Why We Flood? What Some Residents Have Uncovered.

Comment from Grandma Suzane.

Thank you Councilwoman Horvath for looking into this, I am glad to have you on board as what is happening to those of us in south Dearborn Heights is not only just wrong it is criminal.

Hopefully you can get the information we need. Since investigating this matter we have been lied to, misdirected, and plain ignored. Wayne County commissioner Diane Webb and Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton have asked the drain commissioner himself to give us answers to our questions and he won’t answer either one of them.

I truly believe that pumping station on Annapolis and Inkster Road is connected to the elusive Butler Drain that no one wants to admit is there. The Butler drain is listed in a lot of material I have researched but can’t seem to find it on any map. It starts somewhere around where Inkster Road crosses the Lower Rouge River and ends near where Inkster Road goes over the NBEC just north of Van Born . In a 2011 report the United States Army Corp of Engineers said it was a “major tributary to the NBEC”.

It is also interesting to note that a pump is located where the NBEC splits Banner Street just west of Telegraph. I just went there today to eyeball it.

Here’s the scenario. The Butler Drain discharges water under force into the NBEC. This causes the horrendous flooding on Hanover and streets due north that are west of Telegraph. Next this water hits the Banner Street Pump which is a grinding pump, meaning it chews up debris in the storm water so the NBEC will flow easier; however, this creates additional force in the water where it causes horrendous flooding for people on Hanover and streets north on the east side of Telegraph. Now the water keeps traveling eastward to where the Jackson Street pump starts spewing out sewer and storm water during a flood event so that water is pushed to where the NBEC goes under Southfield. Unfortunately that culvert at the Southfield Freeway is so clogged up, this rushing water rams it like hitting a brick wall and it backflows up the Ecorse Creek to make matters even worse for those people upstream from the Southfield Freeway.

We are not finished yet. You have all the water from above coming into the NBEC PLUS the Kelly-Douglas Drain which drains parts of Taylor and I-94. You can see where this drain disgorges into the NBEC. Go west on Van Born crossing over Beech-Daly, about 100-300 feet from Beech Daly you will see its opening coming from the south underneath Van Born Road where it meets up with the NBEC. There are also several industrial sites that drain their storm water into the Ecorse Creek via the Douglas-Kelly Drain..

Wait, still not finished. There are three drains that form the headwaters of the NBEC (Trouton, Freeman and Black Creek) that drains parts of Romulus and several industrial sites along their paths as they become one stream called the NBEC.

There is so much politics involved with this issue and the powers responsible do not want anyone to know the sources of all the water that is being blasted into our tiny creek. They keep with the same old mantra of it “was a very heavy rain that caused the flooding”; closer to the truth is like trying to dump 5 gallons of water in a 1 gallon bucket and complaining because you have too much water slopped out of it. The common sense answer is to stop putting 5 x more water into a bucket that can’t hold that amount or get a bigger receiving bucket..

Unfortunately, through all this researching I have learned more about politics, pumps, sewers etc. than I ever wanted to. Hmmm, politics and sewers, interesting thought.


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