The City Of Dearborn Heights Has This, But You Would Never Know It.

The City Council finally gave the residents a means to get notified other than the traditional methods. Notification for events, weather, road closers, missing persons, and so much more via their cell phones. Then the administration promptly did nothing with it. The administration hasn’t put the fact that the City offers Ping4Alerts on the City’s website. Why would they bother they never wanted it in the first place?  Wondering if the treasure is going to put a reminder in our water or tax bills? Those go to ever house hold just a little reminder letting the residents know that they now have this great tool to use.  Why hasn’t the treasurer used this service to send a Ping to the residents that have signed up for it and let them know water bills are going out. I haven’t seen a Ping from the police department on several road closers that have happened for traffic lights being out. There is road work coming up why isn’t there Pings for that. Why didn’t the recreation department use it for the Spirit Festival?

Has the Mayor, his assistant or executive secretary signed up for this? How many of the Council members are signed up for it? Have all elected officials been given sign in access so they can post updates to Ping? Has the Police and Fire department been given instructions from the administration to post to Ping? Have the council members signed in to give a Ping on the day of their council meetings and study sessions with time and place? Has the head of the recreation department or deputy been given access to post events to Ping4Alerts? What has the administration and elected officials in this City done to promote this great tool? Nothing? Don’t think for one minute that this isn’t being done by design. The administration and council agreed to this to say we did it, but no one signed up. So come next year folks we won’t be getting this back. I dare say that if we ever ask for something else we won’t get that either. They will be able to point to this and say see it failed no one signed up and it was a waste of money.

Folks not only should you sign up now for this and you can go over to Ping4Alerts and find out how. For those that have it start calling and emailing Council members the Mayor and other elected officials in the City and ask them if they use it? Have the downloaded it? Call/email the Fire Chief and Police Chief ask them to start posting to it for emergencies, accidents, road closers, important information for the residents. Ask the Mayor why this isn’t on the main page of the City’s website? Make sure the powers that be understand we want things like this and expect the City to use it.

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6 thoughts on “Ping4Alerts”

  1. Ping4Alerts is not going to be used by city officials. The council was pressured into agreeing to use it. If it is not used, they can then say it was a waste of money because it was rarely used. They want it to fail, and they have the power to make sure it fails. Then certain council members can say “I told you it was a waste of money”!

    Business as usual. They disrespect residents at the council meetings. They are more concerned about the 3minute “rule” than they are about the substance and content of what is being said. They provide few answers for the resident’s questions, and they minimize their issues.

    Notice there is not a “3 minute rule” if you are making an announcement? This rule only applies to residents with concerns.

    This will continue until, at least, the next election!


  2. Dear Heart,

    I have an E-Letter Communication, which is distributed weekly/ bi-weekly and a Facebook page. The information regarding the MDOT railroad crossing project was shared via both these. If interested in receiving the E-Letter Communication, which features City news, events and updates, please e-mail a request to be added to


    Lisa Hicks-Clayton
    Dearborn Heights City Councilwoman


  3. I had ping 4 alerts. I had it taken off my phone because nothing was happening. I get news 4 alerts now and I am alerted all day long about what is happening. I don’t understand this council at all. I am so sick and tired of a few of them. Maybe the Department Heads that don’t live here in Dearborn Heights don’t care about posting on ping4alerts. Maybe they ought to make a new ordinance that any new people hired to work for the City of Dearborn Heights live in the city. I know people care about where they live. They are starting to work on the RR tracks on Gully and Michigan ave.. When are we going to find out about that? There is an election coming up and I hope we can get as many people out to vote as possible.


  4. I have Ping4Alert app on my smart phone. Also, have Advocated and actively promoted via E-letter Communications, Light Up the Night events, including the Spirit Festival, Facebook, Linked In and Golfview Manor newsletter. I agree, City Departments should be encouraged to utilize Ping4Alert, including road closures, MDOT work,i.e. railroad crossing work scheduled for July, events, and more! It is a great tool and cost effective communication, if used effectively. I understand the departments mentioned do have access.


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