Unless Your Are Willing To Pay.

So many people are complaining about the job that the DPW is doing let’s just take a moment here and try to remember last year. Last year the roads didn’t get cleaned as fast as they got done after this storm. Next before we all start wanting to “tar and feather” the DPW workers.  You might like to ask yourself how much are you willing to pay in over-time? Now this storm started on Sunday the DPW workers do not work on Sundays if they did that would be double time. How many of you would be willing to pay for that? Now the storm lasted until the morning of Monday they got on the roads. Here’s how they worked according to Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton

DPW crews followed on Sunday through today. The crews started on Sunday a,m, and worked until 5 p.m. , back at midnight and worked until 4:30 p.m. and back on Tuesday midnight. MDOT does require rest for every x# of hours worked.

We all want our roads cleaned as fast as possible last year we had snow storm that hit on a Friday we had that snow all weekend.  The Sunday am is at 12:00am that makes it Monday for those of you wondering.  There’s over-time, but not double time there’s a difference. DPW is getting the job done as fast as they can now maybe we can help in this. Don’t you think it might take less time to go down a street that doesn’t have cars parked on it that they have to swerve around. Maybe if everyone would just ask their neighbors to take their cars off the street things just might get done a little faster.


17 thoughts on “Unless Your Are Willing To Pay.”

  1. drheights48127 says:
    February 7, 2015 at 12:47 pm

    I sent the press and guide and the free press a note about what the councilwoman did. Can you do the same or better yet: Ask her if she permit you to forward her response to the news. She deserves publicity.

    That may encourage other city officials to follow her foots steps. May be some of them will become jealous and wants some publicity?


  2. http://www.wtae.com/news/pittsburgh-mayor-travels-city-streets-checks-progress-of-snow-removal/30930740
    Watch what other municipalities did during a snow emergency:


    You didn’t have to drive the city streets as councilmember if you leave in “Pittsburg” their municipal administrators performed their duties as best it can be. You could’ve enjoyed your morning tracking the progresses from your smart phone while you driving to your destinations avoiding non-cleared streets.
    Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton says: February 7, 2015 at 12:29 pm, starting your day at 7:30 AM that mean you have to be up at around 6:00AM to serve the residents of Dearborn Heights who trusted you and vote you to represent them.
    3/2/2015 was very cold and was a good day to stay in bed and over sleep and relax like most of the people who don’t have morning duties.
    But you choose to do a civic duty above and beyond what you required to do as council member. You don’t have city office hours you have to follow, you filled an informational gap that the city should have on its website. You are an excellent future municipal full time administrator at any governmental level.
    Let’s do the math:
    According to the city DPW page: 154.76 miles of local roads
    155 x 90% = 139 miles that you drove on Tuesday
    You drove 315 minutes on Tuesday = 5h & 15m
    You drove 26.5 miles per hour on the average
    To drive the entire city local road at 26.5 mile per hour you need to drive 350 minutes = 5h & 50 m
    You should be compensated for 139 miles from the city if you are driving your own car
    You should be compensated for your time driving for city business outside your duties as councilmember
    How many plowing truck the city used to plow the 154.76 miles of city streets? Remember that all big municipal trucks can be equipped/should be; with snow plowing blades
    How many hours the DPW allocated to plow the 154.76 miles of city streets?
    What the average cost of plowing city streets per mile
    What will be the cost of adding a city streets live tracking software to city website? Please call the city of Dearborn IT department to get an estimate; they are the city IT administrator as far as I know! Or call one of the cities that have implemented that system.
    Does the city have a designated employee who tracks the progress of the snow plowing in the city? That you can call and update your face book page every 15 minutes? So you don’t have to drive and be exposed to the elements?


  3. Sorry Kathy! No secrets to road assessment and management…..I did it the old school way. Get out and simply do it- manually! Yes, software would eliminate this step. I chose to do this for the service to our residents.


  4. Dear Observer,

    Yes, I did drive around our City on Tuesday, February 3, 2015. I had office hours at the Eton Senior Center at 10:00 a.m. I drove the north-end 7:30 a.m. until 9:45 a.m. Then proceeded to office hours until 11:50 a.m. Afterwards, drove the south-end from noon until 3:00 p.m. My methods are not an exact science. Assessment based on number of city roads miles driven divided by actual miles of city roads plus, utilize road mapping and the roads I drove = an approx. percentage completed. A simple method in attempt to assess our city services, follow upon the 40 calls I received on Monday, and provide feed back to improve services for our residents, i.e. communications with our DPW Department. Of course, software programs exist, similar to the Compass program utilized by Wayne County. Consideration must be given to costs, as we are just coming out of a five year deficit elimination plan. I agree it is a good investment. All must be planned accordingly.

