them for their actions. I hope they vote on the water fund before the election so we can see who has truly done their homework on the matter. However, I have a feeling it will be after the November election.

    Here is a fact I can share at this time.

    During the last fiscal year (July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015)
    Dearborn Heights bought a Mcf (1000 cubic feet of water) for the price of $14.65 from Detroit Water and Sewage.

    Dearborn Heights turned around and charged us $37.60 for that same Mcf and pocketed $22.95 on each Mcf of water. In addition, Dearborn Heights profited $706,396.20 during that same period for the Meter Service Fee. When was the last time you had your water meter serviced or checked to make sure it was reading correctly. Heck, when was the last time the device they stick in our water meter was checked and calibrated?

    To be far, a certain amount of the water fund needs to pay for operation, maintenance, repair and emergencies. On the city of Livonia’s website it states that 11% of their water charges are for the above. I can tell you right now with what Dearborn Heights is charging us we are way past 11%.

    The information I have above is either from the CFO at Detroit Water and Sewage Department or our Dearborn Heights Comptroller. So this stuff is not something I just pulled out of my hat.

    Folks, if you think the water rate is bad, wait till I get the sewage rates out; however, that is for another day.


  3. Over the past three years I have sent various questions and concerns (via email) to all the council members. Only Marge Horvath (in the beginning) and Lisa Hicks-Clayton answered me, with Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton following up on my questions and concerns and keeping me apprised on a regular basis.

    The problem is that the council members like Kosinski, Horvath, Baron, Berry and Apigian are ignorant of the facts surrounding most of the issues we bring up and/or don’t want to learn the facts because they feel what we bring up is non-important and a waste of their time. Baron is just biding his time and is only thinking of retirement.

    I know it seems unfair to keep asking information from CWLHC but she is the only one that will talk to us because the other council members treat us like children. For all practical reasons we really only have one functioning council person and I very much appreciate everything CWLHC has and is doing to help us.

    However, certain issues have been discovered that are very maddening to say the least. CWLHC is the only council member who communicates with us and unfortunately the frustration and questions are directed to her. The other council members are letting her take the heat while they hide. The facts are surfacing and soon the rest of them will be taking the heat as well and will not be able to hide much longer behind CWLHC. Hopefully, in November we can fill the seats of Apigian and Baron with two candidates that will take the heat off CWLHC and be engaged with their residents like she is.


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