Just Eat The Food.

This week was employee appreciation week at City Hall and at the Council meeting Tuesday awards were given out to those who have spent years with the City. At City Hall this week for three days there was some kind of food served for the employees. One day there was breakfast another day a lunch and yet another day snacks. Nice thing to do right? The Human Resource department put this together I’m sure with the permission of the Mayor. While many employees at City Hall were enjoying being recognized for their hard work so was Councilman Apigian. The Councilman had no problem showing up to eat the food, and that’s fine I’m sure some of the Council members went to City Hall to partake in the recognition of these wonderful employees. Councilman Apigian, however, just couldn’t eat the food everyday and enjoy that. No he had to go and complain that this food was paid for and the employees of the City get paid a salary. Well doesn’t the Councilman get paid? So what was he doing there eating the food?

Councilman Ned Apigian just can’t help himself he has to make even the nicest of things bad. He has to belittle the hard work of the City employees he just has to say something. Is Councilman Ned Apigian implying that they get a salary that’s ‘thanks’ enough? That’s the message I get from his rude and totally unacceptable comments. What’s wrong Councilman are you not appreciated enough? Do you feel left out?  When you were eating that food was that what was running through your brain? Gosh I better point out to everyone that I’m the only one that noticed that they get a salary. You should know Councilman you made many people angry over at City Hall with those comments you get the award for PUT FOOT IN MOUTH. Congratulations Councilman Apigian you’re appreciated to for making an Ass of yourself we appreciate how well you can do that.  #justsaynotoNed


12 thoughts on “Just Eat The Food.”

  1. Puhleeze! Obviously you haven’t been paying attention to the council meetings and Ned in particular. Ned is all about Ned. It wouldn’t even cross his mind to suggest they need more pay. As far as the food and what/when was provided, it was all explained in a previous posting. I suggest you look at them.


  2. Decent, what I have been told it was a week long “employee appreciation” event. One day there was breakfast, another day was cookies, another day was a personal safety “lunch & learn” program with sub sandwiches. It was not an all day thing, it was take your food and go back to your desk. On Thursday, everyone could wear blue jeans to work. This probably was paid for from the personnel department’s budget or items could have been donated. Employees with milestone anniversaries were given certificates at the Tuesday night council meeting. As far as the hours being cut, the Mayor assured all the employees it was the only way to keep people from being laid off. It was done to save jobs and there was never going to be overtime again. No overtime for anyone!!! But we all know that is not true now because we all see workers laying sod or cutting grass on Fridays, snowblowing on the weekends at closed city buildings. These are not emergencies that could not wait until the working day. Last night (Saturday night) at 8:10 pm, I saw the Animal Control truck driving on Van Born and Pelham. Was there a big animal emergency?


  3. Just asking, how much the food cost, and who paid for it?
    Is this food festival part of motivational and moral boosting program the city administration is doing on regular basis? Is this 3 days food festival located in all city buildings and provided for all city employees? Do you know what kind of food provided? How about beverages? How about fruits? Is the food was available around the clock or only during lunch hours? Did the council approve this food festival? Please state the resolution # if any.
    I guess councilman N.A. did not like the food or may be he meant to say that the city employees need more pay not sandwiches and other food items. The councilman may prefer to award the employees with tangible gifts not food. I hope he clarify his comments.


  4. You know, it’s just like Ned to show up for something free. Same with the JFK Library Anniversay. He showed up there, too, for the free cake and popcorn. He would like us to think it’s because he’s running again but we know different. Also just like him to downplay something nice done for the employees. He never has anything nice or good to say. Just more “Nedisms.” We can certainly do with those and without him.


  5. Renee Partridge, treats will not help pay for kids school supplies nor for gaz or utilities bills and sure not for the motgage payment or car repairs. Treats are pain-pills, you need to take Anti-biotecs to kil bacteria. You need the 10% back and 10% increase above that so those hard working employees can survive and be able to live decent live similar to their “BOSSES”.


  6. Renee Partridge, city employees shoul’ve never agreed on 10% salary cuts, and 32 hours work with 36 hours pay. The 10% cut was a good sell to the residents to vote YES to increase taxes in 2011. It was a win win strategy for all; 10% with 40 hours work, that is a lot of sacrefice by the employees and streatforward deal as it should be with every Collecteve Bargening Deal. Municipal employees should be paid decent wages to provide decent public services. The failure of balacing a municipal general fund should not be the responsability of non-policy making municipal employees and that failure should not effect their hard work and swet pay-check. The failure should effect only the policy and dession makers pay-checks only.
    The city should be restored back to 5 days work with full pay, except for the policy and dession makers, the 10% cut should stay until they balance the general fund and build enough cash reserve.


  7. It is very nice to be recognized for the work you do. A paycheck is your reward, but a pat on the back and a thank you go a very long way. Some city employees are very lucky to have bosses that are kind and other bosses are just miserable and want everyone around them that way. City employees take a lot of crap for things that are not their fault–people don’t like what they are told, take it up with the boss not the person behind the counter. Since the 10% paycut and four day workweek, do you know that some of the employees kids are eligible for free lunches at school? Can’t get a part-time job because most places want you to be available all hours, even if you only want to work a few hours a week. Or some employees have wiped out all their savings to keep their houses and are on the brink of being homeless? The financial disaster that led to all this was not the employees fault, it was made by those in charge who could not or would not pay attention to the failing housing market and the economy. I know all about the hardships these employees face because a family member is one and so is my neighbor. So believe me when I tell you that the employees enjoy getting a treat at work. As far as the councilman who was complaining about it, who invited you and nobody cares what you think.


  8. • The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.
    Winston Churchill


  9. OMG. And in an election year for him. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving individual. Let’s just hope all these people remember it when it comes time to vote.


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