Dearborn Heights Police Use Internet to Share Crime Data With Public

The Dearborn Heights Police Department has initiated a new web-based program that allows them to quickly share information on local crimes with the public.

“Citizen involvement is one of our best tools for helping avoid crimes,” said Parrinello. “This will be a great resource for both the department and our residents. It will give them very recent information on crime events that take place throughout the city, so they can be aware of what is going in their neighborhoods.

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3 thoughts on “Dearborn Heights Police Use Internet to Share Crime Data With Public”

  1. So, why the other city departments are not tacking the initiatives similar to the PD and hump on the social media buss? Don’t know why the council get involved in this city administrative function? Did the mayor, the clerk or the treasurer at any time implemented social media and the council opposed them and introduced and approve council resolution to stop them from doing that? We have to remember that the resolution if any must be 5-2 otherwise the mayor has the right to veto!

    So why the drive to force the council to get involved with an administrative city function in the first place? What been asked to do is forcing the social media in the throats of the city administrators by way of council resolution that city administrators may totally ignore and refuse to accept.

    The only way the council can force an administrative function on the 3 city administrators is by making that function an ordinance and added officially to city published code of ordinances. That make it mandatory function of city business.

    So before shouting and pointing fingers at city council members without regards to their opinions on the issue, lets ask the city 3 administrators why they don,t have a face book of other SM platforms for their operations? It can be combined or separate, the clerk, the mayor, the treasurer can implement those social media avenues without council approval as part of their city operation, they may have to ask for budget amendment if funding is not available in their budget. But, to may knowledge few of those social media are free of charge.

    After all I’m confused about this social media issue, and why the council din’t direct the “social media crowed” to the 3 city administrators? They can easily say: this is an administrative city role and we will get involved and legislate or not legislate this administrative function in case the administrators refuse to respond.

    Any historic records for this issue and why ended in the council lap?


  2. Excellent program for neighborhood safety and help homebuyers or renters making their choices accordingly. Kudos for DHPD on adding this program to their various social media tools. This program can be accessed from various social media gadgets.


  3. Just another tool to use against us, what is the policy and rules, who manages the information, who is the oversight, what training will local citizens have to decided what and not is a crime…


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