Time For A Change And It’s Not Too Early.

This year is an election year for three of the sitting council members Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton Council Chair Barron and Councilman Ned Apigian. As more and more people are starting to wonder why our City doesn’t have this or that you can point to one body of the Dearborn Heights Government and your questions would be answered. Dearborn Heights City Council for years stood in the way of progress for no other reason than they don’t understand it. Those council members past and present who’ve tried to make improvements have been “black balled” for lack of a better word. Their initiatives have never gained any support from fellow council members. The list of those initiatives too numerous to write about in this post. Initiatives that would have saved the City money informed the residents and if implemented worked for administration and taxpayer alike.

The administration is to blame for much of what hasn’t gotten done in this City. The Mayor isn’t up for re-election this year and as a City we need to start changing. That change for the betterment of the City should start with the Council. The lack of vision on City Council is staggering a Council that likes to hide behind being ‘stewards of our money.’ This is their job yes, but I would dare say that they could… if they wanted to do so much more. It’s  obvious they don’t they lack a vision for the City of Dearborn Heights. They lack the knowledge of what’s available to them to use. Even when it’s brought to their attention they refuse to bring things to the City that residents are asking for. Maybe the residents don’t pick up the phone or send them e-mails, but they are talking. They do notice what the City doesn’t have. They may not come to Council meetings, but they have taken notice. What has driven me crazy for years is as much talking as the public does do they dont’ show up on election day. This the only time that in my opinion that we as residents can make a difference.

The Council… even if they had a hundred taxpaying residents sitting at a council meeting wouldn’t even care. For years, I had the illusion that if we showed up at council meetings it would mean something to the council members. If we showed our faces there just showed up and let them know we are listening and watching it would get things done here.  Nothing has changed not by the Mayor and not by the Council. The truth is the only way that we are ever going to see some kind of changes in the City of Dearborn Heights is to start by electing new council members. The only way that this will happen is if people are willing to run in the first place. I would love to see six or seven people run, but not just anyone. We just elected Bob Constan and as far as I can see he would just like to keep his head down until his time is up. That’s the impression I get the man hasn’t stood by one thing that’s been brought by the residents. Sorry, but that isn’t doing the residents a lick of good.


I want candidates that use “smart phones” that’s right if you want my vote not only do you use a smart phone you understand about social media. You have at the very least a Facebook page, or Twitter account that you actively post on. Not something you set up a month before your election. I want you to talk and actively come to me with how you are going to get us live streaming council meetings.  I demand that you are going to insist on getting a Facebook Page for the City how you plan to go about that. I want to see you making plans for an e-letter or at the very least actively planning on joining councilwoman Hicks-Clayton in hers. I want to know that you know what a ‘tablet PC’ is or an iPad how you would like to use this technology in the city and why. I demand that you are well aware of our budget and what each department is spending and what ideas you would bring to the city in the form of technology that could save the City time and money.  In short we don’t need more of the same.

If you know anyone that you think would make a good candidate nows the time to start talking to them and getting them ready. Now’s the time for them to start attending council meetings. Look at each agenda packet and what money is spent on.   Now’s the time to start talking to  residents about getting out and voting and why they should vote.  Now’s the time to make plans for election day. You think it’s too early to start making these plans it’s not.


5 thoughts on “Time For A Change And It’s Not Too Early.”

  1. Does anyone else notice a pattern that whenever a councilWOMAN makes a suggestion or point, the councilmen always fight whatever is brought up. Sad that these old farts cannot accept the fact that these women are smarter and work harder than any man on the council , mayor included. Light the Night is a great program and for those that don’t want to leave lights on all night, a motion sensor light would work or the type that dim and brighten when motion is detected.


  2. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton says: February 17, 2015 at 9:36 am,

    Why you have to defend your involvement with “Light the Night program”?
    Next time ask the other council members what programs they are involved with, and what benefits the residents are getting?
    Don’t apologize for serving the public, ask them to apologize for not been creative and involved as you are! Or ask them to support your efforts and rally behind you, not pushing you to take your place! And even better: Hand-out the leadership to them and start another program and keep repeating the process until they cry to you to stop and rally behind your leadership.
    Positive enforcement methods work magic with young kids in school, in private for profit/not for profit organizations, in religious organizations, at home between family members, between friends, and almost for every relationship, the key is consistency, unselfishness and commitment to serve the public at large without “me-first” and everybody next.


  3. These are ALL ideas that were presented years ago by Janet Badelow and by residents time and time again. I don’t foresee any progress now but have at it, Lisa. Perhaps they’ll get tired of hearing the “same old thing” and finally give in. Don’t think that’s gonna happen either but you never know. I really hate to be so negative but the circumstances warrant the attitude.


  4. Dear Residents,

    I greatly always valued your opinions and perspectives. As you are aware, during my first term, I have worked to represent and bring forth resources, services, and opportunities which our community needs and deserves, including; tethering ban, vicious dog ordinance (amended), Animal Control Officers and Animal Control Division with our Ordinance Department, Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking) Ban Resolution, worked with our City Council, Administration and our residents to realize Ping4Alert communication and engagement piece, e-letter communication, use of social media, pet emergency contingency plan and the development of collaborative services between Southeast Michigan agencies, shelters and rescues . During times of challenges, loss, and devastation, as a City Council Member, and more importantly, as a compassionate, caring resident of our community, reached out, walked, talked, hugged, cried, prayed, cared for, and brought forth additional resources to our residents during the floods of August 10, 2014. In addition, I continue to meet with our residents, seeking answers to the questions regarding the epic event. I plan to unite and lead our residents in the campaign to lobby for federal funds, as well. During the February 1-2, 2015 snow emergency, I drove and assessed municipal services, meet with residents, followed up, and openly communicated with our DPW Department, which responded and handled the 3rd largest snowfall in Michigan history well. I continue to work for our residents, serving on the Commission on Aging and the Commission on Disability Concerns, assessing services and facilities city-wide for our elderly and disabled residents. A new budget season is upon us. As a City Council member, I will seek to support, and seek support from our Council Members to bring forth the streaming of meetings. In addition, our Ordinance Department has an opportunity to move forward to utilization of hand-held pc units in the field. This will increase efficiencies in work productivity, allowing officers to issue tickets and corrections live. Officers will no longer have to report back to the office to manually enter the day’s activities. They will be able to dock the pc and upload- generating reports and the schedule follow up. Lastly, I will be addressing the fleet management opportunity. I am always available to discuss your concerns at the established office hours, or by calling me at (313) 633-1845. I would be happy to establish a time which works best for you.


    Lisa Hicks-Clayton
    Dearborn Heights City Council Member


  5. And I’ll go a step further. We need to pass out pamphlets which educate the residents on the LACK OF COOPERATION from this council and each individual council person specifically; how petitions are signed and promptly ignored by this council; how certain council members NEVER SHOW UP for those things; like the flood; how our mayor spent money we don’t have on a car he doesn’t need; the things that have been asked for by the residents at council meetings and how few of those have been given. You are SO right, Kathy. We need new blood on this council. Some with forward thinking, new ideas, and a willingness to LISTEN to the residents.


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