    Please call me with questions or concerns at (313) 633-1845. I have office hours. In addition, I provide communications, updates and other information via my Lisa Hicks-Clayton. Dearborn Heights City Councilwoman Facebook page and weekly e-letter communications.


    Lisa Hicks-Clayton
    Dearborn Heights City Council Member


  5. drheights48127 says:
    February 7, 2015 at 10:46 am, click and play:

    As far as defending the councilwoman LHC, Good for you, she is trying to push city public information to the public as possible as it can be. But ex-councilwoman Ms. Badalow battled the mayor publically to do that, look at the recording and tell me where I can find the “Check registers” on the city website, According to the same mayor, the ” Check registers” suppose to be on the city website 5 years ago?
    As far as other members commenting publically about public information as showing bellow:

    Some of them still members as of today, what they did during the 5 years to correct what they complained about? I guess most of them come to this blog and read; do they have the courage and the wisdom to respond and tell the public why council meetings and other city public meetings are not published on city website? What stopping them? May be city residents who are civically active can help them overcome the difficulties they are facing in advancing the city IT and the E methods of information?


  6. Observer
    There are City’s around the country who use such programs, but I don’t think it’s Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton to have a map and keep track of what streets got plowed and when. I think she called the DPW department and they told her that. If you want to know how they came about this percentage call and ask if they have a map and if you can see it.
    It would be nice to have a live map showing when streets are done and when they are expected to get done the next time we have a snow emergency. Wounder if the DPW department could look into that for us.


  7. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton says:
    February 3, 2015 at 4:39 pm
    “Our DPW road crews did a great job with 90% cleared from 7 a.m. on Monday (when the storm was complete) until Tuesday, Feb. 3, 3:00 p.m. ”

    How do you know “The 90%” it’s a numeric value based on tracking numeric schedule”
    Do you have a plowing map showing the cleared road by that time, please publish the link for the public?
    Yes the city can have such tracking program showing live the progress of the “SNOW PLOWING”. Are you keeping that program secret or what?


  8. Observer,

    After attending council meetings on a regular basis for several years, the reason is clear why city council meeting videos are “lost” or “accidently erased”; the city administration knows that videos will provide proof of cover-ups and “misdirections” and wants to make sure we the residents can’t get our hands on that kind of evidence. Why is it that any question a resident has at a council meeting that will evoke any trace of wrong doing is quickly answered with either “lets meet in my office” or “speak to such and such after the meeting”.

    At the last council meeting the mayor chided a resident for recording conversations he had with members of his administration regarding his problem. If you are telling the truth you should have no fear of being recorded. Period.

    Our mayor, his administration and most council members see the residents of Dearborn Heights as merely mushrooms “kept in the dark and fed bull spit”. IT is a major threat to the mayor and most council members as it would turn the light of truth on their dealings and expose what they are doing or not doing. This will never change until we vote in representatives that don’t fear accountability, honesty and transparency.


  9. Councilwoman Horvath, You don’t have to beg for a council meeting video recording that was erased, if the city publish the council meetings live on the city website. So please put forward ASAP a council resolution to adopt such measure and start publishing live the meetings. That process is easy and cost few dollars that can be paid from the cable companies over $700,000.00 yearly contribution to help the city provide public information to the public.
    When the city has that process all council and other boards and commissions meetings will be permanently saved and retrieved electronically by the public. No FOIA or questions about whom watching a public meeting? And will avoid any accidental erasing of public record.
    Councilwomen LHC most likely will support and co-sponsor your resolution and hope the rest of council members will vote yes and the mayor will not veto.
    That also will help providing live update during snow and other public emergency.
    Let’s wait and see if you have the courage and the wisdom to challenge this situation that you faced 5 years ago. I will again say that I believe you are one of the most honest and open minded public official and you have all what it take to be a beacon for positive change.
    I don’t understand why you don’t embrace the E technology? And it’s well known that you are the leading political force/power on the current city council? Kudos to you for all the goods and positives that you embraced and provided to the public for long time and hope that will continue in the future.
    If honest and ethical and open minded and transparent public servants like you abandon the public services field, our society sure will suffer


