Dearborn Heights City Clerk Decisions Have Carried A Large Price Tag.

How much has the Clerks office cost the taxpayer for August 2014? Please don’t misunderstand he is an elected official that does have to use the attorney for the City when a legal matter arises. When someone in the City does something that could potentially be breaking the law, or someone brings legal action against the City the city lawyers are called. Maybe it’s just a legal question or getting a legal opinion. When ever corporation council is called that is chargeable time and corporation counsel isn’t charging the City outrageous hourly rates, actually he’s kept his rates very reasonable over the years. Taxpayer money pays the cost of attorneys working for the city. In the case of the Clerk during the month of August much of the charges are for absentee ballots issue and no it wasn’t just Arab American voters who didn’t receive their ballots. No it wasn’t just Arab Americans that went to vote at the clerks counter at City hall who were told they would have their ballot mailed to them. It wasn’t an Arab American who sued the clerk not to count the large group of ballots he had put to the side. It wasn’t an Arab American who had him down town in court over the issue. I make that clear for those that I’ve heard calling it a ‘Arab thing’, or it’s just a bunch of Arabs “yelling.”  I hate the term ‘Arab American’ in the end Americans were turned away at the counter, and Americans didn’t receive their absentee ballots. The majority of those were of Arab descent.

In an injunction request filed in Wayne County Circuit Court, Citizens for David Nathan asked local, county and state election officials to not process “potentially fraudulent absentee ballots” until an investigation has been conducted.

After David Nathan asked for the investigation the judge hearing the case halted counting of the absentee ballots.  
The judge dismissed 
the case saying.

“There is absolutely no evidence in this case that there has been one fraudulent ballot submitted by absentee ballot,”

How much did this cost the City? With all the election issues and a lawsuit filed by a resident to look into the issue of the Clerks resignation the total is $3,226.48 out of $9,640.48. Many believe that the issue with the ballots might have been avoided with  telephone calls to those whose ballots had issues.  The clerk’s office during the time that all of this was happening did have a shortage of help in the office. If the ‘poor me card’ is going to be played then at the very least the record should be set straight.  He was down by two after, two women had left the clerk’s office months previously.  The leaving of those women is what caused the clerks Censure from the City council not that the clerk wants anyone to talk about that. No he’s even gone so far as to have an attorney not the City attorney send a (warning shot)  by way of a letter to Zouher Abdel-Hak , Not sure how a public matter can’t be discussed or even distributed.

The Censure voted on and approved by the council in a public meeting it’s now a public record. I dare to say if the clerk has a problem with the censure he can have the lawyer he hired file a letter with the council. He might even want to look into having the censure over turned in a court of law. Until that time it’s not for the clerk to say to the residents what we can and can’t talk about. Even if the clerk sued the city council and won we still could talk about and distribute the censure.  Still looking to find out just how much the censure of the clerk cost the taxpayers of Dearborn Heights that’s for another post when and if I get the information. Councilman Berry indicated at a council meeting that there is still on going litigation surrounding the issue of the reason these women left his office.

Much has been said about the fact that the clerk was understaffed during the August primary election.  The office of the clerk being understaffed was a result of what the clerk did inside his own office. The facts are there the investigation conducted by the city. The censure is part of the permanent record of the city.  To have him or anyone else pretend that this didn’t happen and letting him get away with playing the ‘poor me card’ shouldn’t stand. To my understanding the new council secretary who works in the clerk’s office has left after two weeks. Why is it that every person that’s gotten in that office has left? To my understanding I think this is the fifth person to leave the clerk’s office. Why? What is going on in that office? In the  past people stayed there for years now that office has a revolving door of staff that leave as fast as they can.  Yes, decision have a price tag when those decisions bring about a firestorm of controversy.


4 thoughts on “Dearborn Heights City Clerk Decisions Have Carried A Large Price Tag.”

  1. No, Dolores, he WASN’T doing his job properly. When a CITIZEN (PERIOD) comes into the Clerk’s office and asks for a application and he (or someone in his office) tells them they will receive it in the mail, that is incorrect. And BOO HOO he was short-staffed. Just DO YOUR JOB.


  2. Anyone who believes that the only bill that resulted from actions out of the clerks office was this one regarding the recent situation with ballots should further educate themselves. I see complaints here about council not reviewing every charge on these bills. I encourage residents to do the same. If the city attorney’s bills over the last year were reviewed by each person here they would see that there is a lot more than just this ballot situation that is incurring costs to the city.


  3. Dolores

    Thank you so much for coming to the Truth Page. It’s true they brought the issue to light because it happened that many of the ballots put to the side were ballots for Americans, Americans that are of Arab descent. I still think that he could have made some phone calls and avoided this whole mess. All of this still doesn’t explain those that went to the clerks office to vote and were told that the absentee ballot would be sent to them. In clear violation of voting laws in place. In the end a judge ruled there was no voter fraud with the ballots.


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