Important Deadline Approaching For Those Who Flooded.

United States Senator Debbie Stabenow - Michigan
Dear Linda,

There is an important deadline approaching on Monday, November 24, for residents of Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties affected by the flash flooding and record rainfall this past August. It is very important that those who suffered damages because of the severe storms and flooding know about this upcoming deadline.  If you were not personally affected, I would appreciate you passing on this information to your friends, neighbors or family members who may have been impacted.

As you may know, President Obama issued a major disaster declaration for these counties which brings some federal assistance for state and local governments, as well as assistance for individuals and families impacted by this disaster. Even if residents filed an insurance claim, registered with their local government, or received assistance from a local agency, they may still be eligible for federal individual assistance.

The only way to determine eligibility for federal disaster assistance is to register with FEMA, either by phone, online, or by visiting a local recovery support site before the November 24th deadline.

Residents can register for individual assistance at, or by calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362). The toll-free telephone numbers will operate from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week until further notice.

FEMA has set up four disaster recovery centers to assist residents who suffered damages and losses in the August 11-13 severe storms and flooding. Also, resources and meeting times with FEMA specialists are available for residents who are rebuilding and want to reduce the risk of property damage from future storms. For more detailed information on these centers and resources, visit the FEMA web page dedicated to the southeast Michigan flooding at

As always, please let me know if I can be of assistance to you and your family.

Debbie Stabenow
United States Senator

18 thoughts on “Important Deadline Approaching For Those Who Flooded.”

  1. Troy , October 18, 2014 at 3:22 pm, They call the Ecorce Drain, A creek? What you expect if you live within its flood plain? Specially when the county declare flood emergency and start dumping excess storm/sewage water in that drain? If you are not far you get flooded from the outside if your home bellow grade. The water got to go somewhere and sure to the lowest holes. I don’t know why any bellow grade structures are allowed in a flood plan areas to begin with? Its a good idea to keep a small self inflatable boat for emergency escape in case the water get more then 30 inches high in the streets. Its good idea for the city/county to test the creek/drain for contamination in case the rain did not wash it out. If you get flooded make sure you clean and disinfect the flooded areas and there are environmental testing companies specialize in testing for bacteria, mold and other hazards. You wana make sure your home environment is clean after any flood.


  2. The UN is the last thing we need here. We already have enough suppression of the truth.
    As far as water shut off;s, if they buy a house in the Southend of Dearborn Heights, we often get FREE water from time to time and it is even mixed with sewage already!. Sometimes, if there are enough equipment and structure failures, we get it DELIVERED right into our family rooms. YUK!


  3. The UN representatives are in Detroit looking for any violations of human right resulting from the water shut off in Detroit.
    We are surrounded by the biggest and largest fresh water lakes in the word, water in Michigan should be affordable at very minimal cost.


  4. drheights48127 , October 16, 2014 at 10:12 pm, Are you sure we been charged 100% the cost of water? how about the sewage? are we charged 100% also?

    The city buy water from Detroit and pay by gallon? by litter? by the ounce? Do you know what unit they use? And if we pay using the same unit? Do you know what that unit cost?

    How about the sewage? Do you know how we been charged?

    If we have about 24000 houses and the average water/sewage bill per year for every house is about $1000.00 that is $24,000,000.00,

    Its very interesting to know how many millions are setting in reserve and how much of water/sewage fund reserve we have compared to neighboring municipalities? And wither the city charging reasonable water/sewage rate?

    Based on the above assumptions the recent 6% increase in water/sewage will be about $1,200.00 of additional fees.

    The Orchard pond need repairs and maintenance and the cost is budgeted from the water fund? Do you know how many other pond the city have similar to this one? And if we have to repair and maintain them?


  5. The flood keep coming and cost for damages get paid, and the water and sewage rate keep increasing. the administration proposed the new increased rates and the council approved the 6% increase without stating the reason for that increase. All what they say ” Plan Moran recommendations” Is Plan Moran run the city?

    With more flooding damages cost to pay the water and sewage rates will keep increasing, I hope that we don’t see our water and sewage monthly cost soon equal to our DTE invoice? Between phone, internet, DTE, and water/sewage, the average household will be monthly paying about $1000.00,

    The cost of the water and sewage went up so much in the last 5 years, Any body out their know how much was the increase in those last 5 years? any body know why?


  6. I think you first word was supposed to be “dropped.” I don’t know about getting insured by someone else but the fact that they were dropped means (to me at least) that any other insurance would cost a pretty penny – if they CAN get it, that is. I believe I was also told that the city figured it would be cheaper for them to be self-insured.


  7. That’s my next question to the council although I don’t expect to get an answer. My question is: what are you going to do to make sure this never happens again? Even the FEMA inspector said – I believe that someone didn’t open something because when water goes down that fast, something was closed. Did I make that clear? I agree with him wholeheartedly. 100 year flood my A – -!


  8. Bitsy08

    I guess it was 30 if you counted the officials, since they and their helpers are supposed to be DH residents.

    Is the glass half full or half empty? I tend to look at water issues these days as half empty! although I know for sure my house was half full of the city and county’s sewage for 12 hours on August 11th 2014.

    Now that the FEMA hype is over, hopefully, we will see how aggressive the city is in addressing the current claims and the root cause. It will be interesting for sure.


  9. Well, Troy, I was at the meeting but I saw something different. I would guess there were around 30 (+/-) residents attending. Most of the council was there except for Kosinski, Apigian, and Baron. Big surprise there. The FEMA inspector was just at my home and did the inspection. Took about 15 minutes. Now I wait to see if they decide to give me any money. Not real optimistic but I’ll let you know. He said the decision would come within 10 days but if this passed experience tells me anything, it will come before that.


  10. Hmmm. These comments sound like the same info I was reporting last week when someone accused me of hate! Went to the meeting and there were 4 residents there and the rest were officials. This has to be the biggest marketing campaign to hit dearborn heights since the over ride efforts.


  11. Additional information: Went to JFK today to drop off a book and FEMA was there so I spoke with the guy about the quickness of their response. I was advised to call the 800# which I did. The phone call I received telling me I was being referred to the USSBA was VERY misleading. I thought FEMA had made a determination about my case when they had not. An inspector is scheduled to visit. I was also advised to fill out the loan application even though I don’t want one. IF the USSBA turns me down, they will then refer me back to FEMA for grant money. FEMA will not cover any personal items which includes the washer I lost and had to replace. They will cover any necessary items like my furnace, hot water tank, walls, and cabinets I lost and IF I’m turned down by the USSBA, they will then consider covering the washer and any personal items. If I am accepted for a loan for the USSBA, I don’t have to take it. Hope this helps.


  12. What you want the loan for? Is the loan payable with interest? Is a lean will be recorded on your house? Why the flood or/and the back up insurance didn’t cover you repairs?

    Is there any other city or county or state program as a grant or low or deferred no payments loans available for you?

    Call the city, the county, the state, Wayne Metro Community Action Agency or other housing agencies and ask for help if you have no insurance coverage. Compare and evaluate all your options and choose the best for your situation.

    Wish you good luck.


  13. Just want you all to know that I registered with FEMA – LAST NIGHT – and got a call today telling me I had been referred to the U.S. Small Business Administration for “possible” LOAN ASSISTANCE. Can’t believe how fast they called.


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