Ecorse Creek Meeting…

Tuesday March 17, 2015 meeting on the Ecorse Creek this should be an informative meeting City Hall Council Chambers 7:00pm.


6 thoughts on “Ecorse Creek Meeting…”

  1. I want to thank the council and mayor for allowing us in on this study session. I knew what red tape needed to be cut through but had no idea exactly what the city was doing and was happy to hear that they were actively pursuing the legal end. I appreciated the mayor’s candor regarding Wayne County and found out that him and I share the same opinion regarding the trustworthiness of our county. If the Wayne County Drain Commissioner, Ken Kucel, had been truly working for the citizens and not trying to keep the county’s dirty little secrets from getting out, it would not have taken seven months for Troy and I to find out the information we did.

    Now that the cat so to speak is out of the bag, I know why Ken Kucel wanted to keep the information secret and also why Wade Trim’s map featured only certain drains. No citing on the Wade Trim map of the Kelly-Douglas storm drain from Taylor and I-94 that enters the creek. No citing of the Butler Drain that comes off the Wayne/Inkster CSO and empties into the creek. No citing on Wade Trims map about the Monroe Street Connector which comes from Taylor and empties in the creek. Yet we are fed this BS from Wade Trim about those drains being part of the “drainage area they just aren’t featured on this map”. I would also like to state that Dearborn Heights is not a drainage area but is in a drainage area just like Taylor, Romulus, Westland and Inkster. You think any of these cities would like us to dump water in the creek if it flooded them out like we get from them and use the excuse “well you are in a drainage area”. That is Wade Trims mantra.

    The salt in the wound is the Banner Street Pumping Station and that the county is allowing Taylor (a few years ago the county even paid to have this system upgraded to benefit Taylor’s discharge of sewage) to send its sewage over to Dearborn Heights via the Banner Street Pumping Station. The county actually allows Taylor to discharge its sewage NORTH to Dearborn Heights when the waste water treatment plant is SOUTHEAST of Taylor in Wyandotte!! That’s right, sewage crosses underneath Van Born Road from Taylor down Banner Street where it is given a big shot of pressure at the Banner Street Pumping Station (at Amherst St) so it can course down Banner to Hanover and eastward.

    Mayor Paletko even stated that we frequently receive from Wayne County or the DWS an extra fee for excess sewage and the administration couldn’t figure out why this was happening. Now we know, we are paying for part of Taylor’s sewage via the Banner Street Pumping Station. I can’t help but think Wade Trim knew about this as that is something they should know but “failed” to mention it to our city administration, especially in view of the money Wade Trim makes from our city – that should buy some loyalty from Wade Trim.
    This also calls into question the Jackson Street Pumping Station, the county controls that one to. What nice little cozy deal has the county and Taylor made with this pumping station?

    And the plot thickens.


  2. Currently, Bob Ankrapp is working the March 17th meeting into the WDHT programming scheduling. The meeting was 2.5 hours in length. Therefore, there are some scheduling changes (existing programming) which must be made. Scheduled air times will be posted as soon as it is available.


  3. All the power you need for solutions to local proplems are in the hands of local elected officials, All what you need is the will to use that power and force the actions to implement the needed steps to get the job done. The steps are in place under the state laws.


    (By the Ecorse Creek Corridor Residents 48125)

    (1) USACE (United States Army Corp of Engineers) 2011 Re-evaluation Report still needs to be completed.

    (2) They are waiting for the funding to be approved before they can even begin to complete the 2011 Re-evaluation Report that has been on hold for over four years now. The longer the wait the more expensive the project becomes.

    (3) IF the funding is approved it will take the USACE at least 4 months to complete the Re-evaluation study of 2011.

    (4) Once USACE completes the study this report has to go out for a required “Independent External Peer Review” (IEPR), which is expected to take an additional 6 months. The IEPR is conducted by a major independent contractor that has been selected (by them) university professors in engineering and hydrologic science to read and comment on the report.

    (5) After the report is revised and the IEPR-approved, it is sent to DC for the USACE-HQ approval.

    (6) Once approved by USACE, (1) Congress then has to authorize the construction of the approved project, and has to appropriate the needed funding. (2) Wayne County will have to come up with their 35% cost-share of the construction to match the federal cost share of 65%. It is difficult to say when all of this will happen, because much of the timing relies on Congress to expeditiously authorize construction through annual bills (laws), and when they might actually give the go-ahead funding, which is harder to get these days.

    (7) If by some miracle Congress approves funding for the project and Wayne County can come up with their 35%, the final version of the project is then designed by the USACE and reviewed by Wayne County and the public. A construction schedule is then created and “notice for (construction) bids” is advertised at large.

    A small group of residents have been doing our own research on the Ecorse Creek Flooding Problem since August of 2014. We call ourselves the “Ecorse Creek Corridor Residents 48125” or simply ECCR48125. We have discovered a lot of information that is not common knowledge. If you would like a copy of our findings please send an email to: Since our study is an ongoing project we will not only send you our latest report but will follow up at later dates with any updates or corrections. If you do not have an internet connection please ask a friend or relative who has one and send us your home mailing address and we will send you the information you seek via US Postal Service.

    Please feel free to email us with your comments, complaints, concerns, videos and photos. We hope to make a power point presentation with the information we have gleaned from our research and also include the stories by residents that have been impacted by the Ecorse Creek flooding. We will personally take this presentation and letters to not only state and federal officials but any group or individual who has the power to help us. Please don’t let apathy that has resulted from decades of neglect in solving this flooding problem be s stumbling block. There is power in the many. Mayor Paletko has said that we should all be working together on this problem – so let’s get it done.


  5. Kudos to Councilwoman Marge; she requested that the meeting be video taped and shown on cable. Bob Ankrapp agreed and the councilmen with a little “we don’t usually video tape a study session” mumbling gave in. Those people unable to attend will be able to watch it and now with meetings being on YouTube, they can be watched at the individual’s convenience. Thanks, Councilwoman Marge,


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