Happy New Year Ping4Alerts is Here in Dearborn Heights

ping4alertsAccording to what Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton put up on the Truth Page Facebook Page the City is now signed up for Ping4Alerts. This is a welcome and long over due step the city is taking. I would ask that each and everyone of you who have a phone that can down load this app to their phone to please do so. follow the directions in the app to make sure you get any alerts for the City of Dearborn Heights. This app does follow you where ever you are in the United States. I had alerts coming in while I was in Minnesota when ever there was a weather event.  I’m hopeful that this is just the beginning of the City embracing the “techie side.”

Dearborn Heights adopts Ping4alerts! cell phone alert system to help keep residents safeDearborn Heights, Michigan – The City of Dearborn Heights announced it is using the cell phone-based Ping4alerts! mobile communications platform to notify citizens of future public safety concerns. “We are pleased to be among the first public safety agencies in the area to offer this important smartphone application for the safety and protection of our community,” said Emergency Manager & Public Information Officer Bob Ankrapp. “Ping4alerts! is an excellent resource that helps us increase our ability to quickly keep our residents updated on emergency situations via their cell phones.”

User identity is 100% protected as no personally identifiable information is required when downloading the application. Residents who download ping4alerts! can also receive weather advisories and alerts from NOAA’s National Weather Service. Other features include the ability for users to view nearby level 2 and level 3 sex offenders. Users can also establish watched locations for home, work, school, or a relative’s house to receive alerts for multiple locations. To receive future notifications, citizens simply download the ping4alerts! application by visiting the Google Play or ITunes store and downloading the application. Nothing further needs to be done in order to receive future alerts. For more information, please visit www.ping4.com


1 thought on “Happy New Year Ping4Alerts is Here in Dearborn Heights”

  1. It now looks like this old girl is going to have to give up her flip-phone and get one of them new fangled smart phones. However, jest aside this is a great step for Dearborn Heights and since we all know that flooding will not be an “if” but a “when” event, PING will literally be a life saving tool. Many thanks to all those who kept this subject alive when there seemed no hope.

    Speaking of the flooding issue. Ken Baron and Dan Paletko have assured me at a council meeting that there will be an open to the public council study session regarding the flooding this January. When anyone finds out where, when and at what time this meeting will be take place, please post it here. It is so very important that everyone attend this meeting.


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