Please Stop Fighting Us Work With Us To Make a City With A Future.

To the City Council of Dearborn Heights in particular Councilwoman Horvath.

I never expected you councilwoman Horvath to be the one that was so against more means of communication with the residents of Dearborn Heights. If anything I thought you were going to be the one in the forefront of this effort. I honestly thought that you would have been taking the administration to task for not doing it. I thought you along with maybe one or two others would have been insisting on doing these things.

Councilwoman Horvath as most of us know you control the vote on the council we understand this. So I’m writing this post to you and hope that maybe the rest will read it too. I would ask that you work with us to advance our City don’t keep fighting us. What we are asking for in the way of more communication isn’t a bad thing for the City. Opening up communication with the residents and pushing out as much information as the City can. Will only help in the advancement of the City, and would help in enhancing the communication already in place. Therese changes that all of us have had to make in our lives not everything stays the same we move forward and always keep and eye out to the future. I just don’t understand why after so many years of hearing from council members telling me its the Mayor who doesn’t want these things. Why all of a sudden it’s no longer the Mayor (if it ever was) who doesn’t want these things? It’s the council and you councilwoman Horvath, the one fighting us the most.

What is so wrong with wanting to have City Council meetings live streaming? The City can’t afford it. How does Garden City a much smaller City pull it off? Don’t want live streaming then why can’t you have the council meeting archived and posted on a site that lets us watch them whenever and where ever on any device we like.  Heres Garden City YouTube Chanel with video from Council meetings.  Garden City uses Ustream to live stream their meetings.  Dearborn has their council meetings and other videos on the cloud using Leighronix, Inc that’s not including their YouTube Chanel that you can take a look at here.  That’s not enough how about Wilmington, North Carolina  Livonia live streams council meetings and has them on demand here.  Okay enough with the examples, but there are so many other City’s  across the United States doing this. You get the idea I’m sure just in case you are wondering  YouTube is free.


1 thought on “Please Stop Fighting Us Work With Us To Make a City With A Future.”

  1. It is so ridiculous that this council will not pull their collective heads out of the sand. Get real people. Can we just recall them all and start over.


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