The Fix Until The Fix Sand Bags, Sump Pumps, and Back Up Preventers.

From Suzanne Todd
To All,
The combination of back up preventer and sump pump is a good fix for people who get flooded basements. However, you need both of them in order to help take the pressure off your weeping tiles or you will most certainly get cracks in your foundation’s weeping tiles from the horrendous amount of pressure that will be put on them during a flood event.  My parents and in-laws found this out the hard way after paying many thousands of dollars to fix the cracked weeping tiles around their foundation.  Also toilets in basements need to be mounted up higher as the water will force itself through basement toilets.  Basement showers need to be plugged when not in use so the water will not be able come up there.  For good measure my parents and in-laws put stand-pipes in all the basement drains.
I feel until the flooding fix is in place for both the Rouge River and Ecorse Creek residents that filed claims for flooded basements, the city should provide the back up valves and sump pumps to these residents; however, there is the cost of installing them that will have to be negotiated.  Personally, I feel that with a city of our small size that can afford to keep two senior centers open should be able to supply the parts and installation for their residents who have suffered for so long with flooding.
The city needs to provide filled sandbags to those residents that had water flowing through their homes so that when the next flood comes they can protect their homes from the overland flooding.  This will not prevent water from coming in their basements so they will also need to be provided with back up preventers and a sump pumps  Again a city that can maintain two senior centers should also provide the installation cost.
Since it will take at least 8-10 years to get the fix in place people affected need to be protected NOW.
Also a boat needs to be kept at both fire stations as having only one boat will mean either the Rouge River residents or the Ecorse Creek Residents will have to be without a boat in the event of a flood – this is unacceptable in the case of medical emergency evacuations.
So here is what is needed for an immediate fix while we wait 8-10 years for a permanent fix.
The city needs to provide:
Back up preventers and sump pumps to ALL residents who filed a  claim.
Pay for the installation of the back flow preventers and sump pumps for ALL residents who filed a claim.
Provide filled sandbags for ALL residents who filed a claim because of overland flooding.
Provide another rescue boat for the city so both the ALL Rouge and Ecorse residents have a medical emergency escape.
Now Mr. Miotke was legal excuse will you have to snuff this suggestion out?Source: Email from Suzanne Todd
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4 thoughts on “The Fix Until The Fix Sand Bags, Sump Pumps, and Back Up Preventers.”

  1. Maybe the city and county should pay the flood rider on our homeowners Insurance and the complete FEMA insurance costs for all of us along the NBECD until they fix this problem. This would be a gesture of the partnership with residents that they so frequently speak of. The county is responsible since they have not fixed or even addressed the issue FOR 7 PLUS YEARS – HELLO!. The city is negligent for not legally forcing the county to fix the issue even after the city won a lawsuit to enable them to hold the county accountable. Once again we are talking about REACTIVE measures. Where are the PRO -ACTIVE measures? Yea according to the Council Chair – “we don’t have one”. At very least they can offset the huge costs that we have collectively endured for the last 1/2 century. We now need to follow the money trail to see what that revels. Initially the numbers might look like this: Let’s say it is 1500 homes that are affected by this. Avg cost of both the rider and the FEMA would be say $1000. That would be 1 Million dollars until they fix the issue. Not bad. This burden to the city will make them act with a sense of urgency that is and has been missing for the last 7 years. I am quite frankly tired of fellow residents disconnected from the events, inferring in any way shape or form that there is something that the affected residents are not doing or can do to elevate this HUGE issue. Nothing can be further from the truth. When we start showing the money that is siphoned from this city through the NBECD issue as well as the Rouge River Issue because the County is allowed to steal our money via a no-action city government, then maybe we can convince the majority to rise up and demand action.


  2. How about trying to reduce the flow during havy rain? During the council meeting on 3/24/15 one of the victims of the Aug 11, 2014 Ecorse flooding, asked the city government to ask the authorities to temparary stop dumping in the creek/drain to minimize the overflow, all what that family needed is: their city officials to stand with them and try, only try to stop the extra dischrge in the creek, so may be their home will be spared next time havy rain come puring! Just trying and only asking, but that flooded resident, I guess was asking a lot from his city government! Please, please, and 1000 pleases, in time of emergency and human health and safety, usual politics shall be discarded and left locked in the politians offices. I think that is the least the city can do to minimise the overflow when there are no immediate releave and solutions are years away. Just trying and just asking and just making the call and just proposing to stop man made discharge should be OK to do. and whither the city able or not to secure that willbe a different story.


  3. Maybe the city should pay for our flood ins rider until they force the county to fix the problem? At least one of our reps should suggest such bold action. We have to think different if we expect change. The county is culpable as they continue to allow overcapacity of the sewer systems and NBECD without repercution . The city continues to be negligent in not holding the county responsible for the flooding. Period. And they continue to have no answers. Short or long term.


  4. Also backup insurance (you can add it to your homeowner’s policy). It doesn’t cost much. Remember to ask your agent what is insured in a “basement.”


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