With A Sprinkle Of Fairy Dust Any Budget Is Possible.

interfund loans Dearborn Heights

It’s budget time again here in Dearborn Heights or as I like to call it “Fantasy Time.” It’s that time of the year when the Mayor puts together his budget or ‘farce’ might be a better word to describe the budget.  The Farce then is submitted  to the Council for approval. Yes, year after year this happens and year after year the Mayor gets his budget approved. Budget after Budget based on unobtainable numbers savings that never happen (Health Care Savings) anyone remembers that one.  Have no fear if the City falls short, from what the Mayor projected in his budget he can borrow from other departments in the City. This year is no different and it’s already been approved by the council.


interfund loans Dearborn HeightsLook at that four and half million that can be dipped into when needed and another million when and if there is unforeseen cash shortfall.  So now the Mayor has this money

  • The Headlee Override Money
  • Almost a million from the cable companies that he rolls into the budget. The cable company money is revenue to the City.
  •  Tax revenue

The City that’s only open 4 days a week. The four-day work week that was supposed  to save the City money I dare him to show me where he’s kept track of that savings.

The early retirements to those who took it and if I’m not mistaken most if not all are still working for the City. Pension and salary yes they are not collecting any more towards their pensions and so on I get it.  The cuts in staff for maybe a year the deputy Clerk has been put back in the budget and is working. The deputy comptroller taken out of the budget has been put back and one hired. A new department (ordinance) put in place with a department head and one or two full-timers. Yep, the Headlee Override money that was supposed to pull the City from the brink of disaster has done much more than that.

As I write this I am well aware that it isn’t going to make one bit of difference I understand that the Council will approve what every BUDGET is put before them, but I just have to vent.


2 thoughts on “With A Sprinkle Of Fairy Dust Any Budget Is Possible.”

  1. And yet, year after year he says we have a balanced budget. How is that possible when you’re borrowing from two other accounts to meet the needs of the city? And then, the on top of all that, the council gives him the authority to borrow money which will – AGAIN – cost the city money due to an “unforeseen” cash shortfall. We’re already in a cash shortfall if you have to borrow that much money from two other accounts. My God, people. When are you going to wake up and start using your VOTING AUTHORITY to vote these people out?


  2. History, history, history, speaks for itself.
    “City facing deficit reductions
    Published: Tuesday, August 30, 2011
    By J. Patrick Pepper
    Press & Guide Newspapers”

    “Paletko said if the city is to keep providing services at a reasonably similar level to what it has historically, the cuts would have to be made and the millage has to pass.”

    The millage passed, were is the cuts?

    Extra $3 Millions per year since 2011 should’ve been for paying the general fund loans ($5.5 Millions deficit), and building the general fund reserve to have adequet cash to pay city oblications. (After 3 years the general fund continue to be short on adequet cash reserve and have to borrow to pay its oblications). In 2011 the city general fund expended about $40 Millions, in 2006 and 2007 the general fund expended about $31 Millions and $37 Millions with excelent city services. In 2008 the fiancial trouble and the decreaese in municipal general funds started. But the city general fund spending continues to grow.

    Click and read the full report.


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