Council Meeting Tonight Agenda Packet On Facebook.

Did anyone read the audit report from Plante & Moran I will admit I just started? Some of you might be interested to know that since 2006 corporation council hasn’t asked for a compensation increase.  The number one reason for not asking for one was the financial state of the City. The number one reason for asking for an increase now is “the financial status of the City has improved considerable.”  That’s not in the audit report that’s what’s on the next council meeting up for a vote.

If you are interested in the agenda packet for the City Council meeting tonight 6-9-2015  you will find the downloaded files on the Truth Page on Facebook go on over and take a look.


2 thoughts on “Council Meeting Tonight Agenda Packet On Facebook.”

  1. The Wayne County Commission voted by a vote of 9 to 5 not to raise taxes of $49 million on our summer taxes. County Executive Evans is expected to veto that and place a special assessment on our tax bills unless we can convince one of the commissioners to change their vote and override the veto.

    Commissioners Webb, Killeen, Clark-Coleman, Ware and Scott voted no on transferring the money to avoid putting the bill on taxpayers. Alisha Bell was absent. The rest voted to keep taxpayers from getting the extra tax this summer.

    I have added the phone numbers to make it easy to call them as well as email them. Do both, if you can.

    According to the commission Chair they will try to override his veto in about a week and a half, but he will need help from at least one of those commissioners who voted against them.

    If you are not sure who your commissioner is, you can look it up on our website at Click on the county link and choose elected officials. Then click on the numbers of your location on the map and it will tell you the information of the area the commissioner represents. Please don’t put this off or forget. We will need everyone’s help.

    Distribution List Name: WC Commission


    Com. Al Haidous ( 312-224-0944

    Com. Alisha Bell ( 313-224-0936

    Com. Burton Leland 313-224-0884

    Com. Diane Webb ( 313-224-0930

    Com. Gary Woronchak ( 313-224-0934

    Com. Irma Clark – Coleman 313-224-0942

    Com. Ilona Varga ( 313-224-0886

    Com. Jewel Ware ( 313-224-0916

    Com. Joe Barone ( 313-224-0882

    Com. Joseph Palamara ( 313-224-0880

    Com. Martha Scott ( 313-224-0878

    Com. Ramond Basham 313-224-0876

    Com. Richard L Blanc ( 313-224-8855

    Com. Terry Marecki 313-224-0946

    Com. Tim Killeen ( 313-224-0920

    County Executive Warren Evans 313-224-0286

    Please contact everyone in your address book who lives in Wayne County and tell them to contact their commissioner and others in their address book.

    Special assessments are completely out of control and used to violate the Headlee Amendment:

    Article IX section 31 of the State Constitution limits their ability to tax.

    § 31 Levying tax or increasing rate of existing tax; maximum tax rate on new base; increase in assessed valuation of property; exceptions to limitations.

    Sec. 31. Units of Local Government are hereby prohibited from levying any tax not authorized by law or charter when this section is ratified or from increasing the rate of an existing tax above that rate authorized by law or charter when this section is ratified, without the approval of a majority of the qualified electors of that unit of Local Government voting thereon. If the definition of the base of an existing tax is broadened, the maximum authorized rate of taxation on the new base in each unit of Local Government shall be reduced to yield the same estimated gross revenue as on the prior base. If the assessed valuation of property as finally equalized, excluding the value of new construction and improvements, increases by a larger percentage than the increase in the General Price Level from the previous year, the maximum authorized rate applied thereto in each unit of Local Government shall be reduced to yield the same gross revenue from existing property, adjusted for changes in the General Price Level, as could have been collected at the existing authorized rate on the prior assessed value. The limitations of this section shall not apply to taxes imposed for the payment of principal and interest on bonds or other evidence of indebtedness or for the payment of assessments on contract obligations in anticipation of which bonds are issued which were authorized prior tothe effective date of this amendment. History: Add. Init., approved Nov. 7, 1978, Eff. Dec. 23, 1978.


  2. As long as City Hall is only open 4 days a week nobody should be asking for anything. I saw 2 street sweepers following each other on Gully going toward vanborn . I haven’t seen a street sweeper in 3 years. maybe thats why there was 2. They really need to clean up Beach Daly(on the south end). Bricks faling off buildings, tall grass,broken sidewalks, boarded up buildings and the garbage all along the fences. This is just the business. The ordinance guys are giving out the tickets to the home owners but what about the business owners? I know the guys work hard,but they give the business owners a little bit of a break. I live here and pay taxes and most of them don’t. They don’t care what our neighborhood looks like. Please lets be fair to our residents who live in and care for our city and get The city employees back to work full time and open City Hall 5 days a week and give back to the people who took cuts when the city was down.


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