Why This November Election Is So Important Part One.

If you haven’t voted in any other local election make this November the one you Vote in.

This November the City of Dearborn Heights has a local election. There are three seats on the Council up, one of those seats is going to be a vacant seat the other two are to re-elect council members Lisa Hicks-Clayton (whom I would say needs to stay) and Ned Apigian (whom I feel needs to go.) The biggest bloc of voters in the City of Dearborn Heights are the AV’s (absentee voters) the majority of those voters are seniors. Past election numbers show that they decide who gets elected in Dearborn Heights. They vote while the majority of voters sit at home many not even knowing that there is an election. Yes, this election is important, but how many residents know just how important? Many don’t know who their Council members are most of the residents in the City have no idea there are issues here. Until they have a problem that is. Then they as did I start to ask questions.

We have the opportunity to get some people at that table that can work together for the residents to finally get some of the things we have been asking for. For years, we’ve watched council members that have the best interest of the residents work alone. Former councilwoman Janet Badalow is one of them. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton who now sits on the council is another. Both these women have tried without support from their fellow council members to bring more transparency and communication with the residents. Based on what I’ve seen so far from two of the candidates running and what their platforms are I think the residents of Dearborn Heights have a chance. I say chance  because over the years we really haven’t had chance to have our needs addressed. Time and time again we’ve asked for the same things over and over many I’ve written about here and time and time again we are denied. Denied because we have a City Council that is out of touch or just doesn’t care about what the residents want. It’s bad enough to have an administration that could careless put a City Council that feels the same way and us residents don’t stand a chance.

Council Chair Ken Barron is leaving the council this November your vote can help decide who will be voting on a new council chair. Council Chair isn’t picked on the highest vote getter in the election, but rather by the council members themselves. Based on what I’ve seen over the years I shudder at the thought of certain council members getting to the position of Council Chair. The council chair decides what gets put on the agenda to start with. If you have a council chair that doesn’t believe in the advancement of technology or the advancement in communicating with the public then it’s possible that those issues, if a council person wanted to bring those issues to the table would never make it there. It would be an absolute nightmare if the wrong council person was voted in as Council Chair. What if a council member who always supports the Mayor was picked as the council chair? There could be the potential for the Mayor to simply pick up the phone and say I don’t want this put on the agenda and that person might be inclined to do as the Mayor asks.  I know many reading this might say oh there she goes again, but those of you who want to know the truth of things in this City, Really  want to know the truth should be able to see this as something that is possible. In the City of Dearborn Heights with this administration and Council, history tells us this is so.


10 thoughts on “Why This November Election Is So Important Part One.”

  1. And if you think, Lisa, that Paletko is REALLY researching this item, I have some property in Alaska for you to consider buying. This proposal was original made YEARS ago. Excuses don’t cut it any longer.


  2. It takes more than one person to agree to something, WTT. When Janet Badelow was on the council, she came up with SO MANY good ideas and was ALWAYS voted down. Janet brought up this very subject years ago and was voted down. The same is happening with Lisa. I’m going to say – WHEN we get some new voices on the council, then and only then will some of these good ideas see fruition.


  3. Dear Walking the Talk,

    The second submit of the Fleet Management proposal did not make it to a City Council study session. It requires 3 Council Members to approve the item. This did not happen. I did speak with Mayor Paletko regarding the proposal. He reported it is being researched and seeking companies which might provide fleet management services to a fleet the size of the City of Dearborn Heights fleet. There are options for all sizes and several benefits. I certainly have not dismissed this issue & opportunity. Sometimes, walking the talk proceeds a slower, purposeful pace. On a personal note- Walk the Talk is an excellent book! One of my favorites!


  4. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton says, May 26, 2015 at 10:22 am

    Thank you councilwomen. So what happen with your proposal after all? You said you are talking with the administration about the issue, Why not asking the mayor to submit a proposal to manage the fleet?

    Wyyy too much talk about a subject other cities all over the nation resolved many years ago.


  5. Takes 3 council members to make it to study session and it didn’t happen. Gee. Why am I not surprised? Any council worth its cajones would see that this is a cost-saving measure and we do need to save money and become more cost conscious. But typically, this council doesn’t see the big picture. I repeat. They need to go.


