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  1. I don’t believe what I’m reading, the federal government provides grants for energy efficiency lighting upgrades, and based on what the councilwoman stating that DTE will penalize the municipalities for saving energy!.

    DTE pay $50 dollars for old non-efficient appliances, and encourage businesses and homeowners to save energy? And in fact upgrade your house lightnings bulbs and faucets free of charge (That cost them DOLLARS).

    So what is going on in Michigan? And why the municipalities or mayors and supervisors not getting together and showing their political power and opposing this tariff?

    Now to bottom of this issue; if no cost benefit for the up-grade, why bother spending 1 million of taxpayer hard earned money?

    Very good advise Ms. councilwomen: The city own very large property in the south-end, that property can be used as energy producing farm including solar and wind mills. I encourage you to introduce a resolution to commission a feasibility study for such project and may be the city will be able to supply its own energy to city lighting’s and building.

    City elected and appointed officials should be creative and think outside the box, they should be working hard to find a the most efficient ways to expend taxpayers hard earned money.

    In this days and time when global warming and reduction of energy use are the talk of the world we all including DTE should be implementing measures to save energy.

    Are you worry you will not getting the council support to oppose DTE rate increase?

    Even the Pope warning about global warming!


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