Army Corps of Engineers Gets Needed Funds To Move Forward On The Ecorse Creek Project.

Good news for everyone,

Good news received today regarding the needed $300,000 to fund the Army Corps of Engineers Peer Review, required to move to Congress for consideration of appropriations. The $300,000 has been approved and granted. Source: Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton

For those of us that were at the study session on 3-17-2015 we know what great news it is. This money is the money needed by the Army Corps of Engineers to complete the next step for the Ecorse Creek project. This is very good news considering at the study session the attorney read us an email that he received at 5pm that evening and was told that they had gotten $100,000.00 out of the $300,000.00 needed to complete the next step. By Thursday, the whole $300,000.00 is availableĀ to go ahead this is just one of many steps.


1 thought on “Army Corps of Engineers Gets Needed Funds To Move Forward On The Ecorse Creek Project.”

  1. Wonderful news. This allows the Army Corp of Engineers / ACE to complete the study that was started in 2011. We still have a long way to go as it took four years to get just the first step completed; now more than ever the residents need to keep shining the light on this problem until the final step is accomplished.

    Next steps to get the study into the actual construction phase.:

    It will take about four months for ACE to actually complete the report.

    When the report is completed it will be sent for an “Independent External Peer Review / IEPR which is expected to take about six months.

    After it goes through the IEPR it is then sent back to the ACE headquarters in Washington, DC for their approval. No time specified for completion.

    One approved by ACE HQ it goes to Congress and the President for approval. It is difficult to say when all of this will happen, because much of the timing to just begin construction relies on Congress to expeditiously authorize construction through annual bills/laws and when they might actually give the go-ahead funding, which in these days is harder to get. This step alone could take months to years to accomplish.

    The above steps were taken from an email I received from Adam Fox at the Army Corp of Engineers (ACE)

    We cannot rest on our laurels as more than every we need to keep working. When the time comes we will need to flood (no pun intended) Congress with our photos, videos and testaments.

    The group Ecorse Creek Corridor Residents 48125 will be compiling the above in a power-point presentation to be ready when the time comes for us to start nipping at the heels of our elected officials in Congress.


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