Facebook and Why It’s Used.

Councilman Berry was wondering what Westland was using  Facebook  for? What are the goals of that City? The response by Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton was all you need to do is look at the Facebook Page with every post they put you can see what the goal is.  Here is just one thing that Westland posted on that city’s Facebook Page This Week In Westland

There are departments in Dearborn Heights that are already using Facebook Dearborn Heights Parks and Recreation Department.  You can follow the Dearborn Heights Firefighters  The John F. Kennedy, Jr library in Dearborn Heights has their own Facebook Page. Caroline Kennedy Library has a page on Facebook take a look here.  You can follow both libraries on twitter 

Some of the business in Dearborn Heights who have a Facebook Page, Biggby Coffee, Applebees’s and Dearborn Heights Pharmacy. There are more I’m sure. Why is this important to the city? When the City makes our new Facebook Page they can then go and like all of the pages I’ve listed including the business in the city. When those groups, departments, and business post something on those Facebook Page it will go to the Facebook Page of the City.

Something interesting I found today Lowell, MI population 3,859 as of 2013 3.1 sq miles has a Facebook Page 




16 thoughts on “Facebook and Why It’s Used.”

  1. Just little reminder for those officials who still argue about council meetings streamlining, Just learn from other officials in a village of 4387 residents, that less then the DH voters that voted for the mayor last election, and less then 2000 votes for each, the clerk and the treasurer.

    As I said its very enjoyable to keep debating this issue, Its really enjoyable!

    Wolverine Lake
    Village in Michigan
    Wolverine Lake is a village in Commerce Township, Oakland County in the U.S. state of Michigan. The population was 4,312 at the 2010 census. It is named after the wolverine, from which Michigan acquired its unofficial nickname of Wolverine State. Wikipedia
    Area: 1.68 sq miles (4.35 km²)
    Weather: 54°F (12°C), Wind 0 mph (0 km/h), 83% Humidity
    Local time: Tuesday 8:23 PM
    Population: 4,387 (2013)

    From their emailing list they send out if you sign in?
    “Watch the Live Broadcast of the Council Meeting Tomorrow Evening
    1 message
    Village of Wolverine Lake
    Watch tomorrow evenings Village Council Meeting by clicking the link below or
    going to our website http://www.wolverinelake.com and clicking on the link you’ll find
    there. Also available on our website is the meeting Agenda, which you can click
    on to view the topics that will be discussed. The Agenda is located on the Village
    Council page.
    The meeting begins at 7pm tomorrow, October 8, 2014.


  2. Hi Kathy, I am once again coming to you for your help. Some of you may have heard about the young man from Dearborn Heights who was found dead at CMU. This young man graduated from Crestwood last year, there has been a fund set up to help pay for his final expenses. If you could help help no matter what amount it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you http://www.gofundme.com/fgietg


  3. bitsy08 , October 5, 2014 at 12:50 pm, you can record the study session on your smart phone and post on you tube, that may stop the council from having that many study sessions if you think they are doing them to avoid been broadcast on government channel. You tube may go viral if the study session is interested to watch by the YT generation.


  4. bitsy08 , October 5, 2014 at 12:50 pm,

    Who is stopping the mayor, the treasurer and the clerk from having Facebook pages? The library system have one, the recreation department have one and few other city departments. So is the council the problem? or somebody trying to blame the council for not having social media? The treasurer can have a Facebook, why not? the mayor can put city Facebook, why not? The clerk can do that also, why not? lets find out who is the real road block to this beloved Social media, and stop blaming the council until we know the facts.

    And again, I’m enjoying this entertaining informative debate. Its a long Jones multiple folds joke.

    Its really fun to debate whether a Facebook page is a good idea for the city in 2014. I thing the administrators should hire Plant Moran to do a study and survey the residents about the Facebook! Ya lets spend $20,000.00 on professional consultant and have better understanding.

    I the past the city paid IT consultant for very basic computer functions.

    If you don’t know how to swim, any depth above your waist is deep water.


  5. Karma: I don’t think you’re new to this blog but you don’t seem to remember how many problems we’ve had with getting the media involved. They just aren’t interested. Certainly not our beloved neighborhood digest – The Observer and Eccentric. They’re not interested in criticizing this city or this administration on any level. But you do make a good point. With all this talk and all this debating, we could’ve had the Facebook page set up LONG AGO. And another good point was made. If “some” of the city’s departments can have Facebook and e-newsletter, why do we have to check with the council about this? Just do it, already! Oh. I know. Let’s have a study session where “I can say things there that I can’t say in a council meeting.”


  6. And please understand that I will be so happy for the DH to have social media including Facebook. And I’m grateful to have 130 committed residents willing to stand for this issue. My point is: Those programs should normal business conducts for a city with 56000 residents and 40 millions budget. The joke is that we debating that in 2014 when Facebook company is on the stock market and hundreds of millions around the word are using, “USING” not debating if its OK to use.

    And again, lets keep the informative entertainment going.


  7. As you said,
    “I don’t think Fox News or any other news media will spend half a second on this there are much bigger story’s out there.”

    Its not about bigger stories its about making a joke like they did about DH “ICE CREAM TRUCKS ORDINANCE NOT USING ELECTRICAL MUSIC”

    All this debates are about having a Facebook? And video streamlining? You are really not serious about this debate?

    Why you debating with another 130 residents, just have a Facebook out there with whatever name and post on city events, and better video tape the council meetings and you tube them.

    Why keep asking DH government to do that? This goes way back years and they don’t see value in those media communications tools. 130 residents is a huge number but seem to be not enough to change there stand about a “Facebook page” for the city. They may have a point about how this Facebook will be managed and how it will force them to get involve in the future.

    There are issues like the flood facing this city way more important than debating a Facebook. They can use the existing departments Facebook pages to publish and put information out there.

    Its not about whether DH have a Facebook, its about whether the Facebook will add any value to DH communication in the opinion of the elected officials.

    Your blog is doing a good job and it was used to put out FEMA information by the mayor office. this blog is linked to a Facebook.

    Again debating this issue is entertaining.


  8. I don’t think Fox News or any other news media will spend half a second on this there are much bigger story’s out there. I all so think the last study session was very productive and a lot of head way was made. Just for the record council is trying to do what the residents are asking of them. For that matter even the Mayor is trying. So let’s try and stay positive for the time being on this subject.


  9. And if you go on the CK Library Facebook page, you’ll see a picture of staff enjoying a cake for signing up 290 residents for THEIR E-NEWSLETTER! Tell me again, Berry, what your problem is? Excuses and obfuscation. Enough already. Just do the job you were elected to do. Anyone else for term limits?????


  10. So councilman Berry is questioning Wasteland Facebook goal and objectives? How about questioning DH library system about their Facebook pages? And he should be made as hill because they have a Facebook without council approval .

    If few DH departments established already Facebook pages without council approval, so why the administration of the city are hung on the council approval, and why the council is involved to begin with? At this point I consider this issues as a joke.


  11. Council members, mayor and other city officials need to move forward toward getting the word out about our wonderful city. Why does anyone have to justify why we need a page on social media? We need to be in step with the times — on line banking and Bill paying has been on line over 12 years. Newspspers, books and personal blogs have been on line for many year! Get a grip on reality people — most everyone has Internet access. I think some of you just like to fight. Show me/us you care and get it done! This is Not at all productive to bicker about something that should have been done years ago. A very concerned voter and tax payer of Dearborn Heights


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