Just Say No To Ned Part Three.

You might think that Councilman Ned Apigian cares about the residents of Dearborn Heights, you just might change your mind.

When I was running for City Council and so was Ned Apigian I was standing at the Caroline Kennedy Library handing out campaign literature to voters before they went in to vote. A white car pulls up next to me I bent over to see who was inside. It was Ned Apigian in his friend’s car. His friend was driving him around according to him they wanted to take a look at what was going on. He asked me what I was doing I told him well I’m handing out campaign literature to the voters. He said, “how dumb what a waste of time I would never bother with that.” I was a little-taken aback by the comment and thought at first he was just joking around with me. I asked him what polls he had been to? He said all of them, but I’m not handing out anything it’s not worth my time.

My daughter, who heard the whole conversation looked at me after he left and said are you kidding me? Who does he think he is? If he doesn’t like the people why is he even running? We talked some more about it, but his attitude stuck with me I was worried the whole rest of the day and into the evening waiting for the results to come in. I kept thinking about his comments and his all around attitude towards the voters. His attitude was one of everyone being beneath him and of course he was going to win without having to do anything. He did win and he didn’t do anything and from what I’m seeing, after all, these years of him being on the Council he hasn’t done anything since getting elected.

There was another time when he was walking into City Hall, there was a large group of people standing outside waiting to get into City Hall before a council meeting. I don’t know of one council member who would have walked right past the group of people without stopping to at least say hello. He didn’t say anything to anyone, not a question, not a “how are you doing” nothing. It was as if he was too good to stop and take the time with the residents that he represents. Councilman Ned Apigian doesn’t represent the residents he represents himself.  It’s time to “Just Say No To Ned” as residents we don’t need people sitting on a chair at the council table that feel they are entitled to be there. Getting elected to Dearborn Heights City Council isn’t an entitlement it’s an honor. The residents put you in a position to make a difference in their life here in the City.



3 thoughts on “Just Say No To Ned Part Three.”

  1. I know who I’m voting for before I go to vote, whether I formulate my opinion myself or consulted others. I will not change my position based on a stranger handing me a candidate card at the voting post. I will tell my friends what ever they want to hear, but I will vote according to my choice.
    Standing at the voting posts has little value on the results, but its a good practice to show the public who you are supporting.
    The best practice to get votes is to walk the streets and talk to the voters or leave them a message that you was there to talk to them.
    If you make contacts with 22000 addresses you will get noticed and most likely you increase your chance to win your seat.
    If you want to help your candidate, walk with them in your areas where you thing voters will lessen to you and may support your candidate out of respect to you and the candidate agenda.
    May be a visible sign at the voting post spelling out the candidate name with a picture and slogan will help voters to remember the candidate.
    In any way, what ever a candidate believe will help them win, they should do, without violating the election rules and regulations.


  2. I am so glad Ken Baron is not running again. Thats one yes man off the table. Marge Horvath needs to retire and let someone else take a turn. She was good in her day, but it is not her turn anymore, another yes man. Playing the dumb blond routine is old…. We need new blood bad and new thinking. These people are not for the residents and it shows everytime they vote. I don’t think Ned is conscious when he votes it is time for him to go also. Vote for a new council.


  3. Kathy, those events are just disgusting. The problem is that people don’t know that some of the council members are there for their own gains and don’t give a rat’s rump about representing them. If they did there would be a lot of different people sitting up there at that council table.


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