The Southwest Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association invites you to Light The Night.

You are invited! Join us for the Dearborn Heights Light the Night 2015 organization & planning meeting on Thursday, Feb. 12th, 6:30 p.m. at the Justice Center, 25637 Michigan Ave., Dearborn Heights. Uniting our community in the fight against crime!
You are invited! Join us for the Dearborn Heights Light the Night 2015 organization & planning meeting on Thursday, Feb. 12th, 6:30 p.m. at the Justice Center, 25637 Michigan Ave., Dearborn Heights. Uniting our community in the fight against crime!

On Tuesday February 10, 2015 there was some talk about this program at the City Council meeting. Councilwoman Horvath brought it up because she had read the article in the Dearborn Press and Guide about this. She wanted to know why the council wasn’t informed about this so when they started getting calls they could tell people what it was all about. She said that she after calling council members discovered that they were not notified. She all so said she wanted to make it clear that she wasn’t against doing something about crime. Something along those lines.  First let’s get to the bottom of the why she along with others didn’t know about this. Well… several of you some time ago didn’t want to receive anymore e-mails from Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton. You told her that from what I gathered by what she said at the council meeting.  If you had taken the time and showed the least bit of interest in what is happening in your City you could have and should sign up for the e-letter that Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton has been doing on her own time. Next maybe if Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton was showed one iota of support from the rest of you lovely Council members she would have.

Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton didn’t start this the Southwest Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association did. The president of that association contacted the officer in charge of these things (neighborhood watch and such) and Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton. The officer was on board from the get-go very happily. Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton all so was supportive of the idea. They next went to the Mayor of the City of Dearborn Heights. The association isn’t using taxpayer money for this so the Council doesn’t need to vote yes or no. Next  to try to criticize such a wonderful intuitive is Councilman Kosinski who thought it was a good idea to point out to us the philosophical aspect of this.  After all the electrical companies are telling us to use less, and how is it going to look when we are asking our residents to keep their lights on. Oh and this is going to cause a burden for already struggling residents. Hey, Jo just in case you missed it the police department has been asking residents for years to turn on their outside lights. It’s one of the biggest deterrents against crime.  As for people not being able to afford it and how can ‘we’ ask them? Who is the ‘we?’ I will say it again this isn’t a City program no one’s being forced to get the light bulb if you get a light bulb they ask that you turn it on at night. This will cost the resident who is going to use the light bulb outside $10.00 a year.

There is much more to this program than just a light bulb  now if you read the article in the Press and Guide you are well aware of what they are trying to accomplish with this program.  You’d know that the program is asking for everyone all associations, clubs, City officials to get involved in this program. You’d know that they want to clean up the neighborhoods of tall grass, abandoned cars, blighted homes and to expand the neighborhood watch program. Councilwoman Horvath you could have picked up a phone and called your colleagues and asked her what it was all about. You could have sent her an e-mail asking for the details. You didn’t need to discuss this at a council meeting as if she had done something wrong by only doing as you and others on the council asked her to do. Not to send you any more emails she did as you and others wished. This wasn’t related to council business as a matter of fact this isn’t gong to cost the City a dime.



The Mayor attended the meeting, not one council member showed up besides I’m sure Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton.


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8 thoughts on “#LightTheNightDearbornHeights”

  1. Remembering says: February 19, 2015 at 6:09 pm, How about the River Oak area? New lighting coming their paid the city, How bad that area is? Who decide the degree of “BAD” and needing additional streets lighting? Council members? Mayor? DPW? Or just few residents demanding additional lighting in their area? Is their any study done for that area? By who, when, and were it is published?

    Check-out council agenda on 2/24/2015. proposal by the mayor.

    I’m happy for that area to have additional lighting, but how about the other city areas? Is there any plan that will continue?

    I wished that the mayor proposal contained a plan and schedual for all the city lighting enhencement plan and the River-Oak area was on of them.


  2. Remembering says: February 19, 2015 at 6:09 pm,

    Why not doing the same for the entire city? By the way the city was in defecit few years ago, how it was paid for?


