Budgets Season Is Here.

The first study session for the City of Dearborn Heights budget 2015-2016 is April 7, 2015. If we want to see some money spent on things that are important to us we should be there at these. Depending on the department, you are looking into or all of it if you want. Not every department submits a budget at this first study session. Each department submits a budget to the council the council goes over the budget for each and makes suggestions, ask questions and may make recommendations. In some cases, the council will ask the department to lower some areas and in the rare case give them more to spend.

Most of us have been asking for the use of more technology we’ve been met with the stand-by answer where’s the money going to come from? How are we going to pay for it and so on? Well with the Mayor claiming we are out of the red and into the black, the City still saving money by not opening 5 days a week and the Headlee Override that we are still paying for I think we can make an argument for what we want and how they can pay for it. The council in the past few months hasn’t had a problem spending money for sure just look at what is in every agenda packet.

The City takes in close to a million dollars from the cable companies I would ask that the Mayor and Council divert a portion of these funds and update the City website, get new equipment for the council chambers (microphones that work) a new camera, software for making videos for our public channel. A Facebook Page, Twitter account e-letter, magazine, and hire a part-timer that can go and take video, and photos of events around the City. These funds have always been used to balance the budget with a 4 day work week and Headlee money I think we can use a portion of this money for other things the City desperately needs and claims it can’t pay for. We need to look like a City with a future and it’s time the City Government make an investment in the residents who live here. It’s time the City make a good on-line impression and start branding its self in a good way. Just type in ‘City of Dearborn Heights’ in google search and see what comes up look at what comes up click around. Now do the same search for ‘City of Dearborn’ Take a look at what comes up and click around.

No, we aren’t Dearborn we are Dearborn Heights we are better I came to this City 22 years ago to live. I could have bought a house in Dearborn all those years ago. I looked at homes in that City and then I looked here and bought my home here. I did that because I could see the potential. Bigger homes bigger lot sizes the potential for growth. A City Government that welcomed us good schools, wider streets, and cleaner at that time. It just felt like home. If I didn’t think of this as my home I wouldn’t fight so hard for these things. I want the City to look wonderful online because for all it’s faults the City is a good place to live, but that isn’t shown on-line. People who are thinking about buying a home in the area and have to decide between Dearborn and Dearborn Heights just by an on-line impression where do you think they are going to go?

Budgets are important it’s your money if you want something changed it’s up to you to let them know that. You can post your comments here or on the Truth Page on Facebook call the council members e-mail them go to the budget meeting that concerns you.


04-07-15 Study Session (1)

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