  6. Thank you for your comments regarding the Fleet Management. Councilman Berry had originally submitted a proposal. The Council did not support due to financial restrictions, etc. I have submitted a second, supporting proposal and resources in April, 2015. Listing the benefits, including Time management, dispatch optimization and efficiency have been some of the key factors influencing municipalities and local government agencies to implement GPS tracking for their fleets. – See more at: http://www.vehiclepath.com/media-center/news/articles/gps-tracking-municipalities#sthash.ULpaUXiO.dpuf. The proposal did not make it to a study session (takes 3 Council members). However, I have been advised the Mayor was reviewing and researching viable options which fit with our fleet size. Cutting costs and stretching the budget is a primary focus of local government and municipality fleet managers. It is the job of city government — elected officials and staff — to deliver city services as effectively and efficiently as possible. To fulfill this mission, city staff must have a dependable fleet. It is tempting to keep operating the fleet the “way it’s always been operated” and to delay vehicle and equipment purchases, especially during economic downturns, but freezing equipment purchases is not a sustainable long-term solution. Areas to consider include fuel costs, vehicle maintenance history and cost to operate, repair and over-all effectiveness of the municipal fleet. The fleet management proposal must remain a subject of importance.


    Lisa Hicks-Clayton
    Dearborn Heights City Councilwoman


  7. You are right too Kathy. It is very important who you vote for. They hold more business meetings in a study session than at a city council meeting. They think we are stupid. They shouldn’t under estimate us or see our kindness as a weakness. I hope everyone shows them how strong we are and gets out and vote. They could use the Marquee in front of the police station to remind everyone to vote. Maybe 2 weeks before the election instead of telling us who the police chief is. We all know who he is, it tells us 24/7 who he is. Can’t they put anything else up there?


  8. You are right bitsy. Most of them need to go. This is not a city of the future, but a city of long ago, who lives in the past. I am tired of the mayor and his minions.. I am an absentee voter an I am a senior citizen , but I don’t think by voting for the fossils on the council are going to get the seniors any where. Just because they have been around a long time does not make them have our best interest. Marge’s highlight of the council is adjournment. Now it is a standerd joke. How sad ………….


  9. I agree with you whole-heartedly, Kathy – until I got to your last sentence. I know what you were TRYING to say but that sentence leads people to believe that with this council and this mayor “anything is possible.” That is CERTAINLY not the case. This council listens to us because they have to – not because they’re interested in what we have to say. We’ve asked for SO MANY things and they don’t even address them; they just ignore us. So many of us have asked for an accounting on the use of the cars owned by the city and used by the employees. Never got it. We’ve asked for an e-newsletter. Never got it. One of the council members went so far – on tape – to basically tell a resident they didn’t want to hear what he had to say. Another sent out an e-mail which he thought was going to just the council but came to the resident, too, saying – why do we have to make her happy? These are the kind of people who are on your council, people. The sad thing is that both of these people are not up for re-election – YET. Ken Baron is not running so his seat opens up. Lisa Hicks-Clayton is running and in my opinion, too, she needs to stay. She’s the ONLY council person who does – or tries to do – anything for us, but when you’re one person against five others, you get nowhere. Ned Apigian is up for re-election. Why I have no idea. This man hasn’t done ANYTHING for us since he’s been on the council. Every time he asks to speak at a council meeting I cringe – wondering what he’s going to say this time. Let’s just hope the employees remember his crass remarks about the employees for Employee Appreciation Week and vote him out. He actually said that the employees were getting paid so that should be appreciation enough. But Ned was there for the free food and what has Ned done for us? My mother always said – the eyes look out. We do have two candidates that would be a BIG plus for this city; the first if Ray Muscat. If you watch the meetings or attend them, you know who Ray is. He goes to every council meeting and has for years. He KNOWS what’s going on in this city and he’s not afraid to speak up. The other is Troy Brown. Troy became active when his home flooded last August. Since then, along with Suzanne Todd, they have both become experts in the flooding situation and the drains. Both of these men would be good for the city. They, along with Lisa Hicks-Clayton, would be able to get things done for our city and move along the old fuddy-duddies left on the council. And they would be instrumental in helping to choose a Council Chair. I would not like to see Tom Berry chosen as Council Chair. Tom hasn’t read Roberts Rules of Order and has in the past tried to muzzle residents when they’ve gotten up to speak. Personally, I’d like to see this whole council replaced. We CAN do better, people.


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