  3. It sounds like the whole city needs better lighting! These dark mornings make it really hard to see kids walking to school or the bus stop. I would think the safety of kids would be a concern too. My kids are dropped off on my way to work, but a lot of kids do walk or ride bikes. I know from experience in dealing with city hall that unless it affects that person personally, nothing will be done.


  4. It was not Military Hills. It was Military Park. I think that is what they are called. It is the area bounded by Telegraph Road, Joy Road, AnnArbor Trail and either Warren or Outer Drive.
    That lighting was badly needed.


  5. If I remember correctly, didn’t Military Hills sub get new lighting a few years ago because of crime? There was a man who came to every council meeting and he finally got the mayor to work with DTE and install lighting. Looking in my own neighborhood, if the city property trees had been trimmed correctly over the years almost everyone on my block would have their yard lit by the streetlights.


  6. Dearborn Heights residents deserve elected and appointed officials to perform their jobs as best it can be including researching the best methods of city services delivery, evaluations of city projects and programs, allocating funds wisely, cut the cost of services not services, IE, cut the cost of city cars operation by getting low cost leases for ECO-FRIENDLY cars and trucks that consume less energy and cost less to lease or buy. Cars and trucks can do the municipal related works without regards to city employee’s preferences. Plus and among many others; be in their offices or on the job on time according to the city official working hours, to serve the public and be an example to their follow employees. City officials can serve the public outside the city official working hours as they wish and will be appreciated for putting the extra efforts. Please be on time in your offices or on the job or change your official offices hours for the public to know when they expect to find you in your city office.


  7. Kosinski doesn’t want residents to make sure their properties are lit at night? What a moron! I’d like to see the city hall property not lit at night, have a resident hurt on city property because of the darkness, then hold Old Man Joe personally responsible. Someone with half a brain please challenge this dolt in the next election.


  8. To Dearborn Heights elected officials, I watch your debacle about “The Light the Night” program, it’s good that our police department had this program for years and now they found a community organization that aggressively want to partner with them to curb grimes,
    Who cares about when, how and who started this national program in our city? It’s not about who wants to be first-in-line as if we are in Kinden garden.
    The administration should have proposed such program years ago, the city should have a neighborhood lighting program for the safety of Dearborn Heights residents.
    Dearborn Heights 155 miles of neighborhoods streets are not that large to light-up and very easy and very affordable to implement. Specially because the voters of this city are very concern about public safety and approved over 3 million dollars of additional taxes to bail-out the city government and avoid state take-over and keep adequate city services.
    The residents of this city deserve to have all their streets swiped every week after garbage collection, plowed and cleared from snow in less than 2 hours, (155 miles/10 trucks with snow blades === 15 miles per truck ==== less than hours per truck to clean the 155 miles)
    The residents of this city deserve to have a public light on every streets of this city, 155 miles x 5,280 l/f = 818,400 l/f. lights
    One light for every 100 feet, one light every 200 feet on each side that equal 8184 lights.
    The lights can be installed on the medians (City properties) and connected to residential electricity with electronic meters.
    The light poles cost about 250 dollars installed, that is about 2,046,000.00 dollars and about 20 dollars each for electricity and keep-up, which equal to 8184×20=163,680.00 dollars per year.
    The poles can be equipped with cameras for safety monitoring, and also can be leased to commercial advertising companies for broadcasting advertisements and public information.
    The council should approve a ballot resolution for 20 dollars fee per house per year for 10 years to pay for the cost of installations and operations, and to build a public light fund reserve. After 10 years an analysis will be done for new operating system.
    The city deserve elected officials with applicable municipal operational vision that materialize on the ground, (Walk the Talk), not a statement of vision very impressive to read and keep reading for years without transferring words to actions.
    10 years ago, the streets use to swiped periodically and snow used to be plowed faster, the city general fund budget use to be way less, but the services as we remembers use to comparable or better than our neighbors.
    “Light the Night” is one of many public actions the city should embrace with commitment to fund to enhance and strengthen our excellent public safety to become even better.
    The city elected officials should work cooperatively and comprehensively to further the highest standards of municipal services. Dearborn Heights is a great bedrooms city and deserve the best.
    Please click and get informed:



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