It’s Important To Know Who The Players Are.

I received an email today and a response from a resident I found the information contained in both important and very interesting.

The first email is from Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton,

Truly, the Tuesday, March 17th City Council meeting was of great value, providing information, insight,  and answered many questions.  In addition, it created an opportunity for open dialogue and critical thinking.  Thank you, everyone!
The questions were raised and warrant additional follow up, including the documenting  discharges of tributaries, i.e  Butler Drain (Banner and Amherst).  Indeed, a good question- Why do we get Taylor’s sewage?  Wayne County oversight?
In closing, the active pursuit and lobby effort for federal funding will be imperative.   On Wednesday, March 18, 2015, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments Legislative Platform Task Force reviewed the Platform Policy for 2015/ 2016.  I serve on this task force.  Yesterday, I stressed the importance for seeking a legislation solution to fund stormwater system construction, improvements, and operations.  Wayne County Commissioner Ray Bashem was very supportive, as we eagerly seek funding for the Ecorse Creek project and other municipal grant funding opportunities.  SEMCOG has included this issue to the legislative platform for support,  lobbying efforts for stormwater management and seeking increased grant funding for improving municipal wastewater treatment and water supply.
It will take all of our efforts to bring forth an active and effective lobby  campaign.  Local elected officials, county, state and federal must work together.  Our residents’ stories, experiences, photos, and videos are hugely important- we are all lobbyist for our community on this important issue. Improving quality of life for our residents must be a top priority.
Lisa Hicks-Clayton
Dearborn Heights City Council Member
The response in from Troy Brown South Dearborn Heights who has along with others been uncovering a lot of information about the Ecorse Creek and its flooding.
As always Lisa, thank you for your tireless effort on our behalf.  I just wanted to point out that the overcapacity of the NBECD is not a “county” oversight. Also note that Ray has a large interest because it is Taylor which is the largest contributor to the overcapacity of the NBECD and that is by “hidden” design as the facts that Suzanne and I have uncovered, assembled and continue to present to who ever will listen. The county and even Wade Trim ( Wade Trim Hq is in Taylor) are very knowledgeable of these facts.
We will see how many friends we have when the administration files a motion in court, to stop ALL entities from dumping non permitted Cso, Rtb And detention waters into any and all tributaries or pipes or sewers that have a outfall to the NBECD. Once our city does this, funding for fixing this problem will  never be a issue again. In fact I am certain that our biggest supporters for funding will be the county Commisioner that represents Taylor and the county drain Commisioner ( as you know the county commissioner is Chair of ecpad and Ray is on the board and ecpad dumped 7.2 million gallons of raw sewage on 8/11 and they can do it again without warning).  We must mitigate this until a fix is in place.
Let’s press on!
Troy Brown – South Dearborn Heights Resident.
I think it’s important for the City to know who each and every one of the people who are involved in this. What positions of government agencies they hold past and present. What boards if any they sit on past and present. Have they held positions in City, County, or State government.  We all have to lobby for this what we want to make sure of is that we are lobbying the right people. We don’t want any lobbying efforts to fall on deaf ears.
I’m in no way saying that the people involved in this will not work with the City to find a solution nor am I saying that they don’t have the whole region’s best interest at heart. The City and the residents of it can’t afford to waste any more time lobbying people that can’t or won’t work for the best interest of Dearborn Heights. It’s in that spirit that I bring this to all of our attention.

17 thoughts on “It’s Important To Know Who The Players Are.”

  1. During the council meeting on 3/24/15 one of the victims of the Aug 11, 2014 Ecorse flooding, asked the city government to ask the authorities to temparary stop dumping in the creek/drain to minimize the overflow, all what that family needed is: their city officials to stand with them and try, only try to stop the extra dischrge in the creek, so may be their home will be spared next time havy rain come puring! Just trying and only asking, but that flooded resident, I guess was asking a lot from his city government! Please, please, and 1000 pleases, in time of emergency and human health and safety, usual politics shall be discarded and left locked in the politians offices. I think that is the least the city can do to minimise the overflow when there are no immediate releave and solutions are years away. Just trying and just asking and just making the call and just proposing to stop man made discharge should be OK to do. and whither the city able or not to secure that willbe a different story.


  2. No need to complicate issues with cleare cut solutions and with existant regulations and detailed processess. All what you do is : less talk and walk the process and continue the steps to resolve the issue and complete the project. Unless you have a good reason to create a different process in compliance with the existant rules and regulations.


  3. Even though we are one city, our city is divided by two watersheds’, the Ecorse Creek and the Rouge River. Each watershed has its own unique features, problems and causes for flooding.

    If you are affected by the Rouge River and would like to form your own group I have created an email address for all of you to go to so you have a starting point. I will share your email addresses with others who live in the Rouge watershed so that you can form a group. I will be glad to help your group in any way I can.

    My goal is that both groups will join together and with many there is power to stop the flooding in the entire city of Dearborn Heights.

    The email for Rouge River people who want to form a group is:

    The email for Ecorse Creek people is:

    Please come to council meetings and voice your concerns.


  4. GRANDMASUZANNE610, Read 40-1956-2 section 280.301 sec.301 and review the rest of the Act to understand further about the Act and how it may apply to NBEG/D. Also review the power, authorities, and duties of the counties drain commissinors. Remember that the city fieled Chapter 8 under the drain code.

    Click on:


  5. Troy, it will be interesting to hear what the answer will be to your question this coming Tuesday night.

    Per Anno – “Stop talking and take actions and follow the steps under the state guidelines.” What are these steps and guidelines? This sounds like something we should be focusing on in our “three minutes” at the podium. Anno, please explain so I can start studying them.

    I hope many people continue to show up at council meetings to keep the flood issue at the forefront. It would be great if at every council meeting we could have a few different flood victims take their “three minutes” up at the podium and keep reminding the council about this issue and that we are not going away until it is solved.


  6. The NBEG/D have a maximum capacity flow equal to the maximum capacity of flow of the drain pipes under M39 (Southfield Freeway), any liquids over that capacity flow will fill up the greek than flood over its banks.
    The NBEG/D communities to the east of M39 are subject only to the flow passed under M39 plus what ever collected by the NBEG/D east of M39.
    I don’d know if there are any other flow control passages along the west side of the NBEG to regulate the flow and allow only flow capacity equal to the capacity of the flow under M39.
    Its all about flow control.


  7. Suzanne – I think the overall message of Anno is that the City and County can ACT NOW without waiting for the oft used excuse of the Federal and State Studies “aren’t complete”. Again my point is that if we can take out 180 Million dollar loan, as a county, access every resident in the 13 communities which uses the plant and very few even bat an eye (January 2015 DH Taxes went up @45 a year for this). If this can happen , then we most certainly can do the same thing for fixing this drain. Or at least take out the money for the first phase of the project which is about $79 million until the Federal dollars catch up. I think that is Anno’s recent points to which I agree. That is going to be my question, in my 3 minutes on Tuesday. Why can’t we do this? Why can’t this city government pressure the county, through the consent agreement, to do this? Why? Again they know about the problem, they are now talking about the problem and the proposed solutions, however NOTHING new is being done at the local level. Hurray for the meeting, now it is time to do something about it.


  8. Anno, technically this process to get the flooding problem fixed started in the 1980’s with many good studies but it wasn’t until the 2008 Spicer Report that a price tag was actually put on it. I would like to see the Spicer’s plan from 2008 implemented but right now the ACE 2011 is all we have.

    I have been involved in the flooding problem since 1966 and this is the first time I have seen any real movement. I also agree with you that it was funny how just before the March 17th meeting we had been approved $100,000.00 and then two days later the complete $300,000.00 was approved. This just proves the point there is power in the many.

    Whether we like it or not the Ecorse Creek is under the control of Wayne County Drain Commissioner, Ken Kucel and his cohort Kelly Cave. Since they are completely ignoring us on information regarding the Ecorse Creek we have to turn to higher powers for funding at this point.

    Can we honestly think that those communities that drain into the creek that literally drowns us (but keeps them dry) are going to be willing to foot the millions of dollars it will take just to get the ACE 2011 Report accomplished much less the Spicer 2008 Report done? Does our city have the money to sue all these cities and remain solvent, much less pay for the project themselves? We need Lansing and Washington D.C. to step in and help us, its time to call in the cavalry because Fort Ecorse is going to go underwater again.

    I agree that its time to stop talking and take action. There is a group of us called the Ecorse Creek Corridor Residents 48125 or just ECCR 48125 who have been working tirelessly on the flooding problem. Please email us with your comments, suggested course of action, concern’s etc. to this address: .

    Anno, we would really like you to be onboard as you feel the same way we do about this flooding problem. Like you, we get nervous every time it starts to rain and since the rainy season is upon us we are facing it with trepidation and fear. In fact, we welcome anyone that wants to join our group. It doesn’t cost a dime but just a little of your time.


  9. What you are talking about? There are no players because there is no came to play! The issue is very straitforward process not complicated at all: The city of Dearborn Heights filed Chapter 8 under the WC Drain Code as regulated by the state of Michigan back in 2004-5, in 2008-9 the recommendations was done by “Spicer” , The County Drain commissioner need to act and finish the project under the Drain Code.
    What PLAYERS and for what Game? There are no game there is a process to solve a drain issue regulated under the state county drain code.
    If there is a different game and players regarding theNorth Fork Ecorce Greek/Drain, please go ahead and explaine further.
    As I said again and again, all funding are welcome and needed desperatly for such project, and all the effort should been exausted at all levels to secure funding since 2005 – 10 years ago. This matter is an urgent matter because it effect the health and safety of city redidents.


  10. I think the releasing of those funds may have had something to do with the people in attendance. Just a hunch, but that’s the feeling I get. No matter it’s long overdue and very good news.


  11. grandmasuzanne610, This process started in 2005 not 2011, In 2008 the study and the recommendations were done (Spicer}, The county drain commissiner should’ve acted back then and the city of Dearborn Heights government should’ve continued the pressure on the them to take the steps under the Drain Code to begin implementing the recommendations and collect the needed funding and contract the project.
    The residents in the effected areas needs immediate actions that the drain commissioner can take, and in the event that federal assistance come, that will be icing on the cake.
    And by the way, were the $300K come from? all the sudden the fund get approved as magic!


  12. This allows the Army Corp of Engineers / ACE to complete the study that was started in 2011. We still have a long way to go as it took four years to get just the first step completed; now more than ever the residents need to keep shining the light on this problem until the final step is accomplished.

    Next steps to get the study into the actual construction phase.:

    It will take about four months for ACE to actually complete the report. When the report is completed it will be sent for an “Independent External Peer Review / IEPR which is expected to take about six months.

    After it goes through the IEPR it is then sent back to the ACE headquarters in Washington, DC for their approval. No time specified for completion.

    Once approved by ACE HQ it goes to Congress and the President for approval. It is difficult to say when all of this will happen, because much of the timing to just begin construction relies on Congress to expeditiously authorize construction through annual bills/laws and when they might actually give the go-ahead funding, which in these days is harder to get. This step alone could take months to years to accomplish.

    The above steps were taken from an email I received from Adam Fox at the Army Corp of Engineers (ACE)

    We cannot rest on our laurels as more than ever we need to keep working. When the time comes we will need to flood (no pun intended) Congress with our photos, videos and testaments. The group Ecorse Creek Corridor Residents 48125 will be compiling the above in a power-point presentation to be ready when the time comes for us to start nipping at the heels of our elected officials in Congress.

    3 hrs · Like


  13. Anno:

    Great points. This is a local issue and we can’t wait for federal funds. Not sure why every political figure uses the federal funding issue to both explain delays and give hope. If locally they can take out a 180 Million $ loan for repairs to a wtp that does not need repaied. surely they can Take out 79 million for phase one of the spicer group plan. I am not even a bean counter and I can figure this is one out. Come council, mayor lets get moving!


  14. As you can see from what Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton put up here

    Good news received today regarding the needed $300,000 to fund the Army Corps of Engineers Peer Review, required to move to Congress for consideration of appropriations. The $300,000 has been approved and granted.

    There is action being taken and the money here is part of that action.


  15. The talk about the Ecorse Drain problems will not resolve the issue. Only actions by the city elected officials will turn the weel forward. This problem is a local matter between 13 cities and towns. The federal and state assistances are welcome when and if become available. This matter shoul’ve been acted on in 2008, instead we still talking about what should be done and whom we should contact and who are the players.

    Stop talking and take actions and folow the steps under the state guidlines. Another heavy rain may be few days or few weeks or few months, The flood resulting from the NBEC overflow effecting the health and safety of city residents.


  16. Good news received today regarding the needed $300,000 to fund the Army Corps of Engineers Peer Review, required to move to Congress for consideration of appropriations. The $300,000 has been approved and granted.


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