Motor Pool, and New Car For The Mayor of Dearborn Heights…

Well folks as I predicted some time back the Mayor would be asking for and getting a new car. He did and did. Council did approve a new car for him and his old car is going to become a car used as a ” motor pool car.” I’m sure anyone doing business on behalf of the City while working will be able to check out this car. They will have to check out the car I believe this will include logging the use of the vehicle where driven, mileage, etc. As I understand it the car will not be taken home happy to see that they are going to do this. No one working for the City should have to drive around in their personal car to do business on behalf of the city during working hours. That includes council members…I’ve never been able to understand why they have to drive all over the city in their own cars. I would like them to have access to the “motor pool.” However, I still disagree with some who are taking City cars home with them. I still feel that they can “check out” a car when they need to use one, but we still have people taking city cars home for no apparent reason except they are allowed to.


35 thoughts on “Motor Pool, and New Car For The Mayor of Dearborn Heights…”

  1. One more thing about the car. The Chief stopped to talk to me one day in his car and another neighbor came along so he put his light on and pulled over. I thought it was just a regular car. I was really surprised when the lights came on. So, Kathy, you can’t see the lights until they’re turned on.


  2. bitsy08 , you will be surprised how many Dearborn Heights voters will support you, specially in the south-end; fed-up with filthy flood and annoying rates they throw their hates and ready for change.


  3. bitsy08, You have a good point, go ahead and start a petition for term limits and collect enough signatures to force the issue on the ballot ASAP, to terminate their terms and have an election. Let’s see if Dearborn Heights voters will support your initiative. You never know until you try? So walk your talk and lead the “gimmee” crowd and prove your point.


  4. Oh, Puleaze! I went to a city council meeting, not once but 2 or 3 times, and brought up the exact problem. I even went so far as to type up a form and hand it to them for the employees to fill out when they took a car. Was it ever done? No. Did the council do anything? No. When I complained about something, Mr. Kosinski labeled us the “gimmee” crowd. Stop blaming the council? I think not. They don’t have the you know what’s to stand up TO the mayor or FOR us. As a matter of fact, I’ll go so far as to say that “almost” all of them really don’t care. I’m for term limits. Almost to a person this council needs to go. LHC is the ONLY person who does anything for us. The rest are too old or too tired or are simply apathetic. And one of them is just there to collect a paycheck.


  5. Example of what DH city council can do,

    Not long ago, the DH council approved a resolution to update a city policy and establish an ordinance detailing how the city will deal with city employees behavior. The mayor didn’t veto the resolution. The ordinance was published and become applicable. Then the council introduced a resolution to discipline an elected official based on that ordinance, The resolution was passed and the mayor didn’t veto it. Therefore that official become subject to council censuring. (What ever the censuring is).

    That process can be used to deal with “City cars coining home with city employees”. As explained, the mayor can stop the process by “veto” the council resolutions and the council need 5 out of 7 for override.

    Please stop blaming the council for no actions and encourage its members to move with their resolutions until the mayor use his “veto”. Following the city charter process is the way to resolve municipal issues.

    Democracy and transparency is the way to manage municipalities business.


  6. Anonymous,

    Council resolutions are request for actions from council to elected administrators (Mayor, Clerck and tresurer) if they choose not to comply, the council can take one or all of the folowing actions:
    1- Make the resolution an ordinance, The administrators will be in violation if don’t comply.
    2- Reject the payments on the activities.
    The mayor can veto any council action and 5 out 7 needed to override the veto, including a resolution to make an ordinace.

    The council can enforce in court any ordinace.

    The “cars coing home” with the employees is in the hands of the elected administrators, The council resolution ordering the cars parked after work is as good as its ink unless the council act to enforce.

    The administrators may beleive the cars needed to go home with the employees and egnor the resolution, and treaten to veto any further enforcements by the coucil,

    Unless 5 out 7 council members agreed to take actions to enforce their resolution, the elected administrators will do what they want to do, That is the fact of the matter and that is withen their limits under the city charter.

    Experienced elected administrators understand their powerfull positions.

    Hope that cleared this subject and explain how municipal government work.

    We have to remember that elected administrators have lot of municipal addministratave power as trusted and voted by the municipality voters.

    It will need the will of a supper council majority to overcome any action by those powerfull elected administrators.

    Hopping DH council chair will answer your question publically during the council meeting!

    Just hopping!


  7. Still waiting on a question about the cars and trucks back on November 11. This to Lisa Clayton Hicks. What up with the gas and cars in the city. Lisa Clayton Hicks ask Ken Baron please ask him on cable sure would love to know the answer he could not answer me . Maybe he can tell the TRUTH at a council meeting .


  8. drheights48127 , November 13, 2014 at 9:44 am,

    How’d city cars end up going home with city employees? Did the council reverse or descended the original resolution banning cars from going home? How’d that happened? Did it just happen without any council action? Council resolutions are not ordinance codes.


  9. Anonymous , November 11, 2014 at 11:08 pm,

    I though the Council paased a resolution to park the city cars after work? What happen to that?


  10. Police officers are part of a union, and unions rules call for line of demarcation ” Police officers work must be done by union police officers members” the mayor is not a police officer union member.

    That is a technical issue to make sure only qulified and in some cases certified union members are performing the specific duties according to line of demarcation. “Job specifications”

    Why this mayor is so obsessed with police cars? He can drive a normal car to perform his administrartive duties according to DH charter.

    Why he has to drive a “police car” ? Only him can explaine that, and answer publically those questions.

    Is the car plate will be regisytered as a “police intercepter” or municipal car? Are ppolice interceptors can be pulled over like any other cars on the road?

