Flood Meeting March 17, 2015

There is a flood meeting on March 17, 2015 not to discuss the 8-11-2014 flood no they will be talking about the Ecorse Creek Watershed. According to the Mayor in an email sent out,

The meeting on 3/17 is specifically about the Ecorse Creek Watershed. There is a long history involving studies, lawsuits, and other actions involving all levels of government that the Council and the public should be updated on.

The Regional Solution proposed by the Army Core of Engineers should alleviate flooding from most rain events. The August 2014 storms and subsequent flooding was a multi-county occurence and was, by federal decree, A NATURAL DISASTER.

Over 1,300 Dearborn Heights residents were subsidized on some level through FEMA and City officials encouraged all homeowners and renters to apply and appeal if need be.

While the 3/17 meeting is open to the public and should be very informative, there will not be discussions on the 8/2014 flood specifically and will be confined to the Ecorse Creek Watershed only.

Hopefully I have clarified this for you.

Mayor Paletko

This after the Council Chair promised a meeting to discuss the flood event of 2014.

Councilman Berry had this to say in an email,

Mr Brown,
While I am not one to normally respond to emails of this nature but I feel compelled to do so.
I understand your feeling of abandonment and how the lack of a response makes you feel disfranchised. I am not happy with this being dragged on.
I will not stand with my head in a hole, pretending that nothing has happened or is not happening around me and may go away if I ignore it. There are several people on council who too are frustrated. Speaking for myself; I promised you an answer and you will get it. The administration asked for time and I’m being considerate of that.
However if that time passes without the answer, I will make a public announcement and I will hold myself accountable to that promise.
The administrations response is expected soon.
Tom Berry
The meeting is set for Tuesday, March 17, 7:00 p.m. in city council chambers at City Hall.  Wade Trim engineers will discuss the impact the August 11 flooding, etc. However, no flood claims will be discussed. Click here to see just one of the residents homes after the #flood on 8-11-2014. The home in the video is the home of Dearborn Heights resident Troy Brown who has with others been investigating the cause of the flood. They have uncovered so much information after hours of research and many roadblocks being put in their way.

I want to be sure that everyone knows that we the citizens, who are engaged, are attempting to have effective communications.  Frustrations come with the fact that the city and county don’t seem interested in honest, forthright, upfront communications. Or any accountability for all of the flooding events since 2008. We seek to have dialogue with the city and county but it no longer can just be empty promises and empty responses that we just swallow, hook, line and sinker! Source: part of a responce from Troy Brown a Dearborn Heights Resident.

In a separate post, I will put up the whole email response from Troy Brown and Suzanne Todd. Both have been working very hard to gather information about the flood on 8-11-2014.

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1 thought on “Flood Meeting March 17, 2015”

  1. If there is not a defect in the City’s sewer lines, we are aware of a defect with Wayne County’s responsibility and the 50% operational Pelham/ Taylor basin, which we know dumped/ discharged sewage into the creek on August 11th. Therefore, we should hold Wayne County responsible, as our Dearborn Heights tax payers pay $178,000 yearly to that budget item. What about other communities discharging into the creek, creating the increase in volume, resulting in flooding. What about over development and the run off created, which contributes to the increased volume?

    My point, bring forward effective communication and updates for our residents. It appears frustrations are high, mostly because our residents are seeking updates and information. Regarding resolution, is a costly project, as illustrated in the Army Core of Engineers study. We must pursue and actively lobby for state and federal funding of this project. Yes, there are steps to take, which take time. However, we must work towards a goal and execute a viable plan. Part of the plan includes the mitigation of homes along the creek and the creation of a green space, similar to Hines Park. The City of Dearborn Heights has applied for a FEMA grant for this purpose. Open dialogue and lobbying activity will lead the way to working the plan. We must work in the best interest of our city and our residents. Walking and visiting our homes in Dearborn Heights the week of August 11, 2014 was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. It is also one of the most important things I have ever done. The lasting impact must lead to active leadership. We must work together to lobby and seek funding- reach a resolution. No one should have to stand in the tide. Community preparedness, lobby for funds, communication, and be proactive. It will happen again. What are we doing to move forward in the best interest of our residents and our city? Join us Tuesday, March 17, 7:00 p.m., Dearborn Heights City Hall, 6045 Fenton.

    Lisa Hicks-Clayton
    Dearborn Heights City Council Member
    (313) 633-1845

    “Action expresses priorities.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi
    Lisa Hicks-Clayton
    Dearborn Heights City Council Member
    (313) 633-1845


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