City Levied The CSO Millage At A Higher Rate Than Necessary.

Here is the conversation taken from the Truth Page on Facebook. Suzanne Todd posted this on the Truth Page for all residents of Dearborn Heights. The letter she is referring to is part of the Agenda Packet that is suppose to be on the City’s Website under the City Council Page, I didn’t find it there. For those that are so quick to praise the administration I ask you if this is fine with you? If taking money from you that wasn’t suppose to be taken from you is fine then there isn’t anything to talk about. If you do feel that enough is enough from this administration then I ask you dear resident of Dearborn Heights what are you going to do about it?

I read the letter from Miller, Canfield…. on the CSO bond we have been paying for since 1997. In 1997 we gave the city permission to charge us 2.5 mills ($2.50 per $1,000.00) for the CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) bond in support of the City’s bonds and contractual obligations owed to the Wayne County. The total amount of this contractual obligation for the bond issues are estimated at $27 million dollars.

The letter goes on to say ” The fact that the City had an accumulated balance of over 6.8 million as of June 30, 2014 means that the city levied the CSO Millage at a higher rate than necessary to pay the obligations that were intended to be paid from the CSO Millage”

The letter goes on to say ” Section 701(4) of the Revised Municipal Finance Act requires a municipality to reduce the amount of the annual levy to take into account any surplus money on hand”

WOW! Our city administration and some council members are something else. Not only are we charged more for our water than any other city around us, we were also taxed more than we should have been on this CSO bond. They even had the kahunas to thumb their noses at Section 701(4) of the Revised Municipal Finance Act. We know the city borrows from the water fund in order to make ends meet; we now know that the City was sitting on millions of dollars in this CSO fund. Wonder how much they borrowed from the CSO fund to make ends meet. Of course, expecting a truthful answer is pie in the sky.

Now for those residents that flood and that means those along the Rouge River and Ecorse Creek, this is like throwing acid in our faces. We are overcharged for our water, overcharged on CSO bonds regarding sewers and we have to put up with water in our basements and houses.

People we have got to start culling some of the council members and we need to start with Ned Apigian. Thank goodness Ken Baron is leaving. That leaves two spots open on that council that need to be filled with people who will represent our concerns instead of their own. We need to keep Lisa Hicks-Clayton because she is the only council member that is working her butt off trying to help us. In two years we need to get rid of Horvath, Kosinski and Berry. Those three are as useless as lips on chickens.


  • Mary Saputo Don’t hold back, Suzanne. Tell us how you really feel. I do SO agree!
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  • Lisa Rosol Muscat Suzanne you need to run for city council!!!!!
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  • Donna Cipolletti Colias Amazing….but what can we do about it? We can’t even get anyone to admit to these facts…how can we make them tell the truth?
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  • Suzanne Gaskell Todd I want to make sure everyone knows that it was Troy Brown who has been dogging the mayor about this CSO fund and it was his persistance for several months that brought this letter to the light of day. If he hadn’t, we would have never known what was gSee More
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  • Janet Badalow I guess no one was paying attention when I voted NO on the water budget the last two years I was on Council. Former Councilwoman Van Houten was a NO before she left and Councilman Berry was the 2nd NO vote with me. Margy and myself both made note of the overage in the fund. Glad Lisa Hicks-Clayton is continuing the fight and will be pleased when Ray Muscat joins her.
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  • Suzanne Gaskell Todd Hi Janet,
    Yes I was paying attention and that is why I said “some council members”.  I should have listed you and the others but sometimes I get really wordy and try to shorten my message.  I apologize for not mentioning the dissenting council members See More
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Ray MuscatI agree with Lisa Rosol Muscat, Suzanne Gaskell Todd needs to run for city council in the next election.
#wedemandmore #CSOovercharge want to join the conversation on this subject go over NOW

1 thought on “City Levied The CSO Millage At A Higher Rate Than Necessary.”

  1. Janet, You stated that you know about the surplus in the CSO fund since 2011 ” Margy and myself both made note of the overage in the fund”. Did you know at that time that the state laws requires municipalities to reduce the millage rate if you need less taxes to pay the bonds payments? Did you voted “NO” on approving the CSO bond millage rate in 2011 and 2012 since you was aware of the overage? How about “Glad Lisa Hicks-Clayton is continuing the fight” what fight? Do you mean she know about the CSO bond surplus since 2011? Did she voted “NO” on approving the CSO bond millage? Did you and Ms. Lisa asked the administration and the treasurer to reduce the CSO millage rate to accommodate for the fund surplus? And since both of you are aware of “CSO fund Overage” did you educate other council members about the state requirements to reduce the ” CSO bond millage”? Please answer the above questions the best you can if you want. The “city council is the authorized elected body” to approve all municipal tax levy millages every year. I understand you voted “NO” on the water budget, but the water budget is based on rate charges not “tax levy”.


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