    The council may propose and approve a council resolution to add the duties of a DH police officer to the mayor responsabilities, that way he can do police work and drive police car. ( may have to finish the police acadamy program).


  11. Lisa Clayton-Hicks. Please ask Ken Baron why did I give him pictures three years ago of a employee putting a magnet over a city truck to cover up the logo he lived in Dearborn to take a city truck home. To due personal work with a city truck. Ken told me that this problem would be stopped with the spending of gas and cars when he got these pictures.You can tell Ken he is full of can’t swear.If you get an answer let us taxpayers know. SHAME ON OUR CITY COUNCIL.Please ask and tell us because I never got a true answer from Ken its been three years and the cars and gas issue goes on.


  12. For the record, the car does not have any visible police lights. There could be some behind the sun visor, but you cannot tell. However, there is a spot lamp on it.


  13. According to someone who was there at the time, he DID pull someone over and they took it away from him on advice of the insurance company. I was told the insurance company said – no – he can’t do that. He’s opening the city up for a big lawsuit. Actions like that could be why the city is now self-insured.


  14. Just who is going to put a stop to it? Council. They approved this back in July who’s watching? Who cares? What changed? The council took this stuff away from the Mayor years ago why now are they giving it back? What possible justification could there be? Yep way to spend that Headlee Override money guys. There’s nothing left to do, but laugh. If residents ask for something we are called “giveme”, but they sure don’t have a problem spending money on this kind of stuff. What’s that you want to spend money on something that will benefit the residents oh come on now why would you want to do that?


  15. Wow! I think this is a issue that someone should bring up during their 3 minutes at a council meeting. This issue is something they should explain in front of the camera. The mayor pulling people over, if true, is way out of line. Is this recent news? Out of control might best describe this situation.


  16. The city council approved the purchase of a Ford Taurus. The chief of police purchased the Ford Taurus Police Interceptor for him, because only police departments can order these. Somebody needs to put a stop to this mayor police wanabe.


  17. Years ago the Council took away the lights he had on his car. the council took it away and now they are giving him this stuff back. Keep your eyes open guys if you see our Mayor racing to the scene let us know about it. Oh what the heck for? The council isn’t going to do anything about it anyway.. Why can’t we just be a normal city like everyone else. This council want’s to talk about the expense of an E-Newsletter, Facebook, and so on but will with-out hesitation spend $$$ who knows how much on this nonsense. Yep this is a necessary item for our Mayor to have. Oh wait let’s have him driving around in our new SWAT vehicle.


  18. According to DH charter, the mayor duties and responsabilities don’t include police officer duties. Is the council action of approving this police interceptor for him will be in line with the charter mandates? how about approving him for police fire-arms and training for, how to use this police interceptor? What is the city liability will be for issuing this “special use viechle” ? I hope the council considered all the circumestances surowding this issue specially, “the eligibility under state law” to use fully functionable police interceptor.

    If this is the only car the mayor drive arownd for business or personnal use, that may includes distinations beyond city limits, Is those “special use police cars” are allowed for such use?

    Check the link bellow:


  19. Flooded: Support what claim? The claim that they won’t make the employees tell us where they’re going and what city business they’re on? It’s a fact. And as far as FOIA, I already answered that. Quit asking the same question. And SEAN – spill, please. We KNOW the mayor at one time was pulling over people for traffic violations and then sitting on them until a police officer arrived, notwithstanding the fact that unless a police officer sees some commit the infraction they can’t issue a ticket. I thought the insurance company told him to stop. And why would he need a police interceptor and how much more did that cost us?


  20. The car that was approved: Ford
    Taurus. Received: Ford Taurus Police Interceptor. Can anybody guess how they were able to get a police vehicle for the (wannabe police officer) mayor? If not, I know!


  21. bitsy08 , November 6, 2014 at 7:43 pm,

    You said and it seems you are very concerned:
    ” I’m also tired of this city not making ANYONE taking a car out of the motor pool log where they’re going and what city business they are conducting. WE’RE paying for the gas and they should be held accountable. I’ve requested this over and over but the MAYOR – and no one else – refuses to do this. He doesn’t believe any of the city’s employees would take advantage. Get real! It’s been my experience over the years that there is ALWAYS SOMEONE who takes advantage. And as long as I’m paying for them to drive around, I have a right to request it and a right to expect it and you – mr. mayor – have a duty to me and every other resident to give us what we want!”

    That is why I advised you to FOIA the information and check the data-out and find if it will support your claim.


  22. bitsy08 , November 5, 2014 at 10:49 pm,

    You can FOIA a specific city car and driver; IRS documents that the city must file every year.


  23. Thank you, Jesus, it’s not something upon which I dwell, but yes, I do remember now. THANK YOU SO MUCH for reminding me. TERM LIMITS, TERM LIMITS! Anyone else think we should have term limits for this council and mayor? It would be one way of getting rid of them.


  24. I am SO TIRED of this city still allowing anyone – and I mean ANYONE – to take a city-owned car home for no reason. Some say they “may” be called out during the night. So what? If you are, log the mileage on your PERSONAL car and report it and have the city reimburse you – JUST LIKE ANY OTHER BIG BUSINESS REQUIRES. I’m also tired of this city not making ANYONE taking a car out of the motor pool log where they’re going and what city business they are conducting. WE’RE paying for the gas and they should be held accountable. I’ve requested this over and over but the MAYOR – and no one else – refuses to do this. He doesn’t believe any of the city’s employees would take advantage. Get real! It’s been my experience over the years that there is ALWAYS SOMEONE who takes advantage. And as long as I’m paying for them to drive around, I have a right to request it and a right to expect it and you – mr. mayor – have a duty to me and every other resident to give us what we want!


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