From Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton

Dear Dearborn Heights Truth Page Followers,

For the record, as an elected official of the City of Dearborn Heights, I did respond and answer all questions regarding the current claims from the City Council meeting on Tuesday, September 9, 2014. I am aware and informed in regard to the bills our City Council is approving. When in doubt, I call and make an inquiry. In regard to the dynamics, workings and relationships between the City and Wayne County (sewage, water, rates), I have continued to pursue this topic, so I may be informed when making decisions which impact our community. On Wednesday, September 17, 2014, a group of Dearborn Heights residents, along with myself, meet with the Wayne County Airport Authority (a separate entity from Wayne County, established in 2002). The result of this meeting was the clear understanding of the “urban legend” of the airport open gates and flooding in Dearborn Heights. As a result, reviewing the data, records and such, the 4 retention ponds do not impact our community, When the gates are open, which was the day after the August 12th flooding, the water flows into the Frank & Poet, which ends near Gilbraltor,, and the Sexton-Kilfoil, which ends in Lincoln Park, both discharging excess into the Detroit River. I will continue to work with local government officials (all levels) and our residents to address these issues. No excuses. In closing, I believe I have responded to concerns brought to my attention. I have and will continue to make myself available via office hours, e-mail, in-person appointments (meetings), and posting informational updates via social media and other sources. If anyone is interested in discussing our cost per square cubic feet, please call me.


Lisa Hicks-Clayton
Dearborn Heights City Council Member


2 thoughts on “From Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton”

  1. Thankyou Lisa for what you did but it is no different that Council Horvath did a few yrs., ago and the same information she reported to us. I remember her going there and she saw the map and was taken around to show her everything and they proved to her that their water did not come into us. Again Lisa thank you


  2. I was one of those people that believed that Metro was responsible for our flooding in South Dearborn Heights. I was wrong. I was with the group of people along with Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton that attended that meeting at Metro. Not only did they show us maps and graphs and answered our questions, they also took us on a tour of restricted parts of the airport where we saw with out own eyes the actual retention ponds, pumps, drains, etc. We were able to witness first hand the pumping of one of four VERY large retention basins into the Frank and Poet Drain. This wasn’t a drive by tour either, we actually got out of the van they provided several times (my aching knees) and walked these areas we had questions about. Since all the draining of the airport occurs to the south and east corner of Metro, there is no way any of that water was getting into our Ecorse River.

    Our group consisted of Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton, Carole Stuart, Harry Sawicki, Joe Ferra, Troy Brown, Grandpa Todd and myself, Grandma Todd. Joe and Troy were among the many residents that suffered a great amount of damage to their homes from the Ecorse Tsunami.

    If you would like to learn more about what we learned at this meeting, Troy is going to talk about it at the SWDHNA meeting tonight at 7:00pm at the VFW Donovan Hall on Van Born just east of Beech Daly.

    Since the airport has been ruled out as a source of our flooding we will be looking at other sources as to why we flood. Among these are sources up stream of us that are allowed to dump their storm water into the Ecorse River. Doing some research of this subject last night I learned that the MDEQ has issued many permits to sources upstream that allow them to dump into the Ecorse River and thus flood us out. I have requested a list of those sources from the MDEQ for the North Branch of the Ecorse River or as we call it “the creek”. I think we will be having a meeting or two with MDEQ regarding this subject.

    There is also the question of restricting the flow of the Ecorse River around the Southfield Freeway which causes a back up from west of the Southfield and an Ecorse River station located in Lincoln Park that may also be adding to our problems. Troy Brown is a specialist in control so he will be able to answer the question about this at the meeting tonight.

    With the exception of Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton, we cannot expect any help from our city council who are nothing more than rubber stampers. This was very evident at the last council meeting when I asked them to explain what they had just voted on to the tune of 1.6 million dollars from the water budget to pay for various items. The reply that was given by Council Chair Baron, ” we can’t be responsible for knowing everything” tells it all. Yes, Council Chair Baron we do expect you to know why you are voting to draw out over 1.6 million dollars from the water budget. Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton was the ONLY council member to email me back with the answers to all my questions, even those I was kept from asking at the council meeting.

    People our council is worthless. Like this or not we are the only ones that can investigate and hopefully solve the flooding problem in South Dearborn Heights.


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