Dearborn Heights YouTube Flood Study Session.

Flood study session Part One 

Flood study session Part Two

#flood2014 #flooddrbnhgts2014 #ecorsecreek



1 thought on “Dearborn Heights YouTube Flood Study Session.”

  1. What happen to “Spicer” study? Why not asking the county to go ahead and use that study, they shoose the firm, the firm did good job and reccommend applicable solutions to local wayne county drain problem?
    The drain commossion can order assessments on the properties involved in all communities, and put the project in forweard gear in few months. at least the 1st stage.
    Stop talking and putting out public hearing and town hall meettings and timelines and calling on the lawyers and consultants to further explain the status of the this issue.
    Start enforcing the chapter 8 and steps to fix “NOT TO TALK”
    The next heavy rain sure will come soon wile the talking is continuing and the homes are flooded again.
    Actions shall be immediatly taking. It seems that the lawyer who hadeled the situation and filed chapter 8 is very knowledgeble and know how to proceeds.
    This matter involves the health and safety of city residents according to the drain panel back in 2004 after the city field Chapter 8.
    11 years passed and the talk continue.
    Please stop, take a deep breath, leave politics inside your file cabinets and look them, then open your mind and shoose the immediate most efficient and cost effective mesures then go for it step by step without regaeds to how small the steps are as long as the minimise the flow of the greek to the residents homes.
    Take the challange and show leadership.


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