The Five Day Work Week Extinct In Dearborn Heights.

I know many of you are waiting and asking why we don’t have City Hall opened five days a week? Why with the surplus and all the spending going on isn’t the Mayor and Council bring back the five-day work week? The five-day work week is extinct and I am sorry to say I think it will never come back. When the City Council agreed to have a four-day work week  little did they know that the Mayor in all his wisdom made this part of the contract agreement with the unions. A letter of understanding was agreed upon with the unions and contracts won’t be open until 2016. When council chair Baron told the Mayor shortly after the four-day work week was put into effect that employees of the City and residents didn’t like it. At that time, the Council had the understanding that they could change this back if it didn’t work out. Council Chair Baron was in for a rude awakening when he was told by the Mayor that this is part of the union contract now in the City.

Why would City workers give up all the benefits of a four-day work week? They wouldn’t unless the City is going to give them something very big to replace it. The overtime alone for some workers is huge why would they give that up? They wouldn’t there’s nothing in the letter of understanding that say’s they have to. Everyone over at City Hall has adjusted to four-day work week those departments that needed more employees got them. Heads of departments are supposed to work on Fridays at least that’s what the taxpayers were told. One department head even has a video on YouTube speaking at an event in the middle of the day on a Friday. I’m in no way saying this department head is doing a darn thing wrong. No, he’s doing just what his boss (the Mayor) tells him he can do. No, the one who’s done wrong here is the Mayor for telling the taxpayer of Dearborn Heights and the Council for that matter lie after lie. These lies were told to get the Headlee Override Passed to get that money out of the pockets of the resident and into the account of the City. No dear resident I dare say that everyone is just fine with this arrangement over at City Hall. Three day weekend, over time, and what every other goodie’s got thrown into that letter of understanding with the union.

The Mayor never came before the residents and said oh, by the way you might like to know that I’m putting the four-day work week in the union contract and this could be a permanent thing. There was no transparency here. Not with the voters who might have liked to know something like that before they agreed to give more money to the City. Not with the Council who would have liked to know all of this before they agreed to let it go before the voters. Not only did the Council vote yes to let this go on the ballot they supported it based on the same information that the residents had. This wasn’t something that was put together last-minute. I’d say that the Mayor was talking with the union and knew just what they were asking for and just what he was going to give them. Naturally the Mayor will deny it all, why would he admit to being so devious? I’d expect nothing less after all he is the master of the double talk. Tell the council yes of course you can cancel the four-day work week at any time it’s not working. All the while knowing that it’s part of a letter of understanding and contracts can’t be opened back up until 2016.

At the very least the Mayor should have come before the Council before he made the change with that letter of understanding. How many times did residents call council members and tell them about seeing City workers working on Friday? The Mayor repeatedly said there is no over time absolutely not. Not to his knowledge is anyone working on Friday. Over and over we heard these statements at council meetings. Not true. Some within the DPW Department have been working overtime from the start of the four-day work week.  It’s important to note here that not every union member gets over time. No. The union workers that work over at City Hall never get overtime for working on a Friday.  DPW Department workers are the employees for the City taking the lion’s share of the overtime.  Meter Readers for the City don’t get overtime. A Clerk typist doesn’t get overtime, Those working at the recreation department don’t get overtime. No one in the assessors office gets over time. Those that work in the Treasures office don’t get over time. To my knowledge, no one from the building department gets overtime.

A little side note about those four hours given when the City asked the union workers to give up the 10%. There has been some talk here on the blog about these four hours. They were given four hours because they didn’t want to lose their insurance.

We can talk about the extinct five-day work week in 2016 until then this is what we have.



8 thoughts on “The Five Day Work Week Extinct In Dearborn Heights.”

  1. Who represented the city administration and the council during the negotiation of this letter of understading with the union?

    Why the council not having a resolution to stop paying the non-working 4 hours?

    What will happin if the council stoped approving the payments of the 4 non-working hours?

    Just asking, may be somebody know !


  2. True the workers like the four-day work week… however, the Mayor is the person who gave this to them. They union workers had two choices work five days a week get paid for four. Work four days a week and close the City one-day a week nothing was ever said about getting those four hours at publicly. The union workers opted for the four-day work week. Many at that time told me they would be looking for part-time jobs on the long weekends.


  3. I’m saying from what I understand that the council was under the impression that if the four-day work week did not work they could go back to the five-day work week. When council chair wanted to go back he was told by the Mayor that the City could not because the agreement made with union to get to a four-day work week was part of the union contract. To my knowledge, the council didn’t see the letter of understanding not even sure if they knew this was going to be part of the union contract. There is no changing this until 2016 and I’m sure union isn’t going to give up what they have now for cheap. Something to keep an eye on in 2016 I hope this time the council has some kind of representation at the table.
    It was a letter of understanding, not a labor contract they opened the contract by agreement with the union to have the letter of understanding. The contract will be open in 2016 for labor negotiations.


  4. “At the very least the Mayor should have come before the Council before he made the change with that letter of understanding.”

    Wow, Why the council members approved the letter? And agreed for 4 days/8 hours work and paying for 36 hours?

    Are you saying they didn’t read the terms? They just stamped the letter “Approved”? Why the chair didn’t ask the city lawyer to review the term and give them his recommendations about approving paying for 4 hours without explaining the reason for that and defining the terms of those 4 non working paid hours?

    Is there any other city in the nation paying for non working hours? And if yes, please name that city?

    The council members must approve any labor contract to be valid.

    And by the way city employees deserve every penny they make, they work hard to provide city services and should have every right to negotiate and bargain in good faith for the best contract terms.

    They should’ve said NO to 10% salary cuts, and agreed on Fridays off without pay until city financials get better. Same results!

    Or even better terms, work on Fridays without pay and bank them as hours to be paid/used latter at 1.25 rate in good faith for helping the city!


  5. How they will lose the insurance? The insurance provide coverage based on the administration request.

    The 4 hours = 10% of the 40 hours per week

    In 2011, the city employees, the appointees and the elected officials took 10% salaries cuts as a good act and sacrifice to show the residents that they are helping the city. It was published in the media and by the city officials during the campaign for the headily override in 2011, but in the other hand, the city government give back the 10%-4 none working hours with pay and Friday off.

    I don’t understand why the city did that? All what they have to do is:

    1- No 10% cut.
    2- Friday off without pay.
    3- its the same results

    Why take 10% salaries cuts then give it back in form of 4 non working hours with pay? Why all this accounting process and data recording?

    How the city record the 4 non working hours? As bonus, or gift, or contractual payment, or what? These 4 hours are not worked hours according to the 2011″ Memorandum of understanding”. I don’t know if it can be recorded on the payroll as worked hours?

    Therefore, going back to 5 days work 40 working hours will be 10% less pay. As it was supposed to be back in 2011 and as it was published and broadcasted to the voters. I don’t remember hearing back then about the 4 hours pay without work.

    It was 10% salaries cut and Friday closing.

    Did the city council members know about these 4 hours pay without working? They didn’t ask why we paying 4 hours without working? How they approved the contract without explanations of what these hours for; that we are approving to be paid?

    Did councilwoman LHC was a council member back then?

    Please, any answer.


  6. It’s not the mayor or the budget. It is the workers that will not go back to a five day work week. They LOVE having Fridays off!


  7. what about permits and then check the job we got permits for I work 4 days and off Fridays so what do people likes us do. I thought this was a temporary things till we got more money in he city. We did didn’t we. Whats new this is this mayors way liars and liars and gets away with it


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