I’m Not A Supporter

I’m NOT a supporter of Councilman Ned Apigian I’ve never been a supporter of the Councilman and Never Will Be. The Reason I’m not is evident if you just watch the Dearborn Heights City Council Meetings on Youtube.

Just in case anyone was wondering I wanted to make it as clear as possible.  The series of post titled Just Say No To Ned will continue. Any chance that I can take to inform the residents of Dearborn Heights about the Councilman I will take. If you want to call that bashing feel free if you support the Councilman you are free to make a case for him in the comments section.  As always #justsaynotoNed


1 thought on “I’m Not A Supporter”

  1. Is there any specific action or speech councilman Apigian did in violation of council rules that the council chair should know about? He was elected few years ago with good voting number. By the way, when he is up for re-election?


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