Important Update Flood News..

From the E-Letter of Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton:
Dearborn Heights Flooding News & Updates:
City of Dearborn Heights officials are organizing a public meeting for residents of Dearborn Heights with federal elected officials, state elected officials, Wayne County elected officials, including CEO Warren Evans and Wayne County Commissioner Diane Webb and local city officials, Mayor Dan Paletko and City Council Members, to further discuss and hear from our residents their concerns, as well as lobby strategies for funding solutions.  This meeting is extremely important, as it presents a much need opportunity for our residents to present their “story” and experience through pictures, written and oral words.  Watch for future announcements.
In addition, the City of Dearborn Heights WILL BE APPLYING for a federal grant, a Flood Mitigation Grant.  This grant has a cap of $4 million. $3 million via FEMA and $1 million funded via CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) for the purchase of 20 homes, by the home owner’s choice.  Please note, this is application, not yet approved.

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