How Deep In Our Pockets Does The City Get To Go Before We Say No?

As far back as 2010 former councilwoman, Badalow and Van Houten asked about the excess in the CSO Millage. They questioned the amount in this fund and asked at the time to have it lowered. I believe councilman Berry also had concerns about the water fund and this CSO Millage.  Mayor Paletko wasn’t the Mayor in 1998, he sure was on City Council. He was well aware of what the residents paid into this account as Mayor and a CPA when members of City council, brought this to his attention he should have reduced it. No other council members voted on or discussed this Millage. Now in 2015 the Mayor pushed by a resident for answers ask for an opinion only to have them tell him what was said five years ago. Do we as residents get that money sent back to us in the form of a refund from the City with a thank you letter? No.

Yes, there is 6.8 million, this as the letter indicates is well over what is still owed.   The last bond will mature in 2017.


Now what will happen with the 3.2 million that’s left after all bonds are paid off?

Where The Money Goes

This Mayor and other elected officials in this City had their hands so deep in our pockets that the City will get after all is paid off  over 3 million dollars of our money back in the general fund. This wasn’t good accounting or even being smart with our money.  This was just doing something that the residents of the City didn’t pay attention to. To think that this Mayor can put another 3.2 million of our money into the general fund. Even when the law was clear that he should have lowered the rate years ago makes me so angry. Council when at least two council members brought this to your attention five years ago why didn’t you do something for us? All the years since not one of you looked/noticed something was wrong?

Five years ago was there even one resident who asked or called after this was brought up at a council meeting? I recall writing something here about it but did anyone ask or demand that the law be followed? As residents don’t we have some responsibility to make sure the people we elect are acting in our best interest?  What can we do about it now? Nothing. Are we going to sue the City to give back our money? Is there even a provision in the law to do such a thing?  I know what everyone is going to say make sure they don’t get re-elected. That’s fine to say this how are we going to make sure they aren’t re-elected? It’s not going to happen as long as we sit at home on election day. It’s not going to happen when the majority of residents aren’t even aware that these things are happening.

I thank Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton for all her work on this, and Councilman Berry five years ago for asking about this along with former Councilwoman Badalow and Van Houten. We won’t know until 2017 how much money is left or even what can be done with that money. One thing is for sure this Mayor will not be getting credit for it. Not if we remember what he’s done  To let this man take credit for not following the law and spin it in a way that will make him look like some ‘budget genius’ would be an insult to us all.


5 thoughts on “How Deep In Our Pockets Does The City Get To Go Before We Say No?”

  1. You can ask the city representatives how the 27M was spent? the records don’t disappears, they are at the county and must be kept during the bond life.


  2. Council members should vote “NO” if they oppose a council resolution. Opposing a council action by talk then voting ” YES” mean they are satisfied and in agreement with the proposed CSO millage tax rate. The tax millage rates are on the table for up/down council vote every year, The CSO millage rates don’t have to be pushed on the council agenda.

    Agree=approve=”YES vote”
    Dis-agree=not approve=”NO vote”


  3. As you, I’m sure are aware you need more then three on the council to get anything done. Having three council members in 2010 asking a question and no other councilmembers willing to get on board with it isn’t going to get the issue even brought to the council table.


  4. drheights48127 – Is there public record of these current and former city officials questioning this? Was there any further actions or just one question about it and that is it? Why did they quit? Why did they not make this a larger issue? The next question would be to ask the current and former city officials, where was all of the money from all of the years was spent ? 27 Million was the initial “loan” – where was that all spent? I think someone has been asking these questions and like usual, they are getting no answers. The “I told you so” approach is fine but the current officials need to account for this money and current accountability needs to be restored in this city government.


  5. And HOPEFULLY he, and the current sitting council, will no longer be around and we MAY have a chance at seeing this money used for good. One thing, though, if an when this money goes into the General Fund, NO MONEY should be transferred from the Water Fund any longer.


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