  10. Hello bloggers, some of you are happy to have their street cleared, some of you have no beef with whatever provided for them, others are acting if we don’t have a have municipal services and wish if the residents do all the municipal shores including swiping the streets in front of their homes and pay a huge water bill few month latter.
    Let’s ask ourselves why we have a city government and what services we should expect for paying property taxes?
    We pay for permits, we pay for water and sewage, the police and court collect millions of fees, we pay for the libraries services, we pay 1% administrative fee to collect taxes. So what is left not paid for? DPW activities, part of assessor services and whatever public safety needs plus city hall salaries.
    Our public safety services including police and fire are the best among the best in response time and services. Public safety services are using E technology and on the edge of any advanced systems. Why other departments of the city don’t follow them and learn from them? It’s amazing?
    Does the city have any snow emergency system or schedule or zones map that the residents can check? Why not installing a tracking devises in every truck that send updating to the city website while the trucks moving and allow the residents to log to a link and follow the process from their smart phones or PC/laptop. That also allow the managers to monitor the operations while they driving arrowed the city.
    I know this kind of technology needs a level of education and sophistication this city may not have yet. But at least a hand drawing map showing a routine plowing schedule dividing the city to several zones and approximate time to get every zone streets done after starting the plowing.
    We have one of the most educated and publically certified mayor, and we the residents of this city approved 3 million of additional taxes to continue providing the best services. That is almost 8% of the city general fund budget.
    So, why the city is lacking the IT systems and the E technology? Not even a “face book” to check the status of a snow emergency?
    Next door, the city of Dearborn streets mandatory no parking is working very well, the residents are used to the process and happy about the services of trash removal, snow blowing and streets swiping.
    Why not learning from them and use their system free of charge?
    Why not this city has tracking system for all the city cars? What stopping Dearborn Heights government from doing that? These days you can install monitoring and tracking system for your house, cars and business for few hundreds and monitoring them from your smart phone.
    I’m OK that our street cleared by Tuesday morning. Other streets were cleared by Monday morning, I will be happy to know how far the plowing trucks are from my street to make the necessarily arrangement for work, schools, cleaning the driveway/sidewalk.
    Since our IT services are managed by Dearborn, how about asking them to share their Face book?
    By the way, how many plowing trucks Dearborn Heights have on the streets?
    Managing municipalities must include the best current practices:
    Check out the following sites and compare:


  11. The people who leave their cars on the street need to receive tickets. Would that be up to the police or could the ordinance department help with that? I am sure a $100.00 plus ticket would be great motivation to use common sense and put their cars in their driveways.

    Another gripe I have is those people that rake their leaves into the street instead of bagging them. It not only looks unsightly it clogs up the catch basins and causes flooding and the last thing we need is another reason we flood. Again a $100.00 plus ticket should do the trick.


  12. As far as I’m concerned, you can only blame bad employees on those for whom they directly work. That would be Bill Zimmer and I’m pretty happy with him.


  13. I have no beef with the job that DPW did with this past snow storm either. They came down both Academy and Colgate before 7:30 am on Monday. The snow was just ending when they came so I thought it was a great job.- not at all like past years. Kudos to the DPW workers. As far as getting overtime, no problem with that either as if they hadn’t started on Sunday they would have never got the snow cleared in 24 hours.

    My only beef is with some of the drivers who run Colgate; I don’t like digging out the snow from the driveway but everyone has to deal with it because it can’t be helped. However, we have over 120 feet of sidewalk along Colgate to clean and some drivers, not all, but some go so fast that 120 feet of sidewalk is literally buried with chunks of ice and snow. Its too heavy for my husband and I to dig out and we are afraid it will ruin our snow blower. So I would plead with the Colgate drivers coming the east to west up Colgate-please slow it down just a little. Thank You.


  14. agree and also if the people not blow the snow into the street after dpw get done would be nice also. We are required to blow on or property not the street. and then the expect dpw to clean it and complain about the way things are in the city, how sad.


  15. Our DPW road crews did a great job with 90% cleared from 7 a.m. on Monday (when the storm was complete) until Tuesday, Feb. 3, 3:00 p.m. Plows were on the road beginning Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. , worked until 5:00 p.m., came back in at midnight and worked until 4:30p.m. . Crews were back in this morning at midnight with plow trucks and backhoes as well. Using staff from other departments, to get the job done. The question and the obstacles faced by our crews, include vehicles parked on public streets. Under a declared now emergency, all vehicles must be moved. Southeast Michigan experienced the 3rd largest snowfall in history this week. I understand frustrations run high,a s folks need to get to work. I completed a road assessment on Tuesday, Feb. 3rd. By 3:00 p.m. most roads were plowed, including cul de sacs. All residents, and all streets, are important, as is public safety and the services provided to our tax payers, our residents.


    Lisa Hicks-Clayton
    Dearborn Heights City Council Member


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