Good News For the City of Dearborn Heights…

A couple a year ago the City had its bond rating lowered at the last City Council meeting Councilman Berry told the City that out rating is going back up. Our properties increased by 30% the highest in the Nation according to what I was told Councilman Berry said.  Those that live by the Ecorse Creek I think wouldn’t agree with that.  Maybe the City will rethink the way it’s using social media as a positive tool to promote our City. It’s time the City start branding its self. What a great message to send out on Facebook and E-Newsletter or to put on the Home page of the City’s website. Dearborn Heights the highest increase property in the United States. Imagine if the administration got around to having Dearborn IT finally update the City’s website with all these positive things that are happening in our City.



1 thought on “Good News For the City of Dearborn Heights…”

  1. The Standard & Poor’s Rating Services has upgraded the City of Dearborn Heights from BBB to A-. The upgrade reflects the view of the city’s improved reserve level. For fiscal 2015, management estimates a surplus of $1.2 million, which would increase available reserves to $584,000.00 or 1.4% of expenditures. This surplus is primarily due to increased property tax revenues.

    In addition, working to keep our residents in their homes. Foreclosed homes are not good for our community- blight, crime, loss of tax revenue for municipal services. Plus, for humanity wellness, it is important to assist others and remain in their homes. Our economy is slowly improving. Still, many families are struggling. Offering payment plans and other options is conducive to best practices. Please call me or message me, if you, or someone you know is interested. I may be reached at (313) 633-1845. Deadline is March 31, 2015.


    Lisa Hicks-Clayton
    Dearborn Heights City Council Member


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