I would like to thank the Mayor and Council for doing what they did at last night’s study session. This was the first time that I felt everything was being told to us total transparency they showed the residents in the room that the City has been doing a lot on the issue of Ecorse Creek flooding. Starting in 2004 until last night a  span of 11 years. There is much more to do and all of us as residents are going to have to do our part too. I hope going forward that we can have more of these types of meetings on this issue and others in the City.

I do have one question it was mentioned that the DPW department request Wayne county to clean up the creek and add soil. I would like to know how many request have been made, and has Wayne county responded to those request and how often?  I think it’s important that the residents know just who is dropping the ball here. If Wayne county isn’t responding to the request then what can we as residents do?
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4 thoughts on “Refreshing.”

  1. The Study Session was taped thanks to councilwoman Horvath so you should get to see it there’re is a lot of information and explanation and you will understand step by step what has been going on.


  2. The solution was approved in 2008, its 2015, what the city done to implement the recommendations between than and now?


  3. With all due respect the creek / drain does not need more dirt. It needs less water, especially during storms. It also needs to get fixed. Please make sure you post and re post the North Branch of the Ecorse Creek Drain Website – all of the info that Mr. Brooks showed as well as what Suzanne and I were discussing all comes from this website. Check it out.


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