Where Was Ping4Alerts For This One?

DEARBORN (WWJ) – A tennis ball wrapped in duct tape and deemed suspicious was the cause of a bomb scare outside Dearborn Heights City Hall.

Nothing exploded and no one was hurt, according to Police Sgt. Steve Pop, who explained it started at around 10:30 a.m. Thursday.

“Our officer that has a detail here at City Hall was walking the grounds to check on things that were on the grounds and he found a device which is a tennis ball. It was wrapped in gray duct tape.” Full Story Here

Thank you Mr. Mayor, Fire, Police for sending us that Ping4Alerts. NOT! Those of us signed up  didn’t get a ping on this why?

Call the Mayor 313-791-3490 or Email dpaletko@ci.dearborn-heights.mi.us ask him why he didn’t give an alert to his residents? Ask him why he hasn’t asked the Fire Department or the Police Department to use this service? Let him know you want to be notified through Ping4Alerts.


City Hall was open during this incident residents could enter the building. This might be the reason there wasn’t a Ping4Alert put out for the residents. Just trying to keep it real here guys.


3 thoughts on “Where Was Ping4Alerts For This One?”

  1. It’s pretty obvious that the people in charge at city hall aren’t concerned about the safety of their employees or residents that could have been in city hall at the time. Maybe it was decided to not notify anyone because they didn’t want everyone to panic or give attention to anyone who might have left the “bomb” outside.


  2. Why weren’t the employees in the building notified? Was the administration so sure the bomb would not cause damage that the employees lives (and cars of the employees who park in that lot) did not even warrant a warning?


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