Technology is alive in Dearborn Heights.

seems the administration doesn’t have an aversion to using technology when it comes in the form of security.  The council is looking to approve or not the spending on money for cameras at City Hall. The City Hall doors will be locked only one door will remain open. The other doors are going to have keyless entries using swipe cards that they will just have to wave at the scanners to open the doors. Cameras on the outside of the building and throughout City Hall. All these cameras recording digitally with the recording stored where and for how long? I don’t know that. It’s not just the City Hall building, but both libraries will get cameras.

Just think guys, we may not be able to have live streaming council meetings, but now that the City is going to pay for all of this equipment and installation maybe we could have live streaming City Hall footage? They are going to install all the cameras, it’s going to be recorded it’s just a few more steps and this could go LIVE.

The City of Dearborn Heights City Council study session, Tuesday, January 20, 2015 included the discussion of the security initiative for the City Hall, Caroline Kennedy and John F. Kennedy Libraries.   Currently, 16 security cameras have been added to the City Hall building.  Another 16 security cameras for the libraries.  The City Treasurer’s counter has a security camera.  All cameras record foot traffic in the public buildings.  In addition, there are 3 security cameras outside of City Hall, which cover the parking areas.   Currently, city employees have begun a training for hostage situations in the workplace.  Expect to have more employees complete this training. The cost for the training is $1200.00 for 50 staff members.  Lastly, all exterior doors, with the exception of the main entrance, will be locked.  Employees will be issued swipe access cards/key fabs .  Cost for the security and card access equipment is estimated at $7100.00



14 thoughts on “IT’S AlIVE!!!”

  1. Drheights48127 – I did see the council meeting from January 27 yesterday, for what it is worth. Very little, like most meetings, accomplished other then a whole bunch of “rubber stamping” and un-informed voting. Also another “the lawyers are working on it” answer concerning my repeated requests on the status of my claim to this city, which flooded my home on 8/11. Can anyone show me proof that the “lawyers” are working on my claim to the city? I see all of the lawyer charges for reviewing e-mails concerning law suit’s against the city however I have not seen one invoice from a law firm indicating something like “reviewing claims 200 to 300 of the 1441 received concerning the flood of 8/11”. I will continue to expose the evasion of my questions and the lack of response concerning my losses from 8/11. The city is clearly culpable and if I am the only one of the 1400 or so trying to get answers, so be it. If they are going to lie to me or dodge my questions, they are going to have to do it every 2 weeks.


  2. Observer

    Sorry, that is just something that will never come to pass I’ve written about this many times and there hasn’t been any movement and there will never be. This Mayor has been the Mayor for 10 years now. What has he changed? What advancements has he brought to our city? When has he or the council ever listened to the resident/voter? Oh they listen to the Voter, that special group of Voters that come out in a block to vote. Do the rest of us get heard? It’s our own faults at least those that don’t bother to vote don’t bother to understand what is going on in the City they pay taxes in. If something is ever going to change and you want to change what you are being offered in this City flood the Council meeting. Pick a spokes person to represent you and ask no demand more. #wedemandmore. This hashtag should be used in all post when anyone of us is asking for something that is a given in any other city. On Social media and other places. #wedemandmore Mr. Mayor and Council when are you ever going to give us MORE????


  3. drheights48127. I clicked on channel 10 WOW to watch the council meeting for Tue, January 27, 2015. No signal, don’t know what the reason was? I checked the city website for the meeting video record, not there.

    Do you have or any of the bloggers have any clue why this city doesn’t have streamlined and E stored council meetings? In the past one council member was complaining about the difficulty she was facing to obtain a record of her own council meeting? She was told later that council meeting video tape was mistakenly erased after been broadcasted and no other video record exist.

    What happened to that council member should’ve inspired her to put forward a council resolution to store electronically all future council meetings.

    Five years later the city has no electronic public records for council meetings on their website that allow public electronic access to public council meetings. Do you have any explenation?

    Click and watch the following:


  4. Observer,

    Yeah, I know I am just venting my frustration when I suggested going back to a five day week; if I were a worker with that kind of contract I would fight it tooth and nail too. Add to the four day week the overtime some city workers are getting paid to lay sod on Saturdays it would be crazy to settle for anything less. Once again the residents get the short end of the stick.

    I am hearing more and more talk about people moving out of this city because of all the bad things in it. I have always defended this city but now I can’t say that my husband and I haven’t started looking at other cities to live in and they are not in Wayne County..

    I know, lets start a list of all the good things there are in and about the city of Dearborn Heights. This will be a challenge I know but let’s just see what we can come up with.


  5. grandmasuzanne610 , January 25, 2015 at 3:51 pm, Why going back to 5 days? They are paid 36 hours per week and required to work 32 hours, and over-time after that, and Friday-off. If you are one of those employees or officials? Do you go back to 5 days 40 hours a week and over-time after that? Do you trade your long-3-days-weekend for 4 hours? You will be loosing Friday and ganing 4 hours pay per week and paid over-time after working 40 hours per week. Do you expect them to just accept going back to 5 days without off-setting the the 4 hours per week that they don’t have to work but getting paid for? And guess what? The contract don’t spell-out what those 4 hours are paid for?

    Working 32hour per week and paid for 36 hours per week! I expect a line of applicants stretching from city hall enterance and looping arround the city hall building to apply for any posted full-time city job!

    But, you can look at this situation from a differant prospective, “the Cup is Half-Full”. The city is saving the cost of 4 hours per employee per week (lot of $$$$), plus the cost of water and swage for Friday, and the cost of energy used for electrecity for light, computers, copiers, and the cost of city cars used on friadys.


  6. grandmasuzanne610 , January 25, 2015 at 3:51 pm, Records of foot trafic in city hall will be good practice for safety and accountebility, The city employees including officials attendance records and how many hours they are spending in their offices and time in-out EXT. will be tract if nessecerarly. Its a good system that can be used by employees and officials to respond to accusations of been absent or not on their jobs.

    Giod move by city council. And by the way, the attendance records for all persons receiving municipal salaries are FOIA documents.

    Now the city council will have records of facts on their hands.


  7. I don’t begrudge the security cameras for safety sake but it sure would be nice if the tax paying citizens of this city could reap some benefits too – like having city hall open for 5 days instead of 4.


  8. The council meetings can be streamlined live on face book using the IP technology. Its public and anybody who want the meetings published can do that and not waiting for the city. Its good idea if the city do that and accept live public comments with selfee picture of the commentator on a large screen.


  9. And how much is it costing us to do repairs on a building that’s seen its day? A new roof, new cameras, new security for the Clerk’s office? How much was or is all that costing us? The cost of the roof alone couldn’t be much more than a move. I still say – good money after bad. And no – they’ve probably never done a study. Course, they’d probably spend money to do the study and then never act on it anyway. Too many bad decisions made by this council and this mayor.


  10. I’m sure a move of the City Hall to the justice center would be quite expensive. More expensive than putting in cameras at City Hall. However, there’s never been a study done for the move of City Hall to the Justice Center.


  11. Call me crazy but if they just moved those offices into the Justice Center there would be no need for cameras – at least in City Hall – with all the police around. Call me crazy again but there they go – spending good money after bad.


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