Just Say No To Ned.

Local Election this year for 3 seats on the Dearborn Heights City Council who’s up?

  • Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton
  • Council Chair Ken Baron
  • Councilman Ned Apigian

I know that Ned Apigian has his supporters I don’t understand it, but he is an elected council member. I would like to point out that council Apigian has sat on the Dearborn Heights City Council now for many years not one or two and still he can’t make a motion the right way. He still interrupts people while talking without being recognized by Council chair. He still mumbles under his breath. He doesn’t seem to support the residents ever he is downright rude and condescending to many residents that he talks with at council meetings or outside of the Council meetings.

Take the January 13, 2015 City Council Meeting for instance start at 2:44 another example is at the 17:30 mark where he is mumbling something.

During the January 27, 2015 Council meeting you can get a better idea of who Ned Apigian is at 3:46-5:21 and again 7:59-8:50

These two meetings give you an idea of what I’m referring to please watch all the meetings there is so much more. You can go to the City’s Channel on Youtube City of Dearborn Heights.  I know some of you are going to be upset with what I’m putting up here and think that I’m picking on Councilman Apigian or signaling him out. That is a true statement that is just what I am doing and for a darn good reason. I would think that after one year on council you would understand the ins and outs of the meeting. Not only would I think that you would, you should and if you haven’t by that time you have no reason to be sitting there. When I see time and time again council members have to correct him, tell him how to say things how to word a resolution and so on it’s time for someone new.

Ned Apigian

Councilman Ned Apigian has been on council now for five or six years, more than enough time to get his act together.

He’s against most of what residents want and for that matter need. He did nothing during the August 2014 flood he didn’t bother to go and see the affected areas. Never bothered to go to the meeting held by the South West Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association. Councilman Ned Apigian has since then only managed to insult people for having basements. Saying at the recent study session concerning the flood of August 2014 that he would never even have a basement. As if having one was the fault of the homeowner who bought their home that way. If that wasn’t bad enough at least four times at the flood study session he didn’t get the month right of the flood saying that it was in October. A life changing event for many residents of Dearborn Heights and he doesn’t even have the good sense to have the month right. No, I’m not willing to keep quiet about this man anymore, there’s been more than enough allowances made for him. I will only speak for myself, but I hope there will be others joining me in “Just Say No To Ned Apigian.” 



3 thoughts on “Just Say No To Ned.”

  1. It’s not only him there are others that should go, but aren’t up this election. As for council chair, no point in even saying anything he’s going to be re-elected if he runs we all now it even though, there is an argument to be made for him to go to.. Enough is enough of a council that doesn’t really listen to us… If you are one of his supporters good for you I’m not never have been after what he told me at a polling place on election day while I was running. #justsaynotoNed


  2. Why only him. the man is very educated and have supporters voted him councilman over other candidates. How about other council members? Or elected officals? I guess he is having a good time been a councilmember and showing that during the meetings!


  3. Amen, Kathy. This guy needs to GO. He’s an embarassment every time he opens his mouth. I can’t fathom why he’s on the council and why people actually vote for him. They can’t be watching the meetings because if they were, no one would ever vote